10 Best Acoustic & Electric Guitar Stands 2023

Guitars are one of the popular musical instruments that are found commonly. It’s surely is something everyone wanna learn. When you buy a guitar you put a lot of effort and money into it and that’s why it’s more important that you take good care of a guitar. And when it comes to taking care of a guitar the guitar stand is something that comes first in our minds.
Choosing a guitar stand isn’t as easy as it would sound because there are a lot of things that you will need to consider. And do you know that there are various types of guitar stands as well? The first step in choosing the best guitar stand is, knowing which type of guitar stand will be good for your guitar!
Here are some of the common types of guitar stand that you should know about.
  • A-Frame Stands – This one is the most popular as well as the safest guitar stand that you can invest in. As its name suggests, the stand is in the shape of letter A. Here the two legs are gripped and features rubber tubing which makes it safer for your guitar. This also supports neck support which makes it more ideal. The bottom line is it provides more safety for the guitar.
  • Wall Hanging Stand – Wall hanging stand is one of the cheapest options for those who don’t wanna empty their pockets. It’s also space-efficient so people who have not much space in the room would prefer them. Other than this, the wall hanging stand also looks pretty good due to their decorative looks. Although you might wanna consider the weight it can support and invest in the best quality screws as well.
  • Multi Guitar Stands – Multi Guitar Stands can hold multiple guitars saving lots of space on the floor. These are similar to tubular stand and you will be useful if you are more than one guitar.
  • Tubular Guitar Stands – This one is great for beginners and it’s also a pocket-friendly option. It features three legs and that’s why called a tripod stand. It needs to be assembled and they are not something you can call a portable guitar stand. One thing that makes them a good choice is their high weight capacity which can hold heavier instruments. But they also take large space on the floor as well.
  • Guitar Racks – As you can guess by the name of the guitar, these suggest a kind of rack that can hold multiple guitars.
So these are the common types of a guitar stand that you wanna invest in. Now that you know which guitar stand type you want you will be able to choose the best for yourself.
We have gone through many guitar stands and found you the top guitar stands which can take home for your guitar. So take a look at the list and find the best one for yourself.

Best Guitar Stands

1. Zither Wooden Guitar Stand

Best Guitar Stands
We know how important your guitar would be for you and if you have out so so much money in your premium guitar, you hardly want to compromise with the quality of the guitar stand. And that’s why we have picked one of the premium brands to start our best guitar stand list.
This U.S based brand has impressed many or the guitar holders with its premium quality and good looks. The stand is handcrafted and made from high-quality wood. It’s simple looking and it makes sure that it looks great in your room. It’s highly stable and can easily handle your guitar in a convenient manner. The best part is it features the padded strip and yoke which ensure high-end safety for your premium guitar.
The bottom line is it’s highly decorative as well as keeps your guitar in a safe place. Even though its slightly expensive but it totally worth the money.

2. Fender Mini Acoustic Guitar Stand

Best Acoustic Guitar Stands
Our next choice for the best guitar stand is Fender, as its name suggests its a compact guitar stand that you will find in the market. This stand is for those who want to take the guitar stand with themselves. It can be easily folded and unfolded whenever and wherever you want. And you can also take fit in a small gig bag.
This guitar stand is also compatible with almost all the averaged sized guitars, so that’s a plus point. It is also right for the hollow body guitars, solid bass guitar as well as electric guitars. Even though it appears compact and small it’s surprisingly sturdy and you can rely on this even with your heavy guitars. Lastly, it comes at a very affordable price so you can consider it if you are looking for a guitar stand within a specific budget.

3. D&A Guitar Gear Hydra Triple Guitar Stand

Best Electric Guitar Stands
If you are looking for a guitar stand that can hold multiple guitars (that is three guitars) then this one should be your first choice. As its name suggests it can hold three guitars and are a good option for those who have multiple guitars and don’t wanna deal with a guitar rack.
It features six legs which ensure high stability, so it won’t tip over when you remove one of two guitars from the stand. It comes with soft polymer coating which protects the guitar finishing. It’s highly stylish and can be folded down to half of its size which reduces the storage space. Overall this might the best option for a multiple guitar stand.

4. On-Stage GS7465 Pro A-Frame Guitar stand

Guitar Stands
We have talked about the A-Frame guitar stand and how these are one of the most safe option for your guitars. On-Stage is definitely one of the best options to consider if you are looking to buy an A-frame guitar stand. It is made up of heavy-duty tubing and velveteen rubber which provides smooth contact points to ensure that there won’t be any harm to the finishing of your guitar.
The height can be easily adjusted so it is compatible with most of the guitars. And it’s compatible with acoustic-electric guitars as well. The guitar stand is also portable and you can easily take it with you when you are traveling. The stand is finished with a black powder coating which makes it durable. It’s stylish too and it definitely gives you the value for your money!

