Essay On Independence Day (For Children/Students)

On every 15th August we celebrate our independence day. It’s an important day for every Indian and it surely is an emotional day for us too. So many great leaders and activists had worked hard and gave their sweat and blood to the nation. After so many fights and struggle we attained independence from Britishers and got the India we live in today.
independence day essay
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Independence Day Essay

But how did this happen? How did we got independence from those who have colonized many great countries including ours as well? Who was responsible for the independence? There are so many questions pop up in our brains when we think about the event! So here are some events from our Independence struggle.

As you would know Britishers colonized India and they starting to treat Indians poorly. There was so much discrimination and Britishers just saw their benefits and did what was best for them. And this phenomenon leads to the need of Independence from them. Struggle of Independence lasted for so long and many events happen in between. So people have down their part and contributed in every way they could to this struggle of Independence for India. Our leaders went jail, some died and some were sentenced to death without any fault of theirs.

Mahatma Gandhi lead the mass of Indians to the Satyagraha where they didn’t show any violence and just did the satyagraha. This was a revolutionary step. Britishers felt that Indians will take the independence sooner or later.

Britishers finally agree to give india independence and left the country. Lord Mountbatten was assigned to give india independence and also divide the country into two parts. And that’s why our country divided into two parts Pakistan and India. You should know that Pakistan celebrate their independence day on 14th August!

How do we celebrate independence day?

It’s obvious that this is a big day for us, of we, haven’t gotten independence we would still be living under poor circumstances. And all this happen because all the freedom fighters struggled for us. And the day should be celebrated with a grand celebration.

Many ceremonies held in the country. All the ceremonies start with hoisting of National Flag. This followed by singing of the national anthem. And paying tribute to the freedom fighters and each and every soul that sacrificed their lives for the country. Sweets and chocolate also distributed among children.

Ceremonies are held in schools, offices, private organizations and pretty much in whole india!

It’s important that we celebrate our independence day with pride and enthusiasm so that our youth can know the struggle behind independence. It’s also important as these national celebrations fill them with patriotism and pride for their nation.

After independence, india has come a long way and it’s going to the path of a developing nation. Could you imagine what it would like of we haven’t got independence from Britishers? I am sure it won’t be a good picture and that’s why it’s important that everyone, whether it’s old or young take participation in the celebration and be thankful for the freedom we have in our country.