Top 9 Harvard Interview Tips 2023

Congratulations! You’re selected for Harvard’s interview. And now you’re worrying that how you’re going to do it. There’s no need to worry about it. A new chapter of your life is going to start ahead. And, you have to face it with courage and confidence.

Harvard interview is not that tough, but it doesn’t mean you don’t take it seriously. Selection after the interview is what we want so let’s prepare for the interview. We’re here to help you out with your successful interview. Tips for Harvard’s interview are given as under following:

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Research your school

The first thing after getting the call for an interview just grab your laptop searches your school’s website and dig into it deeply. Know each and everything about your schools including the extracurricular activities, the professors, and the course you have applied for.

It’s important to know about your school because your interviewer may ask you anything related to the school. So be prepare mentally. Plus, the main thing if you know everything about your school you may ask your interviewer any kind of question related to your course, professor, or about the other activities occurring on your campus. This will show that you are excited and interested in the school.

Basically, the reason to hold the interview is just to know that how much the candidate is showing his interest in the school.

Visit your school once

Make sure before the interview you pay a visit to your school once. And know about the campus the people studying there, its environment, and everything else you are curious about the campus which you can’t understand on the website and want to know about it personally. Because it’s quite possible for the interviewer to ask you about the things that attract you most in the campus that you’re forced to get here admission. Plus, you can also ask them about the question you want to know about the campus and couldn’t find it on the website of the school. This way you can throw an impression on your interviewer that you are pretty much interested in the school.

Dress properly

Remember it’s your interview, not a prom night so please don’t overdo your dressing. It will be awkward for both, you and the interviewer as well. It will look like that all of your attention was on your dressing rather than the interview. So please just dress yourself casually, it will definitely look great and decent. A casual top with jeans pairing with comfy joggers will work as well.

Questions you should prepare for

The questions that your interviewer can ask are related to your life and experiences. No one there is going to talk about your scores because your file was already in front of the interviewer and of course they read it already. All they going to talk about your interest, like what kind of book you like? Or what sports you’re interested in? Just talk casually with the flow of conversation. No need to be stressed out. Just relax and don’t try to pretend just answer all the questions carefully and honestly. There’s no need to give tough answers to the questions they’re asking. Don’t even try to say ‘yes’ about something you not familiar with. That way you’re just going to create a huge mess. Just answer the entire question with honesty.

Know yourself

As we discussed above that the interviewer is only going to ask you about yourself. So it is necessary to know yourself first. Study yourself and find out your interest, gather your experience whether it’s good or bad you can talk about it.

It will look pretty much natural and cool. This way you will be prepared mentally. Don’t worry about your scores they are not going to ask about them. You came on merit that’s why you’ll be sitting there for an interview so just share your experiences with them, your achievements, you have done till now, about your sports interest, and your future plans.

It will throw an impression on the interviewer that you are a passionate student and want to focus on your career with enjoying your life as well.

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Don’t memorize the answers

Do not memorize the answers this will make you look like a talking robot. So just don’t do that. It’s better to gather your answer, but talk normally what comes up in your mind at that time you can freely speak up. Don’t memorize the answers you will definitely be going to confuse at that time. As Harvard is not that advance to give admission to robots as well. So act just like a normal person and think that you’re talking to your parents.

The interviewers

Now let’s just talk about the interviewers who are going to interview you. It will be a panel made up of alumnae who have your file in front of them. They could be two interviewers or more. This differentiates the Harvard interview from the other college interviews. Don’t stress out yourself it is possible that only one person also can take your interview but it does not normally happen so you have to prepare yourself for two alumnae interviewers.

Respect your interviewers

The interviewers sitting there not get paid for this work. They’re doing that just to help the school and the students to get in the right place. So you should be thankful to them and must respect them as you respect your parents. Showing respect to them will show your character as well. And I’m sure they gonna impress with your positive attitude and behavior. Just keep in mind that you represent your family and belong to a good family. So give respect and take respect in return as well.

A thank you note

You should be thankful to your interviewers. And for a good impression write a hand-written thank you note. Plus, mention some of your conversations so that your interviewers will remind you. As you’re not the one who’s going to give an interview that day. So it will look good if you remind them who you are. And I’m sure they gonna love it. Your act will also help them to have a moment of happiness from a hectic day. Best of luck with your interview! I’m sure you can do it.