7 Amazing Budget Speaker Stands 2023

Speaker stands might be the most underrated thing, people assume that they don’t need a speaker stand, as it can be easily placed on any flat surface. But the thing is if you have invested in a high-quality speaker, it’s recommended that you spend a few more bucks on a speaker stand as well. It’s true that the primary function of a speaker stand is to hold a speaker at a certain height or place but it’s also true that having a speaker stand can enhance the audio experience from your AV system. When you use a speaker stand, it will not only lift the speaker but it will also keep away it from the wall which will lead to less sound distortion which will eventually lead to a better listening experience.
So, it’s important that you invest in a good speaker stand and give it some thought before buying one. There are many choices present in the market right now from which you can choose the best one for yourself. But these many choices can be overwhelming and especially when you don’t know which one is right and which is not. And that’s where you need our help. And we have tried our best to help you out with our article where we have listed the best speaker stands that you can find for yourself.
We have also listed some more advantages of a speaker stand as well as a buying guide where we have listed what features to consider while choosing the best speaker stand for yourself. But before that, you might wanna see our list of the best speaker stands that we have brought you.

Best Speaker Stands

1. Vivo Stand SP-02B

Best Speaker Stands
Vivo has earned the reputation of one of the best brands when it comes to the stands for several electronics, and it has become one of the popular as well as the trustable brand. So when we started our hunt for the best speaker stand, our first choice was this brand, and luckily we weren’t disappointed.
This speaker stand was made to enhance the quality of sound from your speaker. This one is made for the bookshelf speakers as it can carry up to 22lbs. It is made up of aluminum and tempered glass, due to this it looks pretty great and gives a premium feel as well. The aluminum construction made is lightweight as well as sturdy.
It also features removable spikes, you can keep them on if you are placing the speaker stand on a rug or carpet and remove them when you want to place it on the floor. It also features a cable management option so you can easily hide this messy cables that might ruin the look of the interior.
It features a 23-inch height and the stand is pretty easy to assemble as well. Overall this one might be a perfect speaker stand if you have bookshelf speakers.
Key features:
  • Made up of premium aluminum which provides higher stability and strength
  • It provides great performance and you can rely on this one  for a quality performance
  • It also looks great with any contemporary interior

2. SANUS BF31-B1 Speaker Stands

Best Budget Speaker Stands
If anyone can give a tough competition to Vivo stands then it has to be SANUS. This is another leading brand that has become people’s favorite in recent years. The stand basically provides stability as well as features good performance.
The stand is made up of MDF which isn’t wood but gives you the feel of it. It looks pretty great and gives a rustic feel to your interior. The construction of the speaker stand is strong enough to handle 20lbs of weight. The material might be fragile but you want to face any issues if you use a regular screwdriver while assembling the stand. The top plates of the speaker feature a neoprene pad which is responsible for its nonslip surface as well as reduced vibration of speakers. The height of the speaker stand is about 31 inches which will be efficient to provide a high-quality sound at your ear level.
Key Features:
  • It also features removable spikes for better stability
  • It also comes at a decent price so you would definitely find stability.
  • It’s pretty easy to set up as well.

3. Bose UFS-20 Series II Universal Floor Stands

Best Speaker Stand
Bose is one of the best brands that you will find in the market and it is considered as one of the premium brands as well. So if you actually want the best speaker stand then you might wanna consider this one. Millions of customers have shown their trust and satisfaction for the brand and that’s why it has made a mark on our best speaker stand list!
Although you will fall in love with is cutting edge unique design as they are popularly known for their innovation in terms of design as well as performance. It is made up of a metal body which ensures its durability. It features a height of 38 inches which ideal for most of the people. This one also has a hidden wire channel as well.
Key Features:
  • Goes really well with the Bose speakers
  • Sturdy and sleek design which will enhance your interior or entertainment unit
  • Delivers a great listening performance

4. Mount-It MI-58B Speaker Stands

Speaker Stands
Mount-It is another reputed brand when it comes to electronic brands. This one too is made to ensure the safety of your speakers as well as deliver a great listening performance for the users. Its heavy-duty construction is sturdy enough to handle 22lbs of weight. And it’s black silky finish will also grab everyone’s attention.
The stands come with both spikes as well as pads so you can easily place them on the floor as well as on the carpet.
Key Features:
  • Compatible with most of the speakers
  • Looks good with its tempered glass construction
  • Wire management is present as well

