17+ Amazing Things To Do In Pune With Friends & Family 2023

The city of Pune has been under the shadow of Mumbai for a long time, but Pune has built its own identity and is now considered as one of the best cities in India to live and explore. Pune is located at just 3 hours of distance from Mumbai but it seems like a whole new world given its own cultural heritage and the historical values.

The City has become very advance and it’s also an emerging IT hub in India as well as the educational center where a huge share of immigrants belong to the students and this might be a reason why Pune offers so many fun things to do and a pleasant urban lifestyle to explore. The city also features some of the historical buildings and a rich history which fascinated the tourists.
The bottom line is, Pune is known to be a major destination for holiday and you can easily spend a fair share of time there exploring new things and participating in the fun activities throughout the city. In this article, we are going to mention some of the best things to do in Pune which are too good to be missed in the city. So go ahead and look at the best things to do in Pune in the following article.

Things To Do In Pune With Friends

1. Trek To Sinhagad Fort

One of the best things to do in Pune with friends would be to go on a trek to Sinhagad fort. Trekking is a great activity that is fun and refreshing. Whether you are with a group of friends or accompanied by just one friend, it would be worth it to trek and explore the hills and nature.
Sinhagad is one of the oldest forts in Pune and it is located at a high altitude. Not only would you enjoy the trekking but also experience the fort as well. The bonus point is you get to click some cool pictures to flex on social media.

2. Spend the day at Della Adventure Park Lonavala

If you like to do more fun and adventure then the Della Adventure Park in Lonavala would be the best thing to do in Pune with friends. The park is a popular spot to get an adrenaline rush and try different rides that are fun and thrilling. There are a total of 80 activities to do in the Adventure Park including bike riding, racing, zipping, etc. So give this Park a visit with your friends and have a crazy experience.

3. Enjoy a Hot Air Balloon Safari

If your friends and you like to have more adventure on your trip to Pune then you would most certainly enjoy the air balloon safari. Although this is mostly chosen by romantic partners as an idea for a date, there is nothing wrong with taking your friend and experiencing a hot air balloon safari. It would be fun to see the city from the top. Overall, if you have never been on a hot air balloon safari then this is your chance to try it out, you are going to love it.

Things To Do In Pune With Family

1. Explore Old Pune

Pune is one of the oldest cities in the countries where the Maratha rulers have lived and ruled. So there are plenty of places to explore and get to know the history of Pune. It would be a great way to spend some quality time with your family as you go to the lanes of old Pune and know the historic value of the place. You would be surprised to know that it is as old as the 5th century.
It is not just about the history lesson, but you will also learn a lot about the culture, and there is some cool street art to admire as well.

2. Explore the Authentic Cuisine of Pune

One of the best things to do in any city or place is to try out the food. Food is something that divides and unites the cultures as you might come across the same dish that you are already familiar with but it would be served, cooked, or just made so differently in the other regions of the world.
So if you are in Pune with your family, make sure you go on a food tour and try out all the famous dishes of the city and region, it’s something you can’t miss.

3. Saree shopping in Laxmi Road

If you want to buy something for your mother, sister, or friend, then you should certainly go to Laxmi Road where you will get to know the local market. There are plenty of things to look for there, but the sarees are something that you should not miss. The best one would be the Poona Silk Sarees that are original and authentic so they will be a great gift to yourself or anyone who likes to wear a saree. You will also find the Paithani and Narayanpet sarees as well as the popular Banarasi sarees.

