Unemployment In India Essay For Children And Students

Unemployment is one of the biggest issues in our country. A lot of people who are educated and still couldn’t find the job are struggling for their career and have a good life. Unemployment leads to a lot of problems too like crimes, suicide and a low development in the country.

In this article, we are gonna talk about the meaning of unemployment, it’s causes and some solutions.

unemployment in india essay
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Meaning of Employment-

Unemployment occurs when there are a huge number of people searching for a job and the job vacancies are fewer in comparison to the aspirants who are willing to work and are capable of that work too.

There are a number odd types of unemployment occur in india such as:-

Disguised Unemployment- it refers to a situation where more people are working than needed. It generally occurs in the unorganized sector as well as agriculture.

Seasonal Unemployment- as the name says, if the employment of a person depends on the season then it would be called as seasonal unemployment. It also occurs in the agriculture sector.

Structural Unemployment- it refers to when a mismatch between the jobs available and the skills of works available in the country. There are many jobs present which require highly educated/skilled workers and due to the poor education of the country, the unemployed workers couldn’t do the job.

Technological Unemployment- when loss of jobs occurs due to the change in technology. There are thousands of jobs are at a risk due to automation in the country.

Vulnerable Unemployment- it occurs when people are doing a job without a proper contract or any legal protection. Due to the lack of documents the person appears unemployed.

Causes of Unemployment

At large, the population of the country is considered as one of the biggest causes of unemployment. Apart from this poor education levels and low vocational skills of worker is also a major cause of unemployment in the country.

Legal complexities and inadequate state support are also considered as a hurdle for unemployment. Other than this, a large sector of workers is employed in the informal sector which also constitutes a huge number of unemployed workers in the country.

The regressive nature of society towards women and the exploitation of women working in the country can also be stated as the reason for unemployment.

Impact of unemployment

Unemployment leads to poverty where people can’t even afford to necessary things for their living. Poverty will leads to poor education which will be a hurdle in developing countries. Experts also link the unemployment to the increased rate of crime.

Some steps that needs to be taken in order to stop unemployment

The government needs to take necessary steps to tackle the problem. The government also needs to make investments in the educational sectors as well as some skilled programs. So that people get the required skills and education and become more skilled and able to find work.


If the problem of unemployment not tackled soon then India will never become a developed country.