39 Questions To Ask Your Cousins For Fun (2023)

The great majority of us do not have close personal relationships with our relatives. If you’re like most people, you mainly interact with your cousins at annual family gatherings, but that shouldn’t deter you from attempting to get to know them better.
The best way to get to know your cousin is to ask them a lot of questions. However, it is a little strange to spend hours asking someone about their personal lives in detail, so you might want to avoid doing so.

Instead, you can try to use lighthearted inquiries that will make people grin and laugh a lot and keep the discussion flowing organically. The issue with it is that it might be difficult to come up with amusing things to ask your cousin.

No worries, I’ve made a big list of amusing questions to ask your cousin in this post so that the conversation won’t seem weird. You can ask as many or as few questions as you’d like, so long as you choose the one that feels most appropriate at the time. This is for you. Fun inquiries to ask to your cousin:


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Questions To Ask Your Cousins

1. What is your fondest memory of us together?

If you see your cousin frequently, you probably have a lot of stories to tell. Asking them about their fondest memory of an activity they had with you is a pleasant way to start a conversation. It ought to be enjoyable.

2. What activities do you and your siblings enjoy?

If your cousin has siblings, you might ask them for advice or entertaining things to do. Asking your cousins what they do for fun with their siblings will undoubtedly elicit answers that will make everyone laugh out loud, but it will also provide you ideas for things to do with your own siblings.

3. Do you prefer using an iPhone or an Android?

People around the globe can be divided into two groups: those who support Apple as a firm and those who Android and other functional options. You are already aware of the type of gadgets they use, but what about their preferences?

4. Which of your tricks on someone was the funniest?

At some point, everyone has pulled a prank, and not all of them go as intended. However, if everything goes as planned, pulling a prank on someone may be a fairly humorous joke. You may ask this for a nice laugh if you are quite certain that you are not the intended target of the joke.

5. When was the first time you and I were together?

Unless you met when you were older, you probably remember your first encounter with your cousin differently. Asking them about the first time they can recall the two of you together will help you determine if they remember more or less than you do.

6. Which aunt, and why, would you want to live with?

Unless there is an aunt that you all prefer for her excessively loving nature, you would anticipate that she would be prejudiced towards your mom while asking this question. Asking them this question could be a good way to start a dialogue if you’re unsure about which of your aunts they would like to remain with.

7. What has been my most thoughtful act toward you?

Asking your relative about the kindest things you’ve ever done for them might be a fascinating way to turn a discussion around. When you pose the question, you might already have something in mind, but there’s a strong probability that it’s incorrect.

8. What do you dislike about me?

If you ask your cousin during a question-and-answer session, they won’t have much of a choice but to tell you what they don’t truly like about you as a person, even if they might be reluctant to do so. Perhaps by answering this question, you can discover more about who you are.

9. If you have a political or social purpose, what is it?

There must always be a movement that your cousin is strongly supportive of, whether it is Black Lives Matter, the women’s movement, or the animal rights movement. If you don’t spend much time with them, it can be obvious from the topics they enjoy talking about; nonetheless, you should just ask.

10. Which color is your favorite?

You should be able to determine your cousin’s preferred color based on the kind of clothes they wear and the technology they own. What if your assumption was incorrect? There is only one guaranteed means to find out (which, strangely, many individuals lack).

11. Do you like to eat or cook?

In the world, there are two categories of people: those who are always eating and those who are constantly trying to find something to eat. Why not just ask? rather than attempting to guess where your relative falls on the spectrum.

12. Do you prefer reading books or viewing movies?

Even though reading books and watching movies may go well together, most individuals still have a preference. What would your cousin pick if they could spend the rest of their lives either reading or watching?

13. Which movie is your favorite?

Whether they choose to read books or watch movies, everyone has a favorite film that they absolutely adore. Inquiring about their favorite movie is a really intriguing follow-up query to the one before; it may also be yours!

14. What is your preferred fast food establishment?

We may all agree that fast food isn’t the healthiest option available, but we should also acknowledge that we visit fast food establishments a little too frequently. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know your cousin’s preference given the wide range of possibilities available in the United States?

15. If you were to publish a book, to whom would you dedicate it?

It’s awkward to inquire about your cousin’s preferences, and it’s not the best approach to carry on a lively discussion. Instead of being so direct, you could simply ask them to whom they would dedicate their book if they were authors.

16. What song is your favorite?

Now that songs are so well-liked, everyone listens to them. The majority of individuals have a favorite song, much like with books and movies; however, this varies far more frequently than it does with other media. Finding out what songs are on your cousin’s playlist at the moment is an excellent method to learn about their musical preferences.

17. What was the worst altercation you ever witnessed?

We all agree that fighting is terrible, but we nonetheless engage in it frequently. However, some arguments could turn out far worse than we had hoped, which would be regrettable. Your discussion could progress if you inquire about your cousin’s worst argument.

18. If you had the option, what nickname would you choose?

The vast majority of people are not given the opportunity to select their names or nicknames. That doesn’t mean we don’t have a nickname we adore. Another entertaining topic for a game is to ask your cousin what they would call themselves if they could.

19. What do you think of as your special talent?

If your cousin is a creative person, there’s a good chance that they have a particular talent they consider to be special. While keeping the conversation lighthearted, asking about their talent will reveal how they view themselves.

