10 Good Things To Talk About With Your Crush 2023

Are you one of them who are lucky enough to talk to their crush? Don’t know what to talk about? Well, it is a common observation that when one comes across their crush you find yourself in a fix to speak something or react. You fall short of your words, get baffled up, and are so mesmerized by her that you fail to speak anything. This makes you lose your one chance of getting to speak her. You are so confused about what to speak and how to receive her that you stay worried all the time and fail utterly at a fruitful conversation.

But talking to your crush isn’t that difficult. She is the same as the other girls and also treats you like a normal person around her. Therefore, there would be no strangeness when communicating. You just have to be careful about the words you use and the way you talk to her. Make sure your body language is appropriate and you choose the right words while speaking. Don’t get too cheesy or extra familiar. Maintain your normal self. Most importantly you should try to stay confident and be vocal of your thoughts.

Talking to your crush –

You come across many people in your life and some are easy to deal with while others are quite complicated. Many open up very easily while some are far too introvert or reluctant to even try. Communication is not that easy. It comprises your body language, gestures, voice quality, content, and tone. When you talk to someone its not just your mouths and words coming out of it, it is your whole body. Many of you have your crush in schools, colleges, or work-space, but the question is how to talk to your crush. What can you talk about without offending anyone? Well, this is quite a problem every youngster or even men face, the right way and method to communicate.

Here are a few topics that you can speak about with your crush without getting into trouble or a failed chance.


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Things To Talk About With Your Crush

1. Music and Movies

You can start your conversation by talking about similar interests, movies, and music. Talk about famous singers and their most loved singers. Ask her about her favorite singer, the genre of music she likes, and find out the things of common liking between you two. You can talk to her about the streaming sites or the shows you have watched. Discuss the previous episodes and the series to be watched on Netflix or amazon prime video. If she is interested in watching international shows, recommend her the shows she should watch, tell her about the subscriptions and channels that have good entertainment plans.

Try to talk about the things that will make her interested in conversation with you.
You can ask her whether she likes pop music or rock culture, the books she usually reads, and the song she prefers. Ask her if she has watched the recently released movie, her reviews, and all that.

2. Hobbies

Begin the conversation by talking about her hobbies. You can ask her how she spends her free time and what are her interests that she wish to pursue. Ask her questions related to hobbies, as if what are the best things she prefers to do in her leisure time. Give her a chance to open up with you and tell you her likes and dislikes. For example, if she says she likes dancing, you can ask her the dance forms she likes or practice. You can keep the conversation going on by asking her if she ever participated in any dance competition and how does she keep on track with her hobbies.

3. Share your experiences

The most interesting conversation is the one compiled you’re your memories and incidents. Share your experiences. Talk to your crush about your life, family, and friends. Your funniest moments and the days you enjoyed a lot. You can tell them about your vacation, job experience, or any incident in your life that is very funny or meaningful. Tell each other about your life and experiences, your expectations, and your reactions. You should be full of confidence and cheerfulness when you talk to her. Once, you have that vivacity and charm your crush will not be able to resist you anymore.

4. Ambitions

You should be more ambitious and practical. Talk to your crush about his or her aims and objectives in life. Ask them about their future desires and fantasies. Talk to her on how she wishes to frame her career and what are her current developments to achieve what she wants. What is in your bucket list? You can ask her the small wishes she a=wants to fulfill and her aspirations in life.

5. Daily Routine

Another trick is to talk about your daily schedule. Ask her about her day? How is she feeling? Has she been exhausted? Talk about what you both did the whole day and how was it. Tell her about your routine, your start of the day. Talk to her about, what she had for breakfast and lunch, Ask her what was the best part of the day? Talking about your daily schedule helps you two to know each other. Don’t exaggerate the routine talks as it would make it boring, try to be more specific and clear.

6. Questions you can ask

You can also start a conversation by asking her a few questions. Don’t be too desperate and never go to ask intense or extra personal questions. As this attitude will piss her off. You should ask her general questions. You put questions like Where are you from? Do you like to go to parties? Do you like being here? Anything like that. Let her tell you about herself, her identity, her nature and likes and dislikes. Just remember always ask a question that would give a large content to the scope and would not sound absurd. Moreover, your questions should be less, don’t keep on pushing too hard that it would seem like an investigation or a mere stupidity.

7. Complimenting her beauty

It is important to adore each other and make each other feel proud and special. You should try to compliment your crush and make him or her feel important and special. You must try to give a genuine compliment and let her feel special. Tell her that how you get spellbound when listening to her or on seeing others, you should compliment each other using words like you have beautiful eyes, you are very pretty, your smile is killer and you like her behavior. These things will make her happy and you can keep the conversation proceeding at any point.

8. Ask her out

Take her out! If you feel you two are getting along with each other it is better to keep the spark alive. You can do this by simply asking him/her their plans for the evening or weekend. Talk to her about the local area and locations, tell her about the food, clothes, or location of a place you wish to visit. You can also say her to make a plan and decide the time and venue for the meeting.

9. Awards and Accolade

You are talking to her, so let her know more about you and others. Talk about your major accomplishments and how did you achieve them. Discuss your plans, hard work, and situations at that time. You can tell me about your designations and honors since childhood. Like if you were the head boy of your school tells her, if you were college student president simply mention it. This will be a good choice because this will help you know more about each other’s personality.

10. Future Plans

Future is unpredictable and most desired possibility. It is always an amazing experience to explore out all the possibilities and let yourselves dive into the world of predictions. Make interesting predictions about each other, think of the unexpected things that you believe could happen. Discuss with her about her future plans. Talk about the things you expect and where could you land up for your job or marriage. This game of predictions is fun and ambitious at the same time.

Conclusion –

Getting a chance to talk to your crush is a dream for many people. You must remember these points and talk to your crush with full confidence. Try to be more extrovert, communicative, and have a gentleman touch. Get ready to make your first impression on your crush an awesome one and let the tables turn your side.