Top 10 Amazing Journalist Interview Tips 2023

While leading to an interview, a journalist needs to prepare before interviewing. As everyone has set their own boundaries depending on their goals and perspective, so keep in mind to respect their mediums. If this is your first interview and you’re not so sure how to conduct it professionally, we’ll help you out in this situation. This way you’ll be going to rock your interview.
Just focus on the tips, mentioned below and lead your interview confidently. And thank us later. The tips you can use to make your interview more informative are as under following:

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Journalist Interview Tips

Do complete research on your interviewee:

Before getting jump into the interview directly it’s good to do some research on the person you’re going to take an interview of. Search his profile on LinkedIn and do complete research on his achievements, interest, subject, and position.

It’s better to know everything about your interviewee. It will help you out for having a valuable conversation. So that the flow of your conversation can’t get down.

Furthermore, the questions you might ask your interviewee will be according to his work or personal life. So for having a good list of questions it is necessary to have complete information about your interviewee.

Prepare your questions:

The questions you’re going to ask your interviewee you should prepare before conducting the interview. The questions should be related to the interviewee’s subject, work, abilities, achievements, and personal life. For good questions make sure you do good research on the person.

It might be possible that you forgot some of the questions you prepared. To avoid these kinds of embarrassments you can write down them anywhere. You can use Google doc or any other sticky note pad. Note down the questions and carry them with you during the interview.

Always try to ask open-ended questions from them.

Just keep in mind that the questions you prepared must be short in length. If your questions will be lengthy it is possible that your interviewee will not able to understand them properly. Always try to go with those questions you’re sure that your interviewee won’t mind.

Don’t reveal your questions:

Most of the time you’re interviewing any celebrity, politician, writer, or other famous person. It is quite possible that they may ask you the questions you’re going to ask in the interview.

Besides this, they would hand you over a list of questions they will likely ask. It’s up to you how you will handle this situation. Simply just give them a straightforward, yet respectful answer that you have already done with your questions list and they will surely like them.

Furthermore, if they ask you to reveal the questions, just let them know about some topics you’re going to discuss. That way they will prepare them-self mentally for the answers.

Otherwise, if you reveal your questions they may learn their answers in advance and give the interview as if it’s a speech. So make sure you don’t reveal your questions. If you want a conversational and natural interview.

Choose the right location:

When conducting an interview it is necessary not to get distracted between the interviews. This way you’ll have a good flow of conversation. So for a natural interview select a peaceful place, where you can conduct your interview.

You may go directly to the office of the interviewee or can choose a library or a coffee shop to avoid the noise and to focus more on the interview.

Besides this, if you are leading the interview online on ZOOM or Google Meet. Choose a quiet room in your house where no one can disturb you. If you are in your office then go to an empty meeting room to have a peaceful interview.

Be on time:

Be punctual always. Try not to be late for the interview place. No one likes to wait. Respect their timing and schedule. If it’s not suitable for you to come at the decided time, ask them to reschedule the time. Otherwise, you have to manage on the given time. This way a professional impression will draw on them.

Record the interview:

For having full concentration on your interview and the answer your applicant is giving, use a voice recorder. This way you won’t be a worry about noting down any answer. You can have a full conversational interview without any tension.

You can have your mobile phone voice recorder with you. Set it in a place where the interview can be recorded in a good sound. Make sure your device is fully charged.

This way you can get more precise answers to the questions you asked. Additionally, you will be able to write the exact quotes your interviewee gives.

If the interview is conducting online on ZOOM luckily you can use its screen video recording. In this way, you can not only know the exact answer but the facial expressions as well.

Keep silence for some instance:

While your interviewee is answering the questions, maintain your silence and listen to him carefully. After he finishes speaking, you remain silent for some time. It is possible he would give further information.

This technique never fails. It is an easy technique to gather more information from the next person. In this way the other person will think that you’re not satisfied with his answer, probably, he will add more information as well.

Respect your interviewee:

No matter who is your interviewee, whether a politician or a farmer, respect his subject and work. Try to be calm and handle them carefully. It’s your responsibility not to hurt or insult them. Respect their choices no matter what. Only ask those questions on which they won’t get offended.

Start interview with non-relevant questions:

It is not appropriate to jump directly into the question related to their work or achievements, it will feel awkward. Always start with the informal question, or conversational questions, it could be about their personal life or any kind of humorous questions to make them feel comfortable. In this way, they’ll know that you are interested in them more. It can be the reason they will answer in more detail with frankness. And won’t get hesitate to answer any kind of your question.

Leave a Thank You note:

No matter how much your interviewee is rude towards you, always leave with a thank you note. It will throw a great impression of you on them. In this century of technology, I will recommend you not to go with a thank-you e-mail, rather than email, leave with a handwritten thank you note. He’ll get more impress. Now best of luck with your interview I’m sure you’ll rock it!