Mahatma Gandhi Essay In 500 Words For Students

Everyone is aware of the name Gandhi and the fact that he is not only cherished in his homeland, India, but famous in the whole world for his lessons of non-violence and peace. But not everyone is aware of his early life and his milestones which him Mahatma Gandhi!

In this article we are gonna write an essay on Gandhi which will feature his early life, his struggles and protest in Africa and India, and his believes and lessons.
mahatma gandhi essay
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Who was Gandhi?

The full name of Gandhi is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He was born on October 2nd, 1869 in Porbandar, Gujarat. His father Karamchand Uttamchand Gandhi was the father of his state (Gujrat) and his mother, Putlibai, was a housewife. So he comes from a well family and that’s why he went to England to study law and then around 1898, he went to South Africa.

South Africa was the first place where Gandhi first emerged as a notable man. He witnessed the ugly face of white racism and decided to stay there and fight against it. He wanted to help Indian laborers who were working there and facing so much discrimination. He stayed in South Africa till 1914. But his journey there was as notable and glorious as it was in India. The state in which Indian people were living there was unacceptable to Gandhi so he decided to take major steps. He first started sending petitions to England to make them aware of about the ill-treatment of Indians and make them realize that Indians were indeed a British subject. When this didn’t work, he started a civil disobedience movement, which he called Satyagraha. He did notable work there and realize the power of unity and how the masses can be moved to make a change.

Mahatma Gandhi Essay

After he was done in South Africa, he returned to India in January 1915. By the time he returned, his work in South Africa was popularized among the masses as well as elite persons of India. In India, he started his first civil disobedience, Champaran Satyagraha, in 1917 where he fought for the farmers who were forced to grow indigo. He won the first battle of civil disobedience as the planters left the area after his movement.

After that, he participated in many movements like Ahmedabad Mill strike (1918), Kheda Satyagraha, Khilafat Movement, and the most famous Salt Satyagraha. All of his movement great impact on the Indians and Indian history for the struggle of freedom. His work was so impactful that the time between, 1920 and 1947 is called as Gandhian Era.

The most important thing about Gandhi’s movement was that they were completely nonviolent. He made people believe that if they unite and go into the right direction they can achieve anything without using any violence. His motto was “an eye for an eye will only make the world blind”. He also motivated youth with his words ” be the change that you wish to see”.

What impress the local and common people about Gandhi was his simple way of living which made them believe he was one of them. He wore dhoti just like any other Indian person and address people in the native language rather than English! He believed in simple lifestyle, no consumption of alcohol, tobacco or nonvegetarian food.

From his simple lifestyle to his great words, people would simply admire his personality. Without Gandhi, we might not have witnessed freedom as we did. Although not everyone was happy with his ideology and that’s what caused his death as he was shot by an assassin named Nathuram Godse.