75 Best Mexican Sayings About (Drinking/Food) 2024

If you are looking for Mexican Sayings then this is the best place for you. Mexico is known for a lot of things, if you have visited Mexico then you must know why the place is so popular. Whether it’s the food or fun, you will get everything there. Even Mexican people are very amazing and would help you make feel at home as well. Not just the Mexican food, music, and other things, but Mexican sayings are also very popular. Almost everyone knows that! If you haven’t heard of a Mexican saying before, then you need to educate yourself a little bit about it because the Mexican sayings seem very popular and versatile, so you can use them anywhere and anytime as well.

Even though the Mexican sayings are very popular if you are not aware of them then you would have a hard time getting used to the Mexican sayings, especially finding the best one. Whether you are visiting Mexico for work, going there on vacation, or have a few Mexican friends, you would certainly want to know more about the Mexican sayings.

That is where you need our help, here, in this article, we are going to share some of the best and popular Mexican sayings that you need to know about. So let’s move ahead and take a look at the following Mexican sayings that you have been looking for.
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Mexican sayings

A darle que es mole de olla
Meaning- Start working on something with energy and enthusiasm.

Agua que no has de beber, déjala correr
Meaning- Don’t get involved with something you can’t deal with it.

El flojo y el mezquino, recorren dos veces el mismo camino.
Meaning- When you’re lazy with your work, you’ll very likely have to do it over.

El que con lobos anda, a aullar se enseña.
Meaning- You are the average of the people you hang out with.

El que es perico, donde quiera es verde.
Meaning- A person’s virtues always shine through no matter what.

El que nace para tamal, del cielo le caen las hojas.
Meaning- If it’s meant to be, it will happen for you.

No hay mal que por bien no venga.
Meaning- Even if you’re going through some bad times, remember something good will come from it.

El que a buen árbol se arrima, buena sombra le acobija.
Meaning- If you get close to those who will teach and stimulate you, you’ll do well.

Más sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo.
Meaning- Never underestimate the wisdom of old age.

Camarón que se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente
Meaning- Miss an opportunity, and it might never come back.

Common Mexican Sayings

¿Qué pedo? – What’s up?

No hay pedo – It’s no problem

Andar bien pedo/a – to be very drunk

¿Dónde es la peda? – Where is the party?

Juan nunca gasta en cosas innecesarios. Es muy codo. – Juan never spends money on unncessary things. He’s very frugal.

Estoy bien crudo hoy. – I’m very hungover today.

¿Tienes feria para salir esta fin de semana? – Do you have money to go out this weekend?

Sí, es la neta – Yes it’s the truth

¿Es la neta? – Is it the truth?

El examen estuvo cañón – The exam was really hard.

Te extraño cañón – I miss you so much.

Chichen Itza es uno de los lugares más conocidos de México – Chichen Itza is one of the most well-known places in Mexico.

Eso que ni que – Without a doubt!

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Mexican Sayings About Drinking

Chela/Cheve (beer)

Caguama (large bottle of beer)

Cerveza de barril (draft beer)

Chelada/Michelada (Cubana) (various mixed beers)

Una fría (a cold beer)

Un six (a six-pack)

Una cubeta (a bucket)

Chupar/Pistear (to drink)

Una copita (a drink)

Un trago (a drink)

Un caballito (a type of shot)

So these are some of the best Mexican sayings that you need to know about. These are very popular for a very long time and some of them are very old as well. So now you know some of the best Mexican saying that you can use more often. That’s all we have to offer for now and we hope you liked our article as well. Thank you for visiting and we are glad to help you.