5. Hercules GS415B A/G Guitar Stand

Best Guitar Stand
Hercules is one of the best brands for guitar stands and its definitely worth the hype it’s getting. What makes it different from other guitar stands is its Auto Grip System which ensures that guitars are locked in place. This is a tripod or tubular style guitar stand. And the legs are covered in special foam to protect the guitar.
It is made up of heavy duty material which makes sure the stand is sturdy enough to handle the weight of the guitar. It might be a bit pricey but given its high quality and AGS love system, it’s totally worth it.

6. Hercules GS523B Three instrument Guitar Rack

Guitar Stands Best
As we have said earlier Hercules is one of the popular brands so you can’t blame us for mentioning more than one stand from the brand. The company is popular for making amazing stands for many instruments of different shapes and sizes.
As you can guess it a guitar rack meaning it can be used for more than one guitar (up to three). This one is also light in weight which makes it easy to move here and there. You can also fold it to save up space as well. Overall it’s one of the best choices for studios and guitarists who have more than one guitar.

7. Ultimate Support GS-100 Guitar Stand

Best Stands For Guitar
Ultimate Support has also made it to our top guitar stand list thanks to its easy to use and convenience. This one doesn’t need any assembling as it comes in one piece. It also makes a great choice for long basses as well. It features good height so it’s compatible with almost every averaged fight guitar. Furthermore, the guitar stand also comes with a cushioned padding which ensures the safety of the premium finishing. The presence of additional strap makes it even more secure.
It features the patented one leg lock system so you can be assured of its stability as well. It also looks stylish and there are many reasons you would wanna take it home for your guitar so don’t forget to have a look at this one.

8. String Swing CC01K-C Guitar Wall Mount

Electric Guitar Stands
We have finally found a wall hanging guitar stand for you which meets our requirements for the best guitar stand. Here this one is made up of high-quality wood. It can be easily mounted on the wall and it will save up the spaces and its ideal for those who finest not have enough space on the floor.
The soft padding prevents any scratches on the guitar. It’s also pretty affordable and can be easily installed (make sure you use the good quality of screws). If the portability isn’t the issue then it should be your first choice.

9. Musician’s Gear Triple Guitar Stand

Best Triple Guitar Stands
We are yet again with a triple guitar stand which is ideal for musicians. It is made up of high-quality material and features good neoprene tubing for more protection. The height of the guitar stand is adjustable. It’s also an affordable option.

10. ChromaCast CC-MININGS Universal Folding Guitar Stand

Best Guitar Stands
Last but not the least, this A-Frame designed guitar stand is also something you would want to have for your guitar. It is suitable for all kinds of guitars and you would like its lightweight which makes it highly portable. Overall this guitar stand definitely worth a look (and you might find it ideal as well).
So these are the best guitar stands that we have found for you.
Here we are sharing a buying guide for guitar stand, you will know what to look for in a guitar stand and how to choose the best guitar stand among the others.

Buying guide for a guitar stand:

Consider the following factors before choosing the best guitar stand to buy.
  • Material – The material of a guitar stand is one of the most important criteria to consider before buying the guitar stand. Generally, the guitar stand is made up of three types of material that is, metal, wood, and plastic. Metal and wood are pretty common as well as considered as safe while plastic may be cheap but they lack sturdiness and are less durable. The metal stand may ruin the finish of the guitar so you have to look at that factor too. Wood stands are the most preferred as well as a recommended stand. They are sturdy, won’t compromise the finish quality of the guitar, and looks good.
  • Padding – Padding in a guitar stand will ensure the safety and protect the finishing of the premium and expensive guitar. So if your guitar is also extensive as well as features premium finishing then you might wanna consider a stand that features padding.
  • Weight capacity – The weight capacity of the guitar stand is also very important as you don’t wanna buy a guitar stand which is not able to hold the weight of the guitar. So make sure to check the weight capacity before you pick up the guitar for yourself.
  • Size – Size also matters so make sure the guitar stand is compatible with the height of your guitar as well.
  • Price – Make sure you fix a budget and then look for the best guitar stand within that price range so you don’t overspend. Also, make sure that the price is worth the guitar stand.


So these are the features that you wanna take a good look at so that you don’t end up with a wrong guitar stand.

Here we have come to an end and we hope you enjoyed the article and found it helpful. So thank you for visiting our page and keep coming for more such reviews.