10 Things To Do On A School Trip (2023)

School trips are the year’s highlight for students; if it’s their first, it’s a major step toward independence. It’s inevitable that amid all the fun of discovering a new location, there will be a significant amount of time spent riding the bus to go from one location to the next. This may sometimes get tedious, especially in large groups, but that can be different.
School travels are about much more than just visiting new locations; they are also about growing one’s confidence and interpersonal skills. Use the chance to create these connections while your students ride on the bus in enjoyable and engaging ways.
We have compiled some useful suggestions to do on a school trip occupied during those long travel hours, and we hope you find them useful.

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Things To Do On A School Trip

1. Enjoy Some Road Games

Suppose you are not permitted to bring electronic devices on your school trip and think about what to do on a school trip. In that case, you may pass the time by playing games designed specifically for travel and do not need additional components to participate.
You will typically need at least one other person to play the game. However, this does depend on the game. On the other hand, if you can engage the greatest number of individuals possible, you will have a lot more fun. You could play a game on the bus that the whole group can get involved in every once in a while.

2. Make Lunch Arrangements

Since you will be out of class for the whole school trip, lunch will likely be provided at the location. While some places may not have a cafeteria or a snack bar where you can buy food, certain locations probably do. Your instructor will provide information on food availability, at which point you can decide whether you want to bring a lunch with you or bring money to purchase one.
You should bring cold packs when you pack a lunch for warm weather. This will help preserve the food from going bad. To guarantee that you can maintain your normal level of hydration for the journey, you should bring an additional bottle of water, juice, or your preferred beverage.

3. Start Singing

Singing some bus songs is another enjoyable activity that can be done to pass the time and include the whole group. You may acquire a wide selection of music by going around the vehicle and having everyone start a song simultaneously.
It is better to choose current hit music that most people are familiar with since this ensures that nobody feels left out. If your school has a song, you might sing it either at the beginning or the conclusion of the singing.

4. Bring The Right Things

There are several items that, depending on your destination, you will need to carry along with you on the journey. You must carefully study the material your instructor offers since it should include a list of required things. To take notes, it is recommended that you bring a notepad, pad, and pen.
If an unexpected medical situation arises, remember to bring all medications, inhalers, and EpiPens that you may need. You should bring some cash if the tour location includes a gift shop or if you wish to purchase anything to eat or drink during the excursion.
Remember to bring along some sunscreen if you are on a school trip the whole day, so you may reapply it whenever necessary.

5. Bring Some Entertainment

If the location you will see on your school trip is quite a ways away from the campus, you should be prepared for a lengthy bus journey. Because of this, it is a good idea to have something to distract yourself with, as this will make the time go by faster.
You may listen to music or play games if you bring your phone or tablet. It could be more enjoyable to bring a magazine or book you can discuss with your companions.
Before going on the trip, ask your instructor whether you can bring your phone, tablet, or other electronic devices. It is not a good idea to rely on your electronic gadget to keep you entertained if your instructor intends to take it away from you as soon as you board the bus.

6. Obey The Rules

Obeying the regulations is the essential thing you can do on a school trip. Because of your poor behaviour, you risk being reprimanded or sent off the school trip, which might lead you to miss out on some exciting and intriguing activities.
Your instructor may go over the regulations before you go on the trip. You must also pay attention to the instructions that the employees at your destination, such as a museum tour guide, discuss with you.
Remember that you represent the whole school when you go on a school trip. Thus, it is essential to conduct yourself appropriately and develop a positive reputation for the school.
If you need clarification about the rules, you should be confident to ask questions about them. You want to avoid inadvertently breaching a regulation because you need to comprehend what is fully and is not allowed.

7. Maintain An Open Mind

As soon as you discover where you’ll be heading on your school trip, you may dismiss the experience as uninteresting since it’s associated with a concept you’ve studied in class.
It would help if you went on the trip with an open mind since getting to experience the lesson in the field is sometimes more engaging than merely reading a book or listening to a lecture on the subject matter. Be open to anything new that could come up while you’re on the field trip to get the most out of the opportunity.

8. Plan Your Outfit

You must choose attire that is suitable for the environment of your school trip if you want to have a pleasant experience. Be sure to read the information concerning the trip thoroughly and pay attention to any tips or guidelines about attire that your instructor may provide.
It may be necessary in certain situations for all students to wear shirts of the same colour. This makes it much simpler to identify each individual on the school trip. Because of the amount of walking often involved on school excursions, it is important to wear comfortable shoes.
On a school trip outside, you must ensure that you dress adequately for the weather. This necessitates using rain boots, an umbrella while it is raining, and a heavy coat or jacket when it is chilly outside. Wearing shorts and a t-shirt might help you stay cool when the temperature is high on a school trip.

9. Pay Close Attention

Before you ever set foot at the location of the school trip, your instructor has most likely already provided you with a background lecture on the topic at hand. It is vital to pay attention to the activities and presentations that take place during the field trip so that you can absorb the material.
The location often helps bring the lesson to life in a fun and fascinating manner, something it could not do in a classroom. It is always thrilling to be out of school, but you shouldn’t simply utilise the chance to speak with your pals all day. Use this time to get some work done!
Even when you are not physically present in a classroom, you are still expected to acquire new knowledge. If you have friends who are distracting you, it is a good idea to remind them that you want to pay attention while you are on the journey. This will help ensure that you stay caught up.

10. Make A Friend To Hang Out With

It is easy to get disoriented when travelling to a location you have yet to go to, such as on a school trip. You and your companion can watch out for each other if you work together. You will be aware of the situation if you are separated from your companion. If assistance is required, you can provide it to one another via this method.
Knowing you are responsible for another person might help you become more aware of the world around you. If you don’t have a close buddy who is also going on the trip with you, search for someone else in the same boat as you and travel together.


Everything boils down to the kind of holiday experience you want. Although every student has unique experiences, it is essential to remember that there is more to discover a new location than following what is described in a guidebook. When planning a vacation, it is important to look further than what is immediately apparent.
Throughout your school trip, you’ll stumble into some activities that are not only entertaining and original but also free, very inexpensive, or even one-of-a-kind. Find methods to engage with the local population and immerse yourself in their culture.
Discover, indulge, challenge, and expand your horizons. When travelling, engaging in such activities may provide you with a richer experience that you will remember fondly for many years to come.