Top 7 Questions To Ask When Buying New Bike 2023

Bikes are great, they are fun, keep you active, and are a cheaper means of transportation as well. Whether you are buying a bike for staying fit, for transportation, or you just love riding bikes casually, you are making a good decision. The popularity of bikes has only grown over the years and everyone certainly loves having a bike of their own these days as well.
This is the reason why there are so many amazing options in the market when it comes to bikes and you can certainly buy the bike of your dreams as well. Although buying a bike might not be that easy because there are literally hundreds of choices and there is a bike for everyone and different purposes as well. So you need to look for plenty of features before buying the bike and bringing it home.
If you are buying a bike, you would like to ask a few questions that can help you buy the right bike for yourself. If you are here to know what kind of questions you should ask while buying a bike then you are at the right place.
Here, we have listed down the best questions to ask when buying a bike. So go ahead and take a look at the following questions to ask when buying a bike and make the right choice.

Questions to ask yourself when buying a bike

There are certain questions that you need to ask yourself while buying a bike so you can get the best one. Here are some of them.

1. Do I know what I want to use a bike for?

Like we have said earlier, people buy different bikes for different reasons. Some need the bike for transportation, some for exercise, and others would need a bike for both purposes. So before buying the bike you need to ask this question yourself and make sure that you are clear when it comes to the purpose of the bike for you.
Depending on the purpose of the bike you would make a better choice because there are different bikes made for exercise and casual use. Some of the bikes suit athletes or professional cyclists better than others.

2. What kind of riding am I hoping to be doing a year from now?

This question helps you to find the right bike for your skill level. This means if you are buying a bike for getting serious when it comes to your cycling skills then you would like to have a better bike than you can use accordingly in the future. That is, you would like to invest in a professional bike that can match your skills when you have improved after a disciplined routine and lots of practice.
Other than this, if you are buying a bike for casual use and that is what you were going to use after a year then you can certainly choose the bike that is comfortable and ideal for transportation.
You can also find bikes that are beginner-friendly and some of them are made for professionals as well.
Overall the thing is you would be able to use the bike in the future with any skill level.

3. What is my budget?

The budget might be the first thing that comes into your mind when you decide to buy something. And this stands true for bikes as well. You don’t want to get carried away with fancy bikes in the market that is worth several hundred if not thousands of dollars. This is why you should set a budget and then buy the best bike under your budget.
Although the bike shouldn’t be too cheap as it may not be ideal for the long run. You can find a decent bike that comes with all the great features and provides the best value for money as well.

Questions to ask while buying a bike

Now it is time to list down a few questions that you need to ask while shopping to get the best value for money and the perfect bike for yourself. So go ahead and take a look at the following questions to ask while shopping for a new bike.

1. Can I take a test drive?

This should be the first question that you need to ask the seller. The thing is you don’t want to buy a bike without testing it out and figuring out if it can meet your needs and helps you to get the experience that you are looking for.
While trying the bike out, you would be able to determine a lot of things such as the brakes, the comfort, the right fit according to your size and the skill level, and of course the overall experience with the bike. This will help you judge better and make an informed decision.
However, if the seller refuses to let you take the test drive then you should certainly go elsewhere to find your perfect bike.

2. What level of fit do you offer?

This is another question that you should not neglect and certainly ask while buying a bike. The thing is, you would want a bike that suits your size and is comfortable to ride. But sometimes the bike would need some adjustments to make it a perfect fit for you. This would be a lot easier if the seller offers you services where they can help you get the perfect fit.
They should be able to adjust the saddle foot and give you advice when it comes to what adjustments you would need to make to the bike.

3. What’s the difference between the groupsets on these bikes?

The groupsets are what determine the price of the bike, these include various components like shifters, chains, and cassettes. Some of the bikes may be more lightweight than what you are considering or offer a smoother ride as well, but the cost difference would be a lot more than you would imagine. This is where you have to be smart because sometimes the extra bucks don’t do justice to the overall structure of the bike and the economical options might be somewhat near the pricey ones.
So, understand the groupset quality and performance and then determine which one you would like to buy.

4. Does the bike come with a warranty or included maintenance?

This is another one of the questions that you would like to ask while buying the bike and if it is a kind of important one.
The warranty is pretty crucial because you don’t want to buy a bike without one as you will have to pay extra bucks for part replacements or the fixing of the bike if it gets damaged while it’s still pretty new.
On the other hand, you would need to service the bikes every once in a while for ensuring a good performance and a great life for the bike as well.
So you would want to know what kind of maintenance services the manufacturers provide with the bike. Along with this ask what the warranty of the bike covers to understand it better.

5. Do you offer any bike mechanic courses for the public?

If you are new to cycling and have never owned a bike in your adult life then you must know a few things before you become a bike owner.
There are a few bikes repairing practices or skills that come in handy and these are pretty important to know as well. Every bike owner should know the basic maintenance practices so they would be able to keep their bike in its best form and can also tackle any issues that the bike has on its own.
Some of the brands or companies may provide you with the maintenance course and help you understand the basics of the bikes where you will learn about the basic tools used while repairing the bike and how it’s done.

6. Can You Give Me a Deal?

Thus the price negotiation part is certainly crucial. There is always a scope of getting some extra discount when you are buying a bike. It may be because there is a target to meet for the salesmen or the owner would certainly give you a little more discount if you negotiate right.
So make sure to ask this question while you are making the deal and see if you can save some bucks as well.


So these are some of the best questions to ask when buying a bike for yourself. These questions would certainly help you choose the best bike for yourself and get you the best deal as well. As a customer, you should take in all the factors and choose the best bike for yourself and that too with the best services from the manufacturers.
That would be all for now and we hope you liked our article and got everything that you have been looking for. Thank you.