5. Sanus VuePoint HTBS Speaker Stand

Speaker Stand
We are yet again present with another Sanus speaker stand. This one has it all, from style to performance and most importantly this quality speaker stand comes at a very reasonable price which makes it an ideal choice among its competitors.
The stands are made up of heavy-duty offset steel which is made to handle the 11lbs of weight. It features an adjustable height up to 38 inches.
Key Features:
  • Removable spikes are present
  • Ideal for the bookshelf and lightweight speakers
  • Easy to install and features adjustable height as well

6. Kanto SP26-PAIR Speaker Stands

Top Speaker Stands
Kanto is a Canada based brand that is listed as one of the premium brands. Although you won’t get it at a cheap price but given its functionality it’s totally worth it. The minimalistic design is what makes it so special. And it is able to deliver great functionality and quality audio.
The stand is ideal for speakers up to the 30lbs of weight. The feet of the speakers are foam-lined and anti-skid metal which ensures that there are no scratches on your wooden or tiled floor.
Key Features:
  • Compatible with most of the premium brand speakers
  • Delivers a great audio performance (subtle notes and louder bass)

7. VideoSecu MS07B Speaker Stands

Best Budget Speaker Stands
VideoSecu is our next choice for the best speaker stand. We have picked up this for its great features and its budget-friendly price. This one features many adjustable options which makes it an ideal choice for most of us.
The stands are made up of steel and feature a premium black finish. These are capable of lifting the weight up to 30lbs.
Key Features:
  • Adjustable height (26 to 47 inches) and width (5.5 to 11 inches)
  • It’s heavier which is responsible for higher stability
  • Good features at an inexpensive price
So these are the best speaker stands that we think would be a perfect match for you. If you are still not convinced to buy a speaker stand here are some of the advantages of a speaker stand that might convince you to buy a speaker stand.

Advantages of a speaker stand:-

  • A speaker stand will secure your speakers in an appropriate position which would deliver the best audio quality by reducing the floor vibration as well
  • It will be easier for you to move the speaker
  • They look pretty good and enhance your home decor as well.
These are some of the advantages that you will get with a speaker stand.
Now we would like to share a buying guide so that you can easily choose the best speaker to stand among others. In this buying guide, we have listed some features that you can look for in a speaker stand.

Features to consider while buying the speaker stand:

  • 1. Weight capacity of the speaker stand – Weight capacity is one of the crucial features that you need to consider in a speaker’s stand. You should know that it’s highly important to look at the weight capacity before buying the speaker stand because if you end up buying a speaker stand with lesser weight capacity you might put your speaker in jeopardy. So make sure you take a look at the weight of the speaker as well and then hunt for the speaker stand. You should always buy a speaker stand that features higher weight capacity (can handle more weight than your speaker’s weight).
  • 2. Height of the Speaker Stand – The height of the speaker stand is another crucial element that you need to look at. Experts say that a speaker delivers good sound quality if the speaker is placed at the ear level. Although there are some speakers available in the market which are height adjustable.
  • 3. The base of the speaker stand – The base of the speaker stand is also an important feature, as you can guess, these will bear the weight and provide stability. So always look for a wider and strong base. Apart from that give preferences to rubber feet (for the floor) or pointed feet for the carpet.
  • 4. Cable Management – Cables can be messy and no one wants to deal with them, and that’s why everyone looks for some of the devices that comes with a cable management feature. Luckily many speakers stand come with cable management so you won’t have to look too hard for it but make sure it is able to manage the cables as well.
  • 5. Material – The speaker stand should be made up of a strong and sturdy material otherwise it may become a threat to your speaker. You will find two common material for the speaker stand. One is wood and the other is steel. The wood stands are quite expensive but they give the best quality and are durable. Although there are some stands that are made up of cheap wood material that would not be the best choice. Apart from this, you will find a wide range of speaker stands made up of steel. Some steel stand to feature a wooden base for providing better stability.
  • 6. Design – Well if you are thinking about investing in a speaker stand, why not invest in a good looking speaker stand. And thankfully there are different designs available in the market so you can easily find one for yourself.
  • 7. Size – There is a wide range of size of speaker stand available in the market. So pick the one that meets your requirements. So you can easily find the one that fits in your room.

So these are the features that you need to look in a speaker stand. Apart from this, you can also consider the brand or the price of the speaker stand, so you can find the perfect one within your budget or from the specific brand you trust the most.


Here we have come to an end for our article, the best speaker stands, and we hope you found it helpful. We have selected these speaker stands, considering their features as well as reviews from the buyers. We hope you also found your next speaker stand from the list. Thank you for visiting us and keep coming for more such articles.