20. What do you hope to accomplish in the future?

This question ought to be revealing and engaging if you haven’t made your professional decision yet. Some people don’t want to be professionals in what they consider to be their talent, despite the fact that you may be able to infer their future desire from their special gift. Find out what your cousin believes.

21. Would you rather watch a movie or play a game?

There are two enormous groups of individuals in the world: those who could spend their whole lives playing video games, and those who can name every single character from every Marvel movie that has been made to date. You may find out your cousin’s political stance by asking this question.

22. Can you share a secret with me?

While all of these inquiries should provide fresh information about your relative, explicitly asking them to divulge a secret also has a magical effect. However, there’s a decent possibility they’ll flip the question around on you, so you should be prepared to spill the beans.

23. What do you consider to be our most significant point of similarity?

Cousins might connect over common ideals or ideas by asking this question. Additionally, it’s a fantastic chance to discover more about one another and what makes each of us tick.

24. What did you think of me at first?

Did they fall in love with you right away, or did it take them some time to get to know you? It’s often fascinating to see how our initial impressions of someone change (or don’t change) over time, which is why this question can be so illuminating.

25. What do you like best about me?

This is usually a heartwarming question that will serve to remind you both of the benefits of being close relatives and of spending time together.

26. Do you refer to me by any nicknames?

What do they refer to you as when they want to have fun or gently tease you? This query may elicit amusing tales, inside jokes, and group chuckles.

27. Tell me about your recent activities.

Using this query to find out what’s new and interesting in your cousin’s life is a fantastic idea. If you’re unsure about what to say next, it’s also a nice way to start the conversation.

28. What has your week’s best moment been?

Your cousin will undoubtedly grin when you ask them this question, and you’ll learn a little bit about what’s been making them happy recently. Additionally, it’s always pleasant to learn about the positive developments in other people’s lives.

29. What upcoming events are you most excited about?

This inquiry will help you get a feel for what’s on their mind—whether they’re looking forward to a great trip or a significant occasion. Additionally, being able to share in their joy is always pleasant.

30. Tell me about your weekend activities.

The answer to this question will provide you with information on what your relative has been up to lately. If you didn’t get a chance to chat over the weekend, it’s also a nice way to start a conversation.

31. Do you currently have any new projects in development?

This inquiry will keep you informed on what they are doing, whether they are beginning a new company endeavor or creating a masterpiece. Additionally, it demonstrates your interest in their endeavors and successes.

32. Have you recently read any good books?

If they’re a voracious reader, you may use this inquiry to get some suggestions for your subsequent library visit. It’s also a terrific approach to pique one another’s interest in a topic for conversation.

33. Have you recently watched any good movies?

This is an excellent opening statement for a conversation about the most recent box-office sensation. It’s a great opportunity to ask your relatives for advice on what to watch next.

34. What has been happening in your life lately?

This comprehensive query can assist you learn all the crucial specifics of your cousin’s life. It’s also a terrific opportunity to lead into more detailed inquiries about their week, their weekend, or anything else they’ve been thinking about.

35. What has been the worst thing to happen to you?

You can learn more about what has been worrying your relative by asking them this question. If they’ve been having a hard time, it may also be a means of providing support and inspiration.

36. What are you doing right now?

This query might serve as a starting point for a discussion regarding your cousin’s schedule for the day, the week, or the weekend. If you’re unsure of what to say next, it’s also a wonderful way to start a conversation.

37. What have you got planned for this week?

You can learn more about your cousin’s recent activities by asking the following inquiry. If you didn’t have a chance to chat over the weekend, it’s also a fantastic way to start a conversation.

38. What are your weekend plans?

Finding out what your relative has planned for the weekend with this query is a terrific idea. If you’re unsure of what to say next, it’s also a wonderful approach to start a discussion.

39. What have you been up to recently?

This comprehensive query can assist you learn all the crucial specifics of your cousin’s life. It’s also a terrific opportunity to lead into more detailed inquiries about their week, their weekend, or anything else they’ve been thinking about.

Best Questions for Cousins

Here are some suggestions for best questions to ask a cousin:

Consider the information you wish to learn about your relative. What do you wish to review? What are your specific research interests? What subjects pique your interest? Make use of these subjects as a place to start when formulating inquiries.

  1. Take into account your cousin’s interests and pastimes. What topics do they like discussing? What do they feel strongly about? To start a discourse about these subjects, pose questions.
  2. Ask questions with more than just a yes or no response. These inquiries can help maintain the discussion and provide you with further details about your relative.
  3. Steer clear of probing personal matters that might embarrass your relative. Limit your conversation to light and engaging subjects.
  4. Be ready with a few questions in case the topic stalls. It will be easier to keep the conversation moving if you have a few topics in mind.
  5. Pay attention to what your cousin says. By asking follow-up questions and demonstrating sincere interest in their responses, you may demonstrate that you’re involved in the conversation.
  6. Enjoy yourselves! The objective is to meet up with your relative and deepen your relationship with them. Enjoy the discussion and don’t stress about having all of your questions prepared in advance.

A excellent method to learn more about your relative is to ask questions. Asking open-ended questions that demand more than a simple yes or no is the key. These inquiries can help maintain the discussion and provide you with further details about your relative.
In case there are any lulls in the discussion, have a few questions ready, and show interest in what your cousin has to say. Enjoy the discussion and don’t stress about having all of your questions prepared in advance.