How To Respond To Birthday Wishes On Wrong Day 2023

Birthdays are one of the most important occasions in our lives. Whether it’s a birthday of our loved ones or our own, we make sure to wish for others and make them realize how important they are. Although we may feel bad if someone forgets our birthday and doesn’t wish us. It is a pretty bad feeling as you find yourself questioning your importance in their life. But there is one more situation that makes you question the people and this would be when they wish you happy birthday on the wrong day.
Some people might take it lightly and laugh it off while others may find it difficult to respond to the wish. Well, it is better to get birthday wishes on the wrong day than not getting wishes on your birthday. With that being said, how would you react if someone wished you on a wrong day?
This is exactly why we are here to help you out. There are many responses you can give to someone who has wished you on a wrong day. But you need to know what those are and how you can make sure to not make a big deal out of it.
Go ahead and take a look at the following listed ways to respond to birthday wishes on a wrong day and you will find it easier to respond if you ever face such a situation.
If it happened near the right date…
Getting a birthday wish is not that bad if it happens near your actual birthday. Some people might get confused over which date it is your birthday. So if someone remembers a date that is near your birthday then it would mean they did try to remember your birthday and that they think you are important to them as well.
If it is in the same week then you shouldn’t feel bad or act as if something terrible has happened. So you should certainly thank them no matter what and you can clarify that it isn’t your birthday.
You can say things like;
  • Thank you very much for wishing me so early!
  • Thank you so much. But you are a few days late 🙂
Be subtle and calm with your response and understand it can happen to anyone to mix up dates including you.
If it isn’t near your birthday date!
The rule is also the same in this situation too. All you need to do is to stay calm and composed. They may have mixed up your birthday with someone else or they may remember the wrong month but the same date.
Again, be subtle and make sure you give a good response. You should certainly thank them nevertheless. You can say it’s a little too early for your birthday or the birthday will come half a year later!

How To Respond To Birthday Wishes On Wrong Day

1. Be Honest

When you respond to a wrong birth date, you should be honest with that person. Make sure they know it’s not your birthday and you should be respectful while telling them.
It’s okay to pull their leg for a while but make sure you don’t forget to clear the confusion otherwise that person may follow up next year too.

2. Laugh it off with some humor

One of the main things to do while responding to a wrong birth date would be to be humorous about it. Make sure you remember that it’s not a big deal and it is much more embarrassing for the other person than you.
So you can add your sense of humor to your response and laugh it off. Of course, it depends on who you are having this conversation with.

3. If they bring a gift or throw a surprise party

It would be too much of a big deal if someone not only wishes you a happy birthday but also comes with a present or worse throws a surprise party. It can happen in the office or with some new friends that you just have made.
Make sure to thank them for all the trouble they have gone through. After that, you have to clear things up that it isn’t your birthday.
You should ask them to return the gift so that it doesn’t become a big deal and they get their money back. It won’t be a good idea if you keep the gift because it may sound rude or selfish. Nevertheless, be polite and don’t make it a big deal because the other person might feel too embarrassed as well.

4. Remember it’s the thought that counts

So what if they get your birthday wrong, you have to acknowledge the fact that they made some time to think about you and to wish you. Being acknowledged would certainly feel good and the fact that they do try to remember your birthday should also count for something.
So instead of feeling bad, you should try to show some gratitude that people did make some effort to wish you for your birthday.

5. Don’t take it personally

It may be okay if some colleagues or newer friends get your birthday but it may be harmful if your close friends or family member gets your birthday wrong.
As much as it is hurtful that your close friend or family member doesn’t remember your birthday, the aforementioned tips still stay the same. They do think you are important, they have made some efforts to wish for you, and they think about you too.
So be humble, and polite, and let them know it’s not your birthday to clear up any confusion.

6. You can also get someone’s birthday wrong

Lastly, keep in mind that this can happen to anyone and even to you. So show them some empathy and let it go. You may have gotten someone’s birthday wrong or may have forgotten someone’s birthday too, so try to be polite and forgive them for getting your birthday wrong.


So these are some of the ways you can respond to a birthday wish on the wrong day. Of course, it depends on who has wished you on a wrong day and how wrong they are. But we have managed to give you some of the best responses you can give to someone who has wished you on a wrong day.
That would is all for now and we hope you would be much more comfortable if you get birthday wishes on the wrong day from now on. We hope you found this article helpful and that you got everything you have been looking for. Make sure to come back for more such articles in the future.