Top 13 Best Internship Interview Tips 2023

If you are preparing for your internship in any field, you may want to consider some of the internship interview tips. In particular, if you are preparing for training in finance or accounting, then there are a few tips that may help you out. For instance, if you do not already know much about accounting or finance, you may want to find a few books on the subjects. By doing this, you will gain more insight into the various facets of these subjects, which will be useful when it comes to your interview. You will also have a better idea of how to answer questions about the matter.

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Take help from Career Counselor

One of the best tips for dealing with the career choices after graduation from college is deciding what you want to major in. If you plan on going into business administration, you can gain valuable tips from this career counselor. These are career options that will help you get a job in financial accounting or finance. If you are not interested in business administration, you can go into education counseling, teaching, or public relations. No matter what you end up choosing as your career path after you graduated, these career options are incredibly beneficial and will give you an edge over other candidates.

Have a Resume and Cover Letter

Another helpful internship interview tip that you should follow involves writing a resume and cover letter. It is always a good idea to follow a standard format for these, and it helps to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. It is also important to write clearly and professionally to stand out in your interview and not turn off your potential employer. The resume and cover letter should highlight your strengths and selling points.

Have networking skills

One of the most critical aspects of an internship is networking, and this should never be overlooked. If you have not developed strong networking skills by now, then this is probably the best time to start. Before you attend an internship, begin making friends at the place you plan to intern, such as a community center, gym, or charity. Once you start developing close relationships with others at work, you will be able to make connections and ask questions to further your career.

Dress Properly

Another useful internship interview tip that you should remember is that you should dress for success. It means that you should wear a professional suit or blouse, and ideally a dark, well-ventilated jacket or shirt. Dressing for success will make you look more polished and more experienced, which is always a good thing. If possible, wear your hair tied back, wear shoes that go with your job type (professional or non-professional), and keep your hair neat and tidy.

Keep Documents ready

If you follow these simple tips, you will set yourself apart from most other applicants. Of course, these are not the only internship interview tips available, but they are some of the basics that can help you get through your interview with flying colors. Keep in mind that you should also send all documents at the time you apply for an internship. Ensure that it includes your achievements and strengths and why you think you would make the right candidate for the training. These are just a few of the many internship interview tips, but they will help you get started.

Keep positive feeling

It is not unusual to feel nervous when going into an interview. Keep in mind that this feeling will pass once you see the hiring manager’s face when she reads your resume. Keep your composure and do not fidget, as this gives off the appearance of a nervous person. Learn how to relax, and you will appear as though you are well-prepared for the interview. One of the most common and useful interview tips is to research the company and its history before you arrive thoroughly.

Remember when to speak

It would be best if you remembered that when you are asked to speak at an interview, you have to give the speech and not the other candidate. So when you are asked about your internship, you should be prepared. Try to give an interview that sounds authoritative. That way, it will show that you are the leader to advantage over the other candidates.

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Your proper appearance matters

Make sure to dress for success – one of the best internship interview tips is to wear a suit. Don’t be afraid of wearing colors that you might not normally wear but stick to black, gray, white, and cream. A case will make you look like the more professional you are, so be prepared to answer your work history and education level. If you have to ask a question about this during the interview, don’t hesitate to ask; it is part of the interviewing process.

Don’t Hesitate

You should not hesitate to ask questions about what your internship will involve, and you need to be specific. If they say that they are not familiar with everything, ask what they think about particular internship areas such as marketing or management. If you get nervous, then you will sound like you are unsure of yourself. Don’t worry; they understand that this is very common, especially if you are a new graduate.

Stay Confident

It would be best if you remembered to be confident and, above all, be yourself. Sometimes it is easy to slip up and start talking about you, but that is one of the worst things in an interview. The last thing you want is to come off as someone self-conscious. As an intern, you have no one to blame but yourself if you come off as a fake. Remember that your interviewer has seen you many times, so there is no reason to act the same way that you might when you are working.

Be Prepared

It would be best if you were prepared ahead of time. There are so many different topics that you could ask during the interview so make sure you have a list of questions that you would like to answer. Start by answering the most basic questions such as; how did you learn about the company? Do you plan on learning anything new during this internship? These are the types of questions you should be able to answer.

Present yourself perfectly

When you have the list of questions you would like to answer, go back over them and try to find ways to make them better. Most internship interview tips tell you to come well prepared and well thought out. Being well prepared means that you are well prepared to answer questions as well. Try to come up with questions that you think potential employers will ask. You never know when they might ask something you are not quite prepared for.

Keep everything ready

Finally, make sure that you have all of your necessary supplies on hand, as you will need them throughout the interview process. As mentioned earlier, these are only a few of the many internship interview tips that can help you land that job of your dreams. You should never feel that you have to “sell yourself.” You must come across as a confident and well-prepared individual. Your best bet for finding that perfect internship is to go in and start applying!


If you follow these simple tips, you should have no problem answering any interview question. Just remember that it’s your job to make yourself stand out from the rest. Make sure that when you are speaking in front of others that you are confident and sound knowledgeable. If you listen carefully to the questions asked and give the right answers, you will impress the hiring manager.