Best Things To Do In Pune

1. Shaniwar Wada

If you are an Indian you must be aware of the popular Bollywood film, Bajirao Mastani, and the history of Bajirao and the royals of that time. Well, what could be better than visiting the iconic place where it all happened? So the first thing that you need to do in Pune is to visit the Shaniwar Wada.
The Fort was built in 1732, it was the crown seat of the Maratha Empire. At present, the place is known as a historical site and one of the most famous landmarks of the city. Unfortunately, the fort was destroyed in 1828 by the Britishers, but its ruins are still preserved and well maintained which attracts a lot of visitors to the city.
There are many things to see in Shaniwar Wada including the famous gates and the places that were used by the royals, the fountain is also very beautiful to look at. The Palace is still worth our attention even after a part of it got ruined. So make sure you pay your visit here and know about the history and the culture of Pune and Marathas.
The visiting hours start from 9 AM and it’s open till 5.30 PM.

2. The Aga Khan Palace

The Palace was built by Sultan Aga Khan in 1892. The Palace is so majestic that it is not only a landmark to Pune but it’s popular in the entire country, and that makes it one of the popular places to visit in Pune.
The Palace was built to serve the poor who faced rough times after the floods and other unfair treatments. After that, the Palace was used by the Britishers and they have also kept Mahatama Gandhi under house arrest during the freedom struggle movements.
At present, the Palace has become a museum as well as a memorial for Gandhi. Here you would see the room where he lived and the books and the things used by him during the arrest. The place also features a beautiful garden and a store that sells Khadi cloth. There are also other things sold at a reasonable price.
The building is pretty great and majestic and it will be worth visiting the place and know its historical value.

3. Hadapsar Gliding Center

If you’re one of those people who always wanted to fly a plane then you are going to complete your dream in Pune! Here you will get to ride a two-seater plane that will give you once a lifetime experience, so it would be the best thing to do in Pune. The Hadapsar Gliding Center make sure of your safety and you won’t even hear the annoying sound of the engine, so it would be pretty calming as well as exciting.
You have to book in advance because these facilities are always occupied. And you can only do it on Sundays from 9 a.m to 6 p.m. It’s also very affordable as you will have to pay approx 200 Rs per session so anyone can live their dream of flying a plane without breaking their banks.

4. Try out the Tandoori Chai

You might have tried the Tandoori Chicken but did you know that there is a Tandoori Chai (tea) as well? The Tandoori Chai is one of Pune’s specialty and it’s a must-do a thing as well.
One of the best places to try out Pune’s Tandoori Chai is by the lanes of Kharadi right opposite the Zensar Building. The tea is made in the ‘kullhad’ which is a cup made of clay. The tandoori chai has a smokey flavor which makes it even better. It’s just cost around 20 Rs a cup and you can try it anytime.

5. Pataleshwar Cave Temple

Pataleshwar Cave Temple is one of the most popular as well as ancient landmarks in Pune that you need to visit. The temple was built around the 8th century and it’s standing strong which makes it one of kind and unique. Speaking of its architecture, the temple was carved out of single basalt rock and it’s dedicated to Lord Shiva.
The locals celebrate the Shiva Linga puja here and it is very sacred to the locals and the believers of Shiva. One of the other reason why this temple has become one of the most popular and most talked about is it holds a grain of rice which has 5000 letters inscribed on it. Due to this reason, the temple has also made a Guinness World Records. The grain of rice is safely kept in the temple’s museum and this makes a good enough reason to visit the place while you are in Pune.

6. Sinhagad Fort

One of the other forts that you would be visiting in Pune is the Sinhagad Fort which is also known as the lion fort. It’s not only popular for being an ancient fort, but people nowadays come to this place to trek and gaze at the spectacular view of the mountains and surroundings of the fort.
The Singhad Fort has been said to build over 2000 years ago which makes it one of the most ancient for in India. The fort has witnessed a number of battles and it was treated as the military base for the Marathas.
It will take about an hour and a half to hike to the top of the fort so it is advised that you should keep a water bottle and some food with you. You can also have a picnic here. You will also find the local street food at this fort and it’s going to be a well-spent time with your friends or with just with yourself for that matter.
This is located 36 km from Pune and you will have to pay some kind of parking fee as well. And its visiting hours start from 5 am to 6 pm.

