Top 5 Resume Summary Examples 2023

Resumes play a very significant role in landing us a new job. You can’t find a job without a good resume because the employers would take a look at your resume and then decide whether or not they need to give a chance. Your resumes are the first thing that would be noticed by the employers and the resume would be like your first impression. You know what they say about first impressions right?
A study shows that recruiters decide whether or not to give you a chance by just looking for 6 seconds at your resume. All they look for are your skills, experienced, and your strengths. Although they would take a look at the Resume Summary to make up their mind about you. So your Resume Summary must be on point.
A lot of people find it difficult to write a resume summary of their and they struggle with it a lot. It may be the pressure of knowing that the recruiter might judge you based on your resume summary. Whatever the reason behind your struggle to write a good resume summary, you do need a little help. Guessing by your presence here, you must be seeking help from our article as well. Well, we are not going to disappoint you.
In this article, we are going to tell you how to write a resume summary and going to give you a few resume summary examples as well. But first, let us tell you what exactly is a resume summary.

What is a Resume Summary?

A resume summary refers to a short section at the start of your resume which highlights your skills, experiences, and strengths. This makes the hiring managers quickly examine your strengths and skills and judge you based on your experiences as well. The recruiters would decide whether or not to read your entire resume based on the resume summary. So that makes it pretty important.
There is one other thing called Resume Objectives, which is basically the same as the resume summary but it would emphasize the future goals of a candidate rather than their skills and abilities.

When to Use a Resume Summary?

This is a question that is often asked by young candidates. Generally, you should use a resume summary when you have had past experiences and you have a few things to showcase to the recruiters.
Job seekers are often advised to use the resume introduction if they lack experience and they can also use a qualification summary as well.

How to Write Resume Summary Statement?

Let’s now focus on the bigger question, How to write a Resume Summary?
We know that all you are looking for and we are going to tell you a few tips and ways to write a good resume summary as well.

A professional resume summary can be written by following three steps:

Step 1: Write the Title of Your Job, Experience, and Main Responsibilities
The first thing that you need to write down is the title of your current job and the number of years of experience you have. You should also write down the important skills and abilities. You can also use the resume adjectives to give more insights into your personality and working style.
Step 2: Describe Your Professional Accomplishments
You should highlight the professional accomplishments of yours by using the numbers. You can use the numbers such as percentages, timeframes, and dollars to showcase your abilities and skill figures.
Step 3: Include Your Most Valuable Skills or Qualifications
I mean this is the whole point of writing a resume. You have to write the most valuable skills and qualifications of yours and write down either the soft skills or hard skills.
  • Note: Whatever you write, you have to write it in less than four lines. You have to use the maximum kind of words and put it in a way that you have to make it appear impressive and strong. Just keep it brief and to the point.
  • Note: If you lack job experience, you can still provide insights into your working style and give them some clue about your abilities and strengths.
  • Note: You can also make points on different skills of yours if it is for a skill-based job. Write almost one line of summary for each skill, stating the experience of any reward for that skill.


Resume Summary Examples

Here we are going to give you some examples of Resume Summaries for different jobs.

1. Resume Summary Example for Administrative Assistance

Conscientious administrative assistance with 4+ years of experience providing executive-level support. Introduced inventory supply software and saved 5% in costs. Highly Proficient with QuickBooks.

2. Skilled focused resume summary (nursing)

Care-giving: Provide quality health care in a 25 patient ward, including daily monitoring, recording, and evaluation.
Communication Skills: daily communication to a 5 member team concerning patients’ treatments
Knowledgeable: graduated (any nursing program) with a 5.1 GPA

3. College Student Resume Summary

Committed English Major with exceptional research and writing abilities. Awarded multiple honors based on merits and expected to graduate from UCLA in June 2021. Tutored freshmen and improved writing scores by 40%.

4. Internship Resume Summary

Energetic marketing student with knowledge of PR, marketing, product development, consumer research strategies. Received 2nd place out of 30 teams in UGA’s business plan competition. Member of the American Marketing Association.

5. Customer Service Resume Summary

Customer service representative 5+ years of experience in a call center including sales, tech support, and customer care. Received an average 85% customer satisfaction rating to date, while handling 90+calls daily. Typist with a speed of 70WPM.


So these are a few resume summary examples and our few tips to write a professional resume summary. It isn’t that hard if you focus on the method of writing. Overall we have come to an end of our article and we hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for visiting us and we hope you found it helpful and got everything you have been looking for.