11 Important Questions To Ask When Buying New Shoes 2023

Some studies say that shoes are the first thing that we notice, so the shoes will certainly be an item of judgment. There are a variety of shoes available for you, this means you don’t have any trouble when it comes to finding the right shoes. Although there are people who are not good at shopping or at least can’t buy the perfect shoes. You have to know that there are various things that you should look for while buying shoes.
After all, it is important to have the right shoes for the right outfit and the right occasion. So when it comes to choosing the best shoes for yourself you should certainly know a thing or two about the shoes and see if the shoes you are buying will do justice with your money.
Like we have said warriors there are some the things that you need to weigh in and look forward to while buying the shoes. The best way to buy shoes would be to ask a few questions to yourself or the shopkeeper so you pick the best pair of shoes for yourself.
In this article, we are going to list down some of the best questions that you need to ask when buying shoes, so go ahead and take a look at these.

Questions To Ask When Buying New Shoes

1. Do I Need a New Pair?

The first question you need to ask yourself would be if you need a new pair. There are people who shop every once in a while and then there are people who go shopping every week. If you come in the second category then you may need to think it over.
This question will answer your needs for a new pair of shows and whether you are in need of it or not. It is better to ask yourself this question other than just buying without thinking.

2. What Purpose(s) Will the Shoes Serve?

This is another important question that you need to ask yourself while buying new shows. You don’t want to invest in shoes that you don’t know what you are going to use them for.
Simply answer this question if you want new shoes for a special occasion or you are buying the shoes just because your old shoes have been worn down.
When you identify the purpose of the shoes you are going to buy, it will help you to find the most suitable shoes according to the purpose you are looking for.

3. Will I Really Wear the Shoes?

In case you are buying the new shoes just because a special occasion is coming or you have a new outfit, then you need to ask yourself if you would wear the new shoes more often or not.
There are plenty of reasons you may not wear some particular shoes very often and in this case, you would be wasting your money. This is why you should be asking yourself how often you are going to wear the shoes and where to, this will help you find suitable shoes at a specific price.

4. Am I buying the shoes just for the brand?

Some people are more into the brand than they are into the shoes and this can lead to wrong purchases. Ask yourself if you actually liked the shoes yourself or if you are just buying this because of the brand.
Sometimes the high-end brands have some fast fashion items that come in trend and then swiftly go out of the trend, in this case, you will find yourself regretting buying the shoes because after a while they won’t be trending.
So take a minute as you look at the shoes that you are buying and see if anything other than the brand name appeals to you.

5. Are the Shoes Comfortable?

You can’t compromise with comfort when you are buying the shoes because there is no point in wearing shoes that are uncomfortable. You can’t wear uncomfortable shoes for a while and if you do, you are going to regret it later.
Try out the shoes before buying and see if you are comfortable, try walking in the shoes as well so that you can know better about the comfort level of the shoes. If the shoes are in any way not that comfortable then you should not buy them, even if they are gorgeous and exactly what you were looking for.

6. How Durable the Shoes Are?

This is another one of the questions that you must ask while buying the shoes. You have to know that some shoes are made from cheap material, and even though these kinds of shoes look durable and sturdy, they won’t last more than a few months. In this case, it will be a total waste of your money that you would like to avoid. So make sure that you will be investing in high-end quality shoes that can last longer.

7. How Supportive the Shoes Are?

The shoes not only need to be comfortable but they also need to be supportive. If the shoes are not very supportive you might end up buying the wrong shoes that you can’t wear for more than a couple of hours.
It is pretty common for some shoes to give you hurting heels, barking arches, and twitching muscles that will leave you frustrated and in pain after you have worn the new pair of shoes for a few hours.
So before buying the shoes you should certainly look at the support provided by the shoes. This is much more important if you have a foot condition that requires much more support and ideal feet. The right pair of shoes will gently massage your feet and promote better blood circulation. Your arches won’t be under a lot of pressure and the right design will also take off the pressure from the ankles and lower legs. It should provide more support to the balls of your feet to provide more balance.
Overall you should know what kind of shoes your feet need and make sure you find the shoes that provide that support.

8. Are the Shoes in My Price Range?

The shoes can be quite expensive and especially if you are buying them from a well-known brand. So before deciding on the shoes and if you would want to buy them, you should certainly know whether you can afford those shoes.
You don’t want to buy shoes that are too expensive and this will certainly impact your pocket. So make sure that you take a look at your budget and then the price of the shoes. See if the price is worthy of the quality and support the shoes are offering.

9. How Versatile the Shoes Are?

This is a question that can be a lot helpful. The versatility of the shoes depends on how many outfits can be paired with the shoes and how often you can repeat the shoes as well.
So before buying the shoes, you are looking at, you should certainly figure out how many outfits can be worn with the shoes and if these would look good with each one of them.

10. Is There Some Kind of Warranty with the Shoes?

Some of the shoes do come with a warranty card, this means you can take the shoes to the store in case of damage and they would fix it or replace it if it is in the warranty period. If you are investing a lot of money in the shoes then you should certainly look for the warranty card or some kind of service offered by the brand. Make sure you ask the salesman or the manager of the store to know more about the warranty of the shoes.

11. Do You Need Special Shoes?

The thing is everyone’s feet are different and some people would require shoes that are specially designed for their feet. If you need specially designed shoes for your feet condition then you should think about that before you go to buy the shoes.
Determine what kind of shoes you need and if those are available easily in the stores nearby or if you need to go to other stores or look for them online.


So these are some of the best questions to ask when buying shoes. These are some of the generic questions that would help you to pick up the best shoes for yourself that will not just be worthy of your money but will go with multiple outfits as well.
That would be all for now and we hope you got everything that you have been looking for. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy your perfect shoes with the help of these questions.