Top 12 Best Wooden Model Kits 2023

The model kit industry is constantly growing as more and more people are becoming interested in building model kits. Building a model kit can be pretty therapeutic as you can spend on building something with just pieces and also get to know about how some things are made or work. There are various types of model kits available in the market and these are made for everyone and across all ages. You can also find variations in the material of model kits. While plastic is the most common material for model kits, you can also find wooden model kits too.
People who don’t like plastic or want to try something new and unique love wooden model kits. The wooden model kits are not that different from plastic model kits however you may need some time to get used to making the wooden model kit.
Whether you are an experienced level model kit builder or you just want to explore wooden model kits, this is a great activity to start with. There are plenty of wooden model kits available in the market, however, you may not be able to know which ones are the best. That is why you are here, and we are not going to disappoint you either.
Here, we have listed some of the top wooden model kits that you should be investing in and we have also reviewed them so you would know which one is perfect for you. Go ahead and have a look at the following list of top wooden model kits;

Best Wooden Model Kits

1. Revell 1:96 USS Constitution

Wooden Model Kit
Revell is one of the best brands that make top-selling model kits so it’s only obvious that they also make some of the best wooden kits too. This wooden model kit features the USS Constitution which is quite a big ship that has played a vital role in history. If you love history and want to build something that has a nice story then this one would be a perfect choice for you.
This wooden model kit has been loved by customers for its accurate detailing and realism which makes it appear pretty close to its original version. The wooden model kit comes with 1385 high-quality pieces that are nicely cut and feature a good shape as well too.
The small detailing on the whole ship is what makes it perfect. You will find angles, edges, spikes, and crevices that a real battleship would have. It also features a detailed captain’s cabin that has tables, bunks, and bulkheads. It can be rigged with or without the sails. You will also find detailed instructions in the kit.
Overall, this wooden model kit is made for experts and it will be quite challenging to build too. So if you are up for a challenge and hours of fun then this is the best option for you.

2. ROBOTIME 3D Assembly Wooden Puzzle Laser-Cut Locomotive

Best Wooden Model Kit
Robotime also makes some decent wooden model kits and among them, this puzzle laser-cut locomotive stands out the most. This wooden model kit feels like a 3D Puzzle to solve and it has also impressed us with its realism too. The model kit has been made out of high-quality materials as well as laser cut which makes this model so precise and offers a perfect fit.
The pieces of this model kit have been nicely sanded and refined. This is why the pieces interlock together and give a nice and smooth surface without leaving any gaps. So you don’t need any glue to assemble this wooden kit. Making this model kit is quite challenging as well as fun so you would have a good time.

3. Wooden City Wooden Mechanical Model Ferris Wheel

Top Wooden Model Kit
This is somewhat a unique wooden model kit to make as it features the wooden mechanical model Ferris wheel that makes a great decorative piece as well. This is a multifunctional wooden model that will also move and function as a Ferris wheel.
There are no plastic or metal pieces included in this kit which makes it quite an environment friendly and you will find it amusing to build as well. The pieces are cut precisely and these interlock with each other to provide a smooth surface and nice finish too.
The kit also features a few little boxes which can be used as jewelry boxes too. Assembling this wooden kit may be a daunting and challenging task but you will get a nice instruction manual that would make it seem a little easier to build.

4. Wood Trick WINDMILL Wind Mill Mechanical Model

Wooden Model Kit Best
The best thing about wooden model kits is that you can get a variety of things to make and this is why we have listed this wooden windmill Mechanical Model in our list. This one is beautiful to look at and easy to assemble which makes it a perfect choice for making a wooden model kit. It is also made up of natural plywood which makes it environmentally friendly.
The wooden model kit will be shaped as a lighted weight model that is still quite tough and sturdy so it will stay stable even after a while.
The best thing about this wooden model is that it is perfect for beginners as it is quite easy to put together. You will also get a nice instruction manual that features simplified instructions. It is also an ideal model kit for kids too.

5. Bee Line Industries S.T.E.A.M. Line 3-D Wooden Puzzle

Trains are fun and everyone likes trains as well, this is why for the next top wooden model kit we have selected the STEAM Line 3D wooden puzzle. This one too will impress anyone that loves trains or puzzles or both! This model kit is fully functional and its engine produces enough power to run up to 13 feet.
The exterior of the train is highly detailed and the intricately detailed mechanism makes it possible for this train to run. The engine draws its power from real solar power.
Overall, we have loved this wooden model for its realism inside out and you will also find it quite fun to assemble it or play with it. You can also buy it as a gift for your little one and play with them after assembling the model.

