Top 45 Weather Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers 2023

Welcome to the Weather Knowledge Test! This questionnaire is a great way to see how much you know about weather-related facts and events if you’re a weather enthusiast or just curious about the world. This set of weather trivia question and answers is both instructive and entertaining with a variety of questions covering everything from simple terms to intricate science ideas

Our everyday decisions are greatly impacted by the weather, from our clothing choices to our travel plans. You can gain new knowledge about the weather and deepen your grasp of how the atmosphere functions by completing this questionnaire.
So, if you’re prepared to try your understanding of the weather, let’s begin with these trivia questions and answers!

Weather Trivia questions and answers

Q. What is the name of the United Kingdom’s national weather service?
Ans. Met Office (The Meteorological Office)

Q. What is a Cumulonimbus?
Ans. A cloud

Q. Where is the safest place to be during a winter storm?
Ans. Inside

Q. In degrees Celsius, what was England’s lowest ever recorded temperature?
Ans. -26

Q. Weather is made up of temperature, precipitation, wind and what else?
Ans. Air pressure

Q. What was the first mobile tornado tracking device called?

Q. Many people believe extremes of weather are caused by what?
Ans. Climate change

Q. Trying to predict the weather is known as weather what?
Ans. Forecasting

Q. Which weather phenomenon is set off by giant thunderclouds called ‘supercells’?
Ans. Tornado

Q. When the Sun shines on water droplets in the air what is seen?
Ans. A rainbow

Q. Which two weather conditions are needed to form a rainbow?
Ans. Sun And Rain

Q. Which is the coldest country in the world?
Ans. Russia

Q. Which colour are clouds before a tornado?
Ans. Green

Q. What is the centre of a hurricane called?
Ans. The Eye

Q. What does the acronym WMO stand for? ​​
Ans. World Meteorological Organisation

Q. What is the name given to giant tropical storms?
Ans. Hurricane

Q. What does the Beaufort scale measure?
Ans. Wind speed

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The Weather Trivia Questions and Answers give you the opportunity to test your knowledge and learn new facts about events related to weather and the climate. Having a solid understanding of the weather can help us stay secure and make wise decisions because it affects so many aspects of our daily lives.

We have carefully curated this set of trivia questionnaire which covers a broad range of weather and climate-related topics, from simple science concepts to more complex terms. You can learn more about weather and gain a deeper appreciation for its power and magnificence by completing this quiz.

Ultimately, the Weather Trivia Questions and Answers provide a fun and educational way to test your knowledge of weather and learn more about our environment. This game is a great way to evaluate your knowledge and have fun while learning. We hope you enjoy yourselves!

Weather Trivia Questions

Learning about the various weather events that take place in our environment through weather trivia is entertaining. The most extreme temperature ever documented to the biggest hailstone ever recorded are just a few of the fascinating facts covered by weather tidbits. It provides details on various cloud kinds, weather trends, and natural catastrophes.

We can better comprehend how climate change is affecting our world by using weather trivia. For instance, did you know that, according to NASA, the Arctic sea ice is thinning at a pace of about 13.1% per decade? Or that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates that the atmospheric carbon dioxide content has grown by more than 40% since pre-industrial times?

Ultimately, weather knowledge broadens our understanding of the world around us with greater appreciation. So lets begin!

  • What is the name given to giant tropical storms?
  • What does the Beaufort scale measure?
  • What is a Cumulonimbus?
  • What is the coldest country in the world?
  • Which colour are clouds before a tornado?
  • What is the centre of a hurricane called?
  • What does the acronym WMO stand for?
  • What are the Sirocco and Tramontane?
  • Which actor played paleoclimatologist Jack Hall in the movie ‘The day after tomorrow’?

In conclusion, learning about the various weather trends and atmospheric events through weather trivia is an interesting and fun activity. Weather trivia includes a broad variety of intriguing facts that help in our understanding of the effects of climate change on our planet earth.

Weather trivia can help you gain a greater understanding of the environment. By becoming more knowledgeable about the weather, we can safeguard our neighbourhoods, better plan for extreme weather, and take steps to lessen our effect on the environment.

In order to increase your knowledge and comprehension of the world we live in, learning through weather trivia is a fantastic method to do so, whether you’re a student, teacher, or just someone who enjoys learning new things. So lets dive right in and I hope you have lots of fun!

Weather Trivia Quiz Questions Answers

The Weather Trivia Quiz is here! This quiz is intended to assess your familiarity and comprehension with terms, phenomena, and weather-related information. This quiz includes a wide variety of weather and climate-related subjects, from severe weather phenomena to the science behind climate change.

The weather has a significant impact on every aspect of our everyday existence, including what we dress and how we travel. It has the potential to be both stunning and perilous, uplifting and humble. This questionnaire will test and amuse you with its entertaining and educational questions, whether you’re a weather enthusiast, a student of atmospheric science, or just inquisitive about the world around you. So, if you’re eager to put your understanding of the weather to the test, let’s begin!

Q. Which is the safest place to be during a tornado?
Ans. In a ditch

Q. What will a direct lightning strike probably do to a person?
Ans Kill Them

Q. At the time that Goliad was hit was a devastating one in 1902, it was a common belief that electromagnetism caused what type of weather event?
Ans. Tornado

Q. According to the tall tale, what did Pecos Bill throw over a tornado that ended up in Texas?
Ans. Lasso

Q. Some researchers believe that increased oil and gas production in what large basin, named for a geologic time period, has caused a marked increase in Texas earthquakes?
Ans. Permian Basin

Q. On December 29, 2006, Texas experienced a rare winter outbreak of which weather event—recording 26 that day?
Ans. Tornado

Q. The Avalanche and Lightning are professional sports teams that play what sport in the United States? These teams play in a league considered the best in the world for its sport.
Ans. Hockey

Q. In 2011, what “B” Texas county was hit with the worst wildfire in the state’s history?
Ans. Bastrop County

Q. The rising of what in the Eastern sky marks the start of each day?
Ans. Sun

Q. When the weather is significantly different from the average it is known as
Ans. Extreme weather

Q. Which of the following is anticipated to be a consequence of global warming?
Ans. More severe weather

Q. Which two words best describe the climate in the tropical rainforest zone?
Ans. Hot and wet

the Weather Trivia Quiz is an enjoyable and useful method to check your understanding of weather-related facts and events.  This quiz includes a broad variety of subjects connected to weather and climate, from basic terms to intricate scientific ideas.

You can increase your knowledge of the atmosphere’s functioning and discover new weather-related information by completing this quiz. You might gain a better understanding of the beauty and strength of nature as a result.

This carefully put together fun questionnaire is a fantastic way to test your knowledge and have fun while learning, whether you’re a weather enthusiast, atmospheric science student, or just inquisitive about the world around you. Try it out and see how much you know about the weather!