Top 30 Things To Do When Bored (Creative/Productive) 2023

We all feel bored in the holidays but that doesn’t mean we can just lie in the bed all day and waste our precious time. Some has said, boredom is a spinoff of procrastinating, and this the life-changing thing that I have heard.
Most people don’t realize they can eliminate the feeling of boredom by simply doing something creative, fun, or something that can make your time well spent.
In opinion, boredom is a choice. And it’s the worst feeling you can let strike you because it’s totally in your hand. There are a number of things which you start doing when you feel bored and this will also help you to keep yourself busy rather than just being in one place and doing nothing.
Here is a long list of things which you can do when you feel bored.

Creative & Productive Things To Do When Bored

1. Make a list of things that you need to do

If you want to be a little more productive then you can try to make a list of things you need to do in the entire day or even for the next week. This will keep you aware of what you need to and how much is left to do. And if you get lucky you will find something to do in the spare time when you are feeling bored. Like doing office or schoolwork.

2. Go on a walk

Going on a walk will help you to not feel bored and it will also help you to be around nature and get fresh air. You can take a walk in a park or just on the roof of your house. This will help you to keep your phone away from you and waste your time on meaningless insta scrolling!

3. Organize something

No house is perfectly organized and no matter how much you try to keep it organized, If you will take a good look you will find something that needs to be organized. This can include your wardrobe, your kitchen shelves, or even your work desk or study table. And if you don’t have enough time to tackle the huge things you can always try to do some small things like a drawer or the fridge.

4. Do your laundry

Now, this is the most suggested work to do when you are bored. We all have some laundry left and its the perfect time for doing your laundry. Grab the dirty clothes and clean them. It’s always nice to have fresh clothes in the wardrobe rather than dirty clothes lying here and there in your bedroom.

5. Experiment with your hair

Now if you are not in a mood to do something serious or heavy then it will be always fun to experiment with your hairs and coming up new styles for your next date or for work.

6. Play brain games

Now that’s a good exercise for your brain and it’s fun too. So you can always find good brain games to play and sharpen your brain a little bit. It can be about playing general knowledge games, chess, spelling games, or even any kind of puzzles. It’s definitely better than playing meaningless games online.

7. Try new things

Do you wanna make most of your spare time? Well, nothing can be better than trying out new skills and hobbies. You can try out painting, sketching, coloring, playing any music instruments (if you have any), dancing, and when gardening! It may or may not your biggest strength but at last, you will know about your skills.

8. Cook something

Cooking is one of the most amazing activities that you can try out when you are bored. You can search up the recipe of any dish you like and try to cook it or just something which you already know. It will keep you entertained and away from boredom feeling and most importantly you will have something good to eat!

9. Do yoga

Yoga is the best physical exercise you can do when you are at home and it down require much. You can easily search up yoga exercises and poses online and try them out. It will keep you refreshed and make your body feel good.

10. Take a bubble bath

Well, do we need to tell you why? You deserve a little self-pampering so take a bubble bath or you can read a book while doing so or just relax yourself for a bit.

11. Go for a spa

Since we are talking about pampering yourself, why not take a good spa when you have time. Of course, it needs to make an appointment first but still, you are in touch with the regular spa you can them up and ask if they are available. It’s for those people who have plenty of spare time for the day.

12. Volunteer for a good cause

You can turn your boredom time useful by volunteering for a good cause. You can go for serving good or washing dishes at shelter homes. You can visit places that can help you to use your time for the needy ones or just for having a fun time. You can easily search for places that are looking for volunteers.

13. Make phone calls

It’s the time when you can contact your close friends or family members. Just search your contact list and find someone who used to be close and someone who haven’t been in your touch for a long time. Face time your best friend too seems a great idea. Most importantly you can also check up on your parents or grandparents as well, they will be happy to hear from you.

14. Read a book

If you haven’t started a book yet then it’s time that you pick a book and calm yourself while reading. It will enhance your concentration and focus. A good book is all you need sometimes to have a good time. Being a Potterhead, my advice would be to go with Harry Potter!

15. Watch a good movie

If you are not a book person then you might wanna try browsing your movie wishlist and start a good movie that you wanted to watch for a long time. If you are confused about which movie to watch you can ask a friend or take recommendations from google.

16. Read newspaper

Reading newspapers is also important as you know what’s happening in the world so it would be nice to take a look at the newspaper leaving the gossip magazines for a while!

17. Gardening

If you have a garden in your house then you are among the lucky ones. You can explore gardening and take care of plants. And if you don’t have a full-fledged garden you can always set up a hanging garden or pot plants. You can grow herbs which will be useful in the kitchen or just your favorite flowers!

18. Start a blog

Everyone has something they are highly interested in, then why not share your knowledge with the world? Starting a blog is highly recommended. It won’t take much time but keep you occupied.

19. Start your journal or diary

Studies say when you write a journal or a diary it will make you feel less anxious about the next day and keep you aware of your goals. These things will also help you achieve your goal so whenever you get time you can start writing a journal for yourself.

20. Dance or listen to music

Maybe both? Well, you are already bored and doesn’t have anything interesting to do then why not put your favorite beats and dance on it. It will be fun and you will feel extremely good after your dance session.

21. Plan a trip

It can either be with your friends, family or just you. Anyways, life is too short to not have enough trips right. So take a look at your bank balance and plan a trip accordingly. It can be any place you want and any time you find suitable for yourself.

22. DIY

Doing some DIY activities is the best thing to kill the boredom. You can find anything you want, whether it’s turning around old jeans or making something good out of broken pieces. Just search up some DIY stuff and you will definitely find something good.

23. Online shopping

We are really giving you good ideas, right? We are sure there are a few things which you need to buy, be it clothes or some gadgets or even the groceries.  Got to an online store and see if you can find something good to buy!

24. Clean

That’s a broad area and you can easily find a few things which need to clean. You can start from your makeup brushes to your carpet. Cleaning always puts us in a good mood so you can definitely do some cleaning in your house.

25. Clean your phone

Just like everyone else, your phone will be filled with unwanted apps, files, or photos that you need. So it’s a good time to clean your phone and free up some spaces. You can also manage the space of your tablet and PC as well.

26. Manage your wardrobe

Do you think you wear all the clothes you own? We hardly think so. Then take a look at your wardrobe to organize it in a specific manner. You can distinguish your wardrobe in 2 or 3 sections which divides your regular clothes, party clothes, work clothes, etc. You can also donate some clothes which doesn’t fit you anymore.

27. See your subscription

Many times we don’t know what we have subscribed. It can be a monthly magazine, a video streaming platform, any classes which you don’t go anymore, or even the gym! It’s a good time to see if you have any unnecessary subscriptions.

28. Paint your nails

There is always a good time for painting your nails, right? So grab your favorite color and have fun with your nails.

29. Get a manicure and pedicure

It goes for both males and females, it’s good to feel hygienic and fresh right. So it’s a good time you can get a manicure and pedicure. And now thanks to online services you can do so in your home, without stepping out of your house.

30. Bake something

Baking is one of our favorite activities to do and the plus side is you will get some freshly baked goods to eat afterward. You can either bake cakes, breads, or cookies the choice is yours.


Alright, these are the fun activities and things you can do when you are bored. And trust me these things are much better than just lying around the house and wasting time on your phone and feeling tired without doing anything.