Essay On Cleanliness In English For Children & Students

Having a clean environment is good for our health, both physically and mentally. Here we have put our views about the cleanliness in our country! Also check- Swachh bharat abhiyan essay / Mahatma gandhi essay Introduction It’s not that anyone like living around the dirt or not so clean environment, but even then, people unconsciously … Read more

Ayushman Bharat Essay In English For (Students & Children)

Getting necessary health treatment and health care is one of our fundamental rights. However, due to the high poverty rate of the country, not all the people can have the money for their treatment even for the basic medical care. That’s why the government needed to take a step to improve the health facilities for the poor … Read more

Essay On My Family In English For Class 1 To Class 10

We are who we are because of our family. We learn our culture and moral values from our family as well. Not many people realize that how lucky we do have a family, whether it’s small or big. Our personality and human nature is a result of what kind of family we are from. Also … Read more

Essay On My Father In English For Class 1 To Class 10

Fathers are the unsung heroes, who are not appreciated enough for their hard work and efforts to shape a child’s future. They sacrifice so many things that we will never know about unless when we become the parents. Not everyone understands the struggle of a father because he never shares his feeling to anyone. We … Read more