Top 15 Phone Interview Tips 2024

When you enter in your practical life, you start your new journey, a journey where you need a job to survive. The very main part for getting a job you have to cross the hurdle of interviews. And the basic or the first interview is been done on a phone call just to confirm whether the candidate is willing to give the interview in person. Is he able to fit in the position or not.
Mostly the interviewer set up the schedule in advance either by a call or an email. In some cases they don’t inform, they just make a sudden call and may ask you some random question related to your position.

Whenever they contact you, you should have to prepare mentally for it and answer the call professionally, and be extra careful about the unknown numbers because they would be one calling you for the interview. If you’re going to ask them personally about the interview make sure your voicemail message should also be sound professional.

Why Phone Interviews Are Done?

There are may be two reasons for companies for having phone interview:1) The company is located far from the district or city of the candidate. 2)The second reason is to select the right candidate from the tons of people who applied for the job so that the company would choose the willing candidate for having the interview in person.

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Phone Interview Tips

Before the getting to call directly, you should be prepared mentally for your interview and must review the tips and tricks given under to impress your interviewer.

Company Details:

Don’t directly jump into your interview, you should have information about the job description you’re applying for and little bit gather the information about the company as well.

Advance preparation:

Firstly take your phone interview seriously and give it equal importance as you give to your in person interviews. Because it is the main level of the game right after passing this level, you’ll jump to the next round. So prepare about the random list of the questions that they may ask you for the phone interview e.g:

1. What Are Your Strength?

2. What Is Your Weakness?

3. Why Should We Hire You?

4. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

5. Tell Me About Yourself?

6. Why Do You Want to Work Here?

7. Describe Your Current Job Responsibilities.

8. How determine you are?

It’s better to gather all the list of answer of the questions in advance that you may think that interviewer may ask.

Impress Your Interviewer

Prepare properly about your qualification that may matches the job description so that the employee may know that you’re the best one for the position. Plus you should have to prepare your resume and give strong answers to the questions of interviewer.

Gather your Tools For Interview

It’s important to have a comfortable environment near you so that you could feel easy to discuss your skills and background during the call conversation. Have a copy of your resume in front of you, a notepad (if you want to ask any questions don’t interrupt the interviewer just let him finish his talk and ask your question on your turn), pen, water bottle (if your throat feel thirsty or you feel any coughing issues), a fully charge mobile phone and a quiet room so that no one can divert your mind.

Practicing interview in advance

Before getting into the phone interview, prepare your interview first. It’s not an easy task to talk on the call for the interview. Its way to difficult than face to face interview. So for making your conversation more confident you should rehearse first. Ask any of your family member or friend to ask the questions and record your answers so that you may know your flaws in the conversation and your extra words which may sound irritating like ‘um’, ‘uh’, and ‘okay’. Practicing again and again you’ll sound strong, more confident and having a great command for holding the conversation perfectly.

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Now It’s Time For The Call

Keep in mind that you are familiar with the date, time of the interview and the person who is going to conduct your interview, whether he is going to call you or you’ll call them. In case if you miss their call just don’t get panic, make yourself relax and send them a voicemail that may sound professional to reschedule your interview. And get a space full of peace so that you may focus more on your interview.

Proper Phone Interview Technique

Giving a proper interview is not that difficult task but you should pay a little more concentration towards the techniques given below so that you can have a better interview and impression on your interviewer.

Attend the call yourself

Never let anyone attend your call. Always answer it by yourself. Inform everyone near you that you may get a call for interview so no one else accept you can attend.

Follow the interviewer’s question

Before answering the question listen your interviewer question carefully so that you may not answer wrong. If you’re unable to understand the question ask him to repeat it again. Do not interrupt your interviewer in between if you have any question to ask wait for your turn.


During the call a smile can make your conversation more confident and try to answer while standing that may sound you more energetic.

Don’t panic if you take few seconds to think

It’s not a big problem if you required few seconds to think of a response, you may take time, but not too much time that it may create a dead air between you two.

Dress properly

It doesn’t matter if you’re giving your interview on the phone, still you should dress yourself properly as if you’re going for a face to face interview. That way you would feel more confident.

Don’t get interrupt

Turn your ‘do not disturb’ on so that no other call or notification can disturb you.

Do’s And Don’ts

  1. Don’t use the first name of the interviewer. Always use their last name with Mrs. or Mr.
  2. Don’t interrupt the interviewer.
  3. Do give the short answers.
  4. Do focus on the questions that interviewer is asking.
  5. Don’t eat any chewing gum or anything which irritate the interviewer
  6. Keep a water bottle near you
  7. Prepare key points of the questions you need to ask
  8. Give interview in a quiet place
  9. Give interview in a standing position that may sound more energetic

How to end the call?

After the interviewer winds up the conversation, you should send him a thank you email and ask for the questions that you won’t able to ask during the interview. Best of luck for your interview! We wish you would succeed in your goal.