Top 10 Best Programming Fonts Of 2023

Programming isn’t an easy job. Not only do you have to be smart and productive but also sit for hours writing codes and come up with new ideas. There is hardly anyone who would say programming is easy. One of the biggest challenges of programming is that you will have to sit for long hours and stare at your screen while writing the codes. This can cause eye fatigue, especially if you are using regular fonts. This is why a lot of programmers do spend their quality time setting up the perfect environment for programming. It will include choosing the best programming monitors, keyboards, and even the programming fonts.

Yes, we are stressing about the programming fonts today as you will have to find one that can be ideal for programming and doesn’t cause eye fatigue from sitting in front of the monitor for endless hours. So it’s pretty clear that having the right font can make a huge difference. Not only should the font be the ideal size but also should look neat and beautiful or you might struggle while coding.

Well, there are plenty of fonts available for programming, some are paid while others are free to use. But you would only like a few of them to your taste. It might take you several hours or even longer than that find a suitable programming font.

This is why we have decided to step up and help you out. In this article, we are going to review the 10 best programming fonts that you can find. So go ahead and look at the following top 10 programming fonts and select your favorite one.

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1. MonoLisa

MonoLisa is one of the best programming fonts that you can find and it is also one of the most popular ones too. This one features some unique techniques that will increase legibility. Apart from being a great programming font, it is also visually pleasing to look at, so you won’t be bored or get tired of looking at the code for hours.

This font was specially made for programmers and it has been said that it does increase programmer’s productivity and reduce fatigue. This is a clear font that makes it one of the most desirable among programmers. You will find all the glyphs are of the same width for readability, even with this uniformity, you won’t find this font boring at all. It also comes with feature-setting boasting, increased character width, clear distinction, and excellent reading flow.

Lastly, this programming font isn’t free and does come with a price. Yes, it might be a little bit pricey, but it is worth it.

2. JetBrains Mono

JetBrains Mono is another one of the best programming fonts that you can find. This one too is quite popular these days among the programmers and it is worth the hype as well. It comes with code-specific ligatures. The font is simple yet pretty enough to make us adore it. Although, it does make the best choice for programmers so that they can watch it for hours without getting all tired.

The best part? It is free. Yes, you don’t have to pay anything to use this amazing programming font. So even the learners and students, or beginners can also use this programming font. So go ahead and try this one out, you might like it and if you don’t, what are you going to lose anyway, right?

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3. Fira Code

Fira Code might be the most talked-about programming font these days, and this one is too worth the hype as well. If you ask any programmers about the best programming fonts, they might say this is one of the best programming fonts to use and they won’t be lying!

This font is developed by Mozilla and it is well made and worth using. Programmers appreciate the inclusion of coding ligatures. This will also make the symbols and other special characters look even better along with the normal letters and numbers. You will get the ability to scan through your code accompanied by ligatures for arrow functions, equality, and more.

Overall, it looks good and does a great job of reducing fatigue. So you must try this topmost programming font out of all.

4. Input

Input is also a popular programming font that you might be already aware of. There are so many reasons why programmers fall in love with this font and you would certainly agree with all.

This font is distinguished by high levels of customization that start from widths, alternatives letterforms, line heights, and so on. It offers a highly readable option even if it is in the default stage. So when it comes to reading comfort, there are hardly any fonts that can match its level. It is also easy to spot typos and you would be able to redefine differentiation among styles and code.

5. Source Code Pro

Source Code Pro is another one of the best programming fonts that you would happily use. This one comes with design features and proportions of Source Sans. Although, it does twist the glyph width to maintain through the weights and glyphs.

This font has been specially designed for coding environments. It is easy to read as it has consistent width to prevent the breaking of words. There are bigger punctuation marks and percentile programming symbols which will make your programming experience pleasant.

6. Hack

Hack has also made a place for itself on our list of best programming fonts and you would agree with us once you have tried it out. The programming font is equipped with bold, italic, and regular sets, this will fulfill all your syntax highlighting requirements. There are more than 1500 glyphs that include modern Greek, extended Latin, and Cyrillic character sets. There will be no patching necessary either. It’s free and easy to use, just install it and start using it.

7. Ubuntu Mono

With a smooth and appealing aesthetic, the Ubuntu Mono has also made a place on our list of best programming fonts. With this font, you will easily get familiar with the words and characters even in the beginning. There are around 250 languages and 1200 glyphs included. The fonts have subpixel rendering and legibility.

8. Menlo

Menlo is also an amazing font for programming to try out. It is the latest and default font for macOS Xcode and the terminal is inherited from DejaVu Sans Mono. The characters are easy to read and have a uniform width throughout the weights to prevent them from breaking. This one would be ideal if you have to sit for hours and stare at the screen.

9. Anonymous Pro

Anonymous Pro is another one of the best fonts for programming that you would like to use. This one is also designed for coding and programming. There are four fixed-width font designs that come with different shapes to easily distinguish the context of the source code. It supports European, Greek, Western, and Cyrillic languages.

10. Inconsolata-g

If you are looking for the best fonts for programming where the nonspace codes are involved then this one might be your best option. This one is influenced and inspired by many sources. It is quite simple to use, but it lacks ligatures. Overall, you can certainly try this one out.


So these are some of the best programming fonts that you can use while programming or coding. These are some of the best programming fonts according to most of the programmers across the globe. We have listed both the free and paid fonts so you can easily find the ideal one for yourself. Not only these fonts are the best programming but they look good as well.

Our job here is done as we have brought you the top 10 programming fonts. Now it’s up to you to choose the perfect one among these. We hope our article was helpful for you so go ahead and start working with these programming fonts.