Top 1275+ Animal Quiz Questions And Answers 2023

Are you planning to host a party for your kids where you would like to have an animal quiz? Or an animal quiz is held at his school, we’ll whatever the reason is you must be looking for some animal quiz questions and that is why you are here. We have picked some of the best animal quiz questions that can help you.

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Animal Quiz Questions

Name the oldest giant panda, which died in 2016 at the age of 114?
Jia Jia

Out of twelve, how many Dogs survive in the Titanic disaster?

A group of hedgehogs is known as?

A female deer is known as a?

A baby fox is often known as a pup or cub. What’s the other name for it?
A Kit.

Which bird is a symbol of good luck?

Hominoidea is a scientific name of which animal?

Which animal does not drink water?
Kangaroo rat

Which animal has the longest lifespan?
Arctic whale (Bowhead)

A group of deer is known as?

Where is the heart of the shrimp situated?
In the head

Which animal is a Mexican hairless?
A Dog

The blind Dolphins are found in which river?
Indus River

Name the slowest animal of the world.
Ans- Three-toed Sloth

A snail can sleep for how many years?
3 years

For the first few weeks, baby mice feed on what?
Mother’s milk

A group of lions is known as?
A pride

How many heart chambers a cockroach has?

All the six legs of an ant are attached to which of its part?

Which bird is a universal symbol of peace?
A Dove

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Animal Quiz Questions And Answers For Adults

Rabbits are born blind. Is that true or false?

Which animal has the highest blood pressure?
A Giraffe

Which animal never sleeps?

Do sponges have a heart?

What is the color of an ocelot?
Yellow with black markings

The brown-banded and wood male cockroaches can fly and not the females. True or false?

What’s the smallest and recently discovered fish in the world?
Paedocypris progenetica

A mandrill is what type of creature?

How many legs a spider has?

What is the scientific name of the tiger?
Panthera Tigris

Name the smallest mammal of the world.
Etruscan shrew

The group of young pigs is called?

The fingerprints of which animal extremely resembles the humans?

What’s the fastest animal on the earth?
The Cheetah

How many legs a lobster have?

A Baby elephant is known as a?

A male Turkey is known as?
Tom/ Gobbler

How many noses slugs have?

The dogs have sweat glands in only?
The paws

A Group of giraffes is known as?
A Tower

Animal Trivia Quiz Questions

How many teats cows have?

A Komodo dragon is which kind of animal?
A lizard

Name the largest mammal of the world.
Blue whale

Cavy is another name of which animal?
Guinea Pig

Name the only animal which cannot jump?
The Elephant

The horn of rhinoceros is made up of what?

How much time a does sloth need to digest the food?
Two weeks

Nearly how many glasses of milk a does cow give in its life?

Three percent of the ice in the Antarctic Ocean is the urine of which animal?
The Penguins

What is the favorite food of rabbits?

The python is a poisonous snake. This statement is true or false?

Which animal is unable to fart?

A group of badgers is known as?
A cete

How many legs a mosquito has?

The male elephant is known as a bull. What’s the name of the female elephant?

Obstinacy is the collective group of which animal?

Which animal has the shortest pregnancy?

A group of elephants is known as?
A herd/ Parade

Name the only venomous snake found in Great Britain?

Which animal’s eye is bigger than its brain?

Animal Quiz Questions And Answers

A common lady bug has spots of which color?

A group of squirrels is commonly known as dray. What’s the other name used for them?

Sika and Roe are which type of animal?

Name the fastest bird in the world.
Peregrine falcon

Basenji is what type of Dog?
Hunting Dog

Ostrich can fly. Is that true or false?

The Cackle is a name of which group of animal?

The babies of Swan are known as?

The gestation period of a tigress is?
100 days

Which animal gives birth through the mouth?
Gastric-brooding frog

Which bird cannot walk?

Which animal keeps growing till the death?

In certain memory tests, which animal performs better than the humans?

Turkeys are highly social. Is that true or not?

Which mammal can truly fly?

A newborn kangaroo has a size of?
A Lima bean

Float and Bask are the common names for the group of which animal?

Name the world’s poisonous spider.
Brazilian Wandering Spider

How many hearts an octopus has?

Which animal is immortal?
Turritopsis doohmii

How many legs a honeybee has?

Gk Questions About Animals With Answers

Which animal’s eye is bigger than its brain?

Sparrows are a symbol of what?

Virgin male mice kill the baby mice? True or False.

What’s the name of Tarzan’s Chimpanzee?

Any bird with webbed feet is known as?

Which bird only drinks rainwater?
Jacobin Cuckoo

The pod is a common group name of which mammal?
The Whales

Name the smallest mammal in the world.
Bumblee bat

A honey bee has how many eyes?

Murder is the collective group of which animal?

The leader of the elephants’ herd is called?

What do we call a female donkey?

Which cute animal eats sugarcane?
Giant Pandas

How many legs a crab has?

A group of kittens is known as?

What was the name of the cheetah that has recorded the fastest speed?

Cabbage white is another name of what?
A Butterfly

Anura is the scientific name of which animal?

When fishes become capable of feeding themselves; with what interesting name they are known?

Which animal has the longest period of pregnancy?

Name the smallest reptile of the world.
Leaf chameleon

Funny Animal Quiz Questions

What is the common element between Grey, Bean, Canada, Brent, and Barnacle?
A: They are types of Geese

What is the scent used for an artificial hare at greyhound racing tracks?
A:  Anise

Britain’s largest carnivorous animal is what?
A:  Badger

Where are the best fun animal trivia quiz questions with answers?
A: Trivia Country!

A horses height is measured from the ground to what part?
A:  Withers, or the base of neck crest line

The Firefly, Longhorn, Harlequin and Tortoise are types of what kind of creatures?
A: Beetles

What is the correct name for The Laughing Jackass?
A:  Kookaburra

Slugs have four of what?
A: Noses

The Order of the Elephant is the highest award of what country?
A: Denmark

What was the name of the racehorse decapitated in the film The Godfather?
A:  Khartoum

Russian blue and Turkish brown are what kind of animals?
A:  Cats

Of all of the insects, which has the best eyesight?
A:  Dragonfly

Which dinosaurs name translates as double beam?
A:  Diplodocus

The hippopotamus belongs to what animal family?
A:  Pig

What was the name of the first Seeing Eye Dog in the US?
A:  Buddy

In Kansas By law, in Kansas,  you can’t drive what down the public street?
A:  Buffalo

In Disney’s Jungle book  what are the names of the four vultures?
A:   John, Paul, George, and  Ringo

What dinosaurs name translates as roof lizard?a
A:  Stegosaurus

In the story Animal Farm, what kind of creature was Benjamin?
A:  Donkey

What do you call a group of Colts?
A:  A rag In Utah you can get a license to hunt what Dinosaurs

What does a myrmecologist study
A:  Ants


These are the best Animal quiz questions. I hope you guys like our collection of animal quiz questions and answers. If you have any question or suggestion then just comment below or contact us.