Top 17 Questions To Ask A Chief Investment Officer

Hiring a chief investment officer for your company is quite a big deal. The role of a chief investment officer has come a long way and transformed a lot over the years. The role of the CIO has evolved a lot and now plays a key role in the strategies of a company and making sure all the funds and portfolios of its clients are well managed and making safe decisions regarding future investments, managing risks, and developing new investment strategies.

Since it’s a big job title that comes with even bigger responsibilities, hiring would be under a lot of pressure or hiring the right candidate. The best way to know whether a candidate would be the right choice as the new CIO officer for your company or institution is to ask the right questions.

There are plenty of such things that you can ask and there are so many questions you can ask to know the capabilities and experience of the candidates.
Here we are listing some of the top questions to ask a chief investment officer, go ahead and have a look at the following article and find out the right questions to ask the CIO!

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Questions To Ask Chief Investment Officer

1. What is the role of a chief investment officer?

The first thing you need to know about the candidate is whether they are aware of the roles and responsibilities of a chief investment officer. There are some basic roles that a CIO has to play in a company or institution but it keeps evolving and you need to know if they are updated with the current trends in the industry.
The answer should start with describing the role of the CIO of a company and a brief description of additional duties and responsibilities that they have to perform.

2. What have you done to improve your knowledge for this role?

This question will allow you to see how goal-oriented the candidate is. The question will reflect on their ability to learn and evolve with the modern market and financial trends that can grow the company and improve the investments.
Overall, you would want a candidate that is quite up-to-date with the current market trends and knows recent developments. Also, someone who has made some efforts to stay updated with online courses or new skill sets.

3. In your opinion, what are the most important qualities of a chief investment officer?

Some so many skills and abilities make one a good chief investment officer. To know what are their strengths or what abilities according to them are vital to the role of a CIO, you can ask this question to the candidate.
As we have said there are many skills and abilities you would be looking for in your future CIO but there are some specific skill sets and abilities that may be the best suited for your company or institution. Taking a look at how they answer these questions and how they justify the abilities that can be helpful for the role of CIO.

4. Are you familiar with the investment strategies used by our industry?

This question again reflects on how updated they are with the current market needs and the strategies opted by the industry. You would want to ask this question to know whether they are familiar with the investment strategies used in the field that you are invested in. You should also see how their skills and expertise in the field can help you and your company to grow.

5. How would you describe the current investment landscape?

The main role of a CIO is to invest and implement strategies to grow the business and improve the company’s portfolio, so the best candidate for the job should be updated with the investment landscape that is most successful in the current market.

The more aware they are of the current market situation the better investment decisions they can make. Their answer should consist of the factors that are affecting the investments the most.

6. What is your experience with risk management?

One of the most important roles of a chief investment officer is to manage risk regarding new business strategies, investments, and more. This is something every hiring manager looks for in the right candidate for the CIO role. They should have some experience with tacking and reducing the risk to the companies that they have worked for in the past. You can also give them some scenarios involving some risk and see how they would handle that situation.

7. Have you made an unpopular decision and how did that work out?

This question would help you know if they are comfortable and able to choose a path that is lesser known and if they can think outside the box. There are plenty of times when one has to make a decision that may be the opposite of what everyone would think of doing at that time or the obvious solution to a problem.
Again you can give them a problem to solve and see what kind of solution that they come up with.

8. If you could go back in time, what would you change about the way you have invested company funds?

This is important to evaluate someone’s decision-making skills. This is also important to know how they use their decision-making skill to improve the company and its investments. If they can admit that they have been wrong in the past then it will show that they learn from their mistakes and can take responsibility for their actions.

9. What would you do if you disagreed with the CEO about a potential investment?

Disagreements are a common problem when you work at any organization or institution. However, it is important to know how you resolve disagreements and come to terms with other colleagues or especially someone as important as the CEO.
The disagreement with the CEO can play out in different ways and directions. The right person for the job should know how to handle these kinds of situations and how to meet halfway with their colleagues. The right candidate should have good communication skills as well as respect the opinions of others.

10. How well do you understand the legal aspects of investing?

Investing has a lot of legal boundaries and it should be done right and within those boundaries. This is where you should be asking the question to CIO candidates know if they know the legal aspects of investing and whether they are updated with any new legal reforms done in a while. Their answer should also reflect their ability to use the laws to make wise decisions for the company’s investments.

11. Do you have experience working with a team of analysts?

Analysts also do a similar job or they assist the CIO in many companies to help them gather information about the current market and let them make the right decision regarding investments and strategies for the company. A good CIO should have great leadership skills so they can guide the team of analysts and should be good at communication and teamwork.

12. When reviewing potential investments, what criteria do you use to determine their viability?

When it comes to investing and making the right decision for the company, the right candidate should have a set of criteria that they use to make the right decision and the viability of the investment. Their answer can help you know how they make a decision regarding making decisions and if that is something you agree with and think would be best for the company.

13. We want to expand into new markets. If you were made chief investment officer, what strategy would you use to help the company grow?

It is an obvious question to ask a CIO candidate and see whether they have some strategies planned out in their head for improving the company’s strategies and helping it grow as well. They should have something in their mind to improve the company or institution. This will help you choose the right CIO for your company or organization.

14. Which industries do you have the most experience with when it comes to investing?

Investment varies from one sector to another, so the CIO you are hiring must have deep knowledge regarding investing in the field. This question will help you sort out the right candidates if they have similar experience regarding investing in the sector your company is based in.

15. There is a new investment opportunity that has a 50% chance of success and a 50% chance of failure. What do you recommend?

There is a risk involved in each investment but how well they manage the risk is what makes a smart CIO candidate. This question will help you discover their quick thinking and problem-solving skills that can help you find the best candidate for your company. This will help you show whether they can take risks and what kind of losses and disadvantages that risk can cost if it fails.

16. Can you handle a fast-paced and difficult environment?

This is another thing that you should know about the CIO candidate. In recent times the corporate sector or the investing industry has become fast-paced so it is important to know whether the candidate can handle that or not. It is a pretty straightforward question but can give you a lot of insight into their personality and abilities as a CIO.

17. How do you stay updated with the current market trends regarding investments?

Again, it is quite important that a CIO always stays updated with the current investment trends and how well they keep up with the current market. So you can ask how they will stay updated with the current market trend and the kind of strategies they use to do so.


So these are some of the best questions to ask a chief investment officer that you need to be asking. These questions are also the most common interview questions that would help you find the right candidate, that is, the best person to fit the chief investment officer title.
That would be all for now and we hope you found everything you have been looking for and you successfully find the best chief investment officer too!