Top 160 Best Mandela Quiz Questions And Answers 2023

The great Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela ( 18 July 1918 – 5 December 2013) died at the age of 95 years. He served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999 and the first elected in a fully representative democratic election. He was one of the best president for South Africa.
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Nelson Mandela Quiz Questions with Answers

In which country was Nelson Mandela born?
South Africa
What was “apartheid”?
Racial segregation
A fatal disease
An Africa country
Nelson Mandela’s middle name
Which President of South Africa ordered Nelson Mandela’s release from prison?
F.W. De Klerk
Jongintaba Dalindyebo
Pik Botha
Cecil Rhodes
Where was Nelson Mandela held prisoner?
Crobben Island
Robben Island
Robben Prison
Crobben Prison
What year was Nelson Mandela born?
Who did Nelson Mandela live with when his father died?
Dalindyebo Jongintaba
Jongintaba Dalindyebo
Justice Bellina
Jintaba Bellina
Which school was Nelson Mandela expelled from?
College for Africans
African College
Fort Hare
Fort Bare
Which African city did Nelson Mandela live in?
What group did Nelson Mandela help to found in 1944, along with Peter Gombart, Ashley Mda, Oliver Tambo and Walter Sisulu?
South African Knowledge Society
South African Protesters Group
ANC Youth League
Which of the following was never married to Nelson Mandela?
Graca Machel
Evelyn Mase
Winnie Madikizela
Evelyn Machel
Which groups would these people fall under per Apartheid rules?
One black parent, one white parent
Why did the Apartheid need cheap workers?
Coal mines
Gold mines
Diamond mines
Slave workers
Which is NOT one of the Apartheid laws?
Interracial marriage is legal
Races can not share certain buildings
Blacks had a curfew
Blacks had an id card
Which on is NOT true about the Apartheid
Economic based
Political based
Made laws
Means “equality”
How many “Homeland’s” did the Apartheid create?
Nelson Mandela (and others) found a way to peacefully end his countries segregation

Nelson Mandela Gk Quiz Questions with Answers

When was Nelson Mandela’s birthday?
A) 18 July 1918
B) 18 August 1918
C) 18 October 1918
D) 18 January 1918
Answer- 18 July 1918
How old was Nelson Mandela when he die?
A) 45
B) 90
C) 95
D) 40
Answer- 95
On what day was Nelson Mandela sentenced to life imprisonment?
A) 13 July 1964
B) 12 June 1964
C) 13 June 1964
D) 12 July 1964
Answer- 12 June 1964
On what day was Nelson Mandela released from prison?
A) 9 Febrauary 1990
B) 10 February 1990
C) 11 February 1990
D) 12 February 1990
Answer- 11 February 1990
How many stadiums, squares, plazas, parks, gardens, trails and areas have been named after Nelson Mandela?
A) More than 83
B) Less than 83
C) Between 150-200
D) Between 200-300
Answer- More than 83
Where was nelson mandela jailed?
A) Robben Island Prison,South Africa
B) Pollsmoor Prison,South Africa
C) Old Gaol Building,South Africa
D) Pretoria Central Prison,South Africa
Answer- Robben Island Prison,South Africa
How long was he jailed in Robben Island?
A) 15 years
B) 16 years
C) 18 years
D) 20 years
Answer- 18 years
When was nelson Mandela elected as a president?
A) 1991
B) 1992
C) 1993
D) 1994
Answer- 1994
When was Nelson Mandela awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?
A) 1993
B) 1994
C) 1994
D) 1995
Answer- 1993

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