7. Dagadusheth Halwai Ganesha Temple

Dagadusheth Halawi Ganesh Temple is also one of the best places to visit in Pune. The temple was built by a sweet maker known as Dagadusheth Halwai in 1893, who built it to overcome the loss of his son. The temple is said to very beautiful and you might just call it to need the best Ganesha Temple in Pune in terms of its architecture and beautiful design.
The idol of Ganesha is made up of 40 kilos of gold and every year there is a 10-day celebration for Ganesha to celebrate the Ganesha festival. You will be pleased to see this temple and you can also take part in many of its charitable activities.

8. Osho Garden

Osho Garden is said to be the most scenic garden in Pune and it’s also very famous for being a picturesque garden in Pune. People find positive vibes here and they also consider it as one of the most peaceful places in the city.
The garden has been designed according to the Japanese styles of layouts and it features lots of lush greenness, stone Bridges, wooden pathways, and a beautiful lake as well.
The Osho Ashram is also located near the garden which is a popular center for mediation and offers spiritual peace for the people. Overall it’s a must-see the garden and the entrance is also free so you can spend some quality time here without being bothered by all the urban activities and noises.

9. Lonavala

If you are visiting Pune during the monsoon season then you must visit Lonavala as it’s one of the most popular places among the locals as well as tourists. It’s located in the middle of Mumbai and Pune and people just go there to spend some quality time with their friends or family.
Although Lonavala is considered as a full-fledged destination where you would find many amazing places to visit and activities to do. If you are in Pune and have some time to kill we would suggest you take a road trip to Lonavala.

10. Seven Wonders theme park

Seven Wonders theme park is another popular destination that attracts the tourists and it is also counted as one of the best places to visit in Pune especially if you are going there with kids.
It’s pretty obvious from the name of the park that you would find here the replicas of the seven wonders of the world which looks pretty amazing. There is also a 4D theater where you can watch different 4D shows.

11. Try out some baked stuff at German Bakery

The German bakery is one of the most popular bakeries in Pune that you would find. And if you are looking for a place where you can kill your sugar craving then that should be it!
The bakery was founded in 1988 and it has been one of the best places to eat the sweet stuff in Pune since then. There is a variety of dishes available for you to try out.

12. Explore the Wildlife at Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park is the best place to visit if you want to see some wildlife and feel closer to nature.
The zoological park is divided into three parts, a zoo, a snake park, and an animal shelter. Here you can see some of the rare animals as well as some of the magnificent one’s that includes Asiatic lions, elephants, white tigers, sloth bear, barking deer, etc.
In the same park, there are 160 species of snake including some of the rare species. And the zoo also features 42 acres of the lake which looks beautiful and gives you another reason to visit the zoo park.

13. Karla Caves

One of the other ancient architecture in the city that you need to visit in Pune is Karla Caves. The origin of these caves dates backs to 160 BC and these caves are a symbol of Buddhism in India.
The caves are carved very beautifully and they are the sign of Buddhism in early Indian civilization and how they get spread over the years. The entry is free of cost which makes it even more ideal.

14. Go for Paragliding at Kamshet

If you are feeling a little adventurous then don’t worry, Pune won’t disappoint you as among the many other activities to do in the city, Paragliding is one of them. It’s going to be a truly thrilling experience snd if you aren’t afraid of height you should definitely go for it.

15. Go to Parvati Hills for a breathtaking view

The Parvati hills have become one of the best spots for a picnic and one of the best places to visit at the weekend to spend some quality time away from all the urban chaos. The presence of the lake and the fact that you can look at the whole city makes it one of the best place to visit in Pune.

Conclusion –

These are the best things to do in Pune that you should not miss out on. You will find many amusing things to do, visit as well as one of the best cuisines in India that you should definitely explore while you are in the city.
We just hope that you have found what you have been looking for and now you can have the best time in Pune with all the information about the things that you should be doing in the city. Thank you for visiting our page, we are glad to help you.