6. ROBOTIME 3D Solar Car Wooden Puzzle Kit

Wooden Model Best Kits
Model kits are not for entertainment or hobby, these can be educational too, this is why this ROBOTIME 3D Solar Car Wooden Puzzle Kit is our next choice for this list.
The model kit is pretty educational and insightful on how a complex mechanism is assembled and how it can be powered by solar energy and it can run as well.
This model too features some highly intricate detailed mechanism that needs to be put together accurately so it can become fully functional. The assembly process is dynamic and challenging that will keep anyone engaged during the whole journey of the kit. It has a real solar panel which makes enough energy for it to function and run around.

7. UGEARS Vintage Car Model Kit

Wooden Best Model Kits
We have another wooden car model and this one is from UGEARS. This cat model will interest those who either love cars or want to make something pretty and simple. The model will look pretty sophisticated when it’s done. The model is made up of laser-cut plywood pieces which make its surface so smooth. You don’t need any glue as the pieces will nicely interlock with each other.
This model also features minute details about the car which male it seems like a living object. The car model is also movable with a spring mechanism. It is also pretty durable and won’t need replacement of parts after a while like other models. Overall, it is a pretty interesting wooden model to have and it will be a great display piece too.

8. ROKR Wooden LED Illuminated Globe Lamp

Model Wooden Kits
This wooden model kit has also managed to impress us as well as model kit fans. This one, as its name suggests, features a globe. But the catch is this globe has LED lights that will light up the globe and it will look pretty cool as well.
This model kit isn’t just a pretty one but can also be useful too. You can use it as your desk lamp or night light. The model is quite easy to make and looks pretty cool as well. It features a smooth rotation using geared knobs. It also shows up a magnifying glass that will help people to look at the intricate details on the globe.

9. Wood Trick Big Rig Toy Truck

Wooden Model Kit
This toy truck from Wood Tricks has also bagged a spot on our top-rated wooden model kits. This one looks pretty good and cute while featuring some of the best insights on how an automobile works. This model kit is also educational and it will engage anyone with its interesting mechanism. It will most certainly teach you the basic mechanism of an automobile and what an inside of a truck looks like.
This model kit does have a complex structure that would take about a couple of hours to complete. The model kit is suggested for 14-year-olds and above due to the small pieces and complex assembly and mechanism of the model kit.
This one too is movable and it works on a rubber band motor. While the rubber band motor isn’t as effective as the spring load mechanism, it is good enough to make the toy truck move. This model is quite affordable so it is ideal for beginners too.

10. ROKR Marble Run Night City

If you are up for a challenge and want something complicated to build then this ROKR Marble Run Night City should be your best choice. This model kit isn’t made up of just wood but also features materials like metal, and acrylic which makes it quite durable and visually pleasant.
It can be used as a decorative piece as it looks pretty awesome on any desk or table. It can hold up to 10 marbles. This model is multifunctional and also features several different paths as well. If you want to try out something unique then this one should be your best choice.

11. Wood Trick Lyra da Vinci Hurdy Gurdy Kit

Wooden Model Kit
If you are interested in making an instrumental wooden kit then Wood Trick Lyra da Vinci Hurdy Gurdy Kit should be your top choice. This one is made from durable plywood sheets that will ensure its sturdiness and stability for a long time. This will shape up as a fully functional musical instrument. However, you can’t expect great acoustics yet it provides decent sound.
This one too is a pretty educational wooden kit that comes with great visibility as well as all the tools and accessories such as keys and strings. There are various moving parts available. This one too doesn’t need any tools or glue for assembly.

12. Robotime Miniature Green House

Top Best Wooden Model Kit
This greenhouse miniature model is also a top wooden model kit to invest in. This one looks very beautiful and it will make a decent decorative piece too.
This model kit comes with plenty of accessories and miniature decor options so you can customize it and use your creativity. You will find everything in the kit to build this model except the LED lights and batteries. Overall, this is a perfect wooden model kit, to begin with, so it will be perfect for amateurs too.


So these are some of the best-rated wooden model kits that you will find. We have listed down a wide range of wooden model kits that you would love to build. You can easily pick your favorite model kit that features your favorite vehicle, aircraft, or just an engine. The prices too vary from one kit to another which means you can find the wooden model kit under your budget range.
That would be all for now and we hope you found this article helpful and found some wooden model kits to buy.