Top 8 Questions To Ask Bf If He Loves You (2023)

Love is a big thing and surely a big feeling to feel. When you are in love, you feel a lot of things, some are positive and some might not be that pleasant such as the insecurities or having the need for assurance that the next person loves you as much as you love them. Well, having these kinds of feelings is quite normal even if you guys trust each other a lot and have been in a serious relationship for a while now.
There are plenty of things that you can do to make the doubts in your head go away. Simply telling them your feelings about it would be the best way to build more trust and feel closer to each other. However, if you want to know where your relationship stands and how your boyfriend feels about you, then you are at the right place.
In this article, we are listing out some questions to ask your boyfriend to see if he loves you. Now, there is no better way to express one’s feelings, asking some questions can give you some insights into how they feel for you.
So let’s move forward and find which are the best questions to ask your boyfriend to see if he loves you.

Questions To Ask Bf If He Loves You

1. What Is Your Concept Of A Healthy Relationship?

It is quite important that you know what a healthy relationship looks like for your partner. This way you would be able to judge if he thinks that your relationship is healthy or not. Each one of us has different ideas or beliefs when it comes to how a relationship looks like or feels. So his idea of a healthy relationship might be different from yours which won’t make it wrong. Although you two must have a similar ideal about a relationship.
This might not reveal how much he loves you, but it will certainly give you an idea of how satisfied he is with the relationship and if he thinks that’s anywhere near his ideal relationship.

2. How Do You Feel Things Are Going In Our Relationship?

Now, this is the question that will lead you to a better explanation of his feelings or how he really feels about the relationship. This will certainly hit how serious the relationship is and if he loves you.
If it sounds awkward to you, you can simply ask “how things are going between us according to you”. This is an open-ended question, which means he can’t simply say yes or no, requiring him to answer more elaborately as well as honestly. You can also share your views on this question by mentioning how you actually feel about this relationship and how it is going.

3. How Do You Feel About Our Sex Life (Or Intimate Life)?

This might sound like an awkward question, but it is an important one. Intimacy is an important part of your relationship and you would certainly want your intimate life to be as good as possible. So it would be better to ask your boyfriend about your intimate life and see if he thinks it is satisfactory.

4. What Are Some Things That I Do That Make You Feel Loved?

This question will help you understand their love language or the love language that you guys already share. You can simply ask if there is anything that he would like to add to the relationship or something to improve.
It is also important to know what makes him feel loved in this relationship and how much he thinks about this stuff. Our partners do love some things that we do or how we act, so it would be time to know what those things make them feel loved.
This is a great question and will certainly help you know more about how they feel about you.

5. How would you describe me to someone who doesn’t know me?

This is again a great question that will reveal his feelings about you. How one describes another person to a third person is always a significant way to know how one feels about that person. This way you would get to know how he will describe you to another person and what are the first things that he thinks about you.
You might be surprised by the answers and will certainly know how strong your bond is.

6. Do you want kids, if so how many would you prefer?

Talking about kids with your partner is only possible if they do love you and think of a future with you. So asking about kids might give you a hint about your relationship with him and what he thinks of you as well.
You will also know a little bit more about him and if he would be okay with having kids one day.

7. Which memory of ours is your favorite?

If you two have been together for a while, you may have spent a good amount of time with your partner as well. This means there will be so many memories to go back to and think about. This question will certainly allow him to go back in memory lane and pick the best moments with you. This might help you know how much he loves you.

8. How would you describe me in one word?

Describing someone in one word can be hard. But sometimes when you ask someone this question they might help you to understand how they see you mostly. There are some classic responses to these questions and each would mean something to both of you. The way he describes you will certainly tell you how much he loves you. You can also describe him in words and see his reaction as well.


These are some questions that can help you know a little bit more about their feelings. Again, these are pretty vague questions and the answers would be vague too, so you will need to decide how you feel about the answers they give. Nothing can prove the loved one has for another other than the little things in the relationship like spending more time, having trust in each other, good communication, and so much more. These are the things that matter most in the relationship.
Ask these questions when you are spending some quality time with each other and see what the other person has to say about these questions. That would be all for now and we hope you got everything that you have been looking for. Thank you.