How To Be A Good Kisser For Your First Time 2023

Kissing is vital in love and sex, as it is often one of the first physical contacts with a new partner. It’s also the reason why a terrible kiss might put an end to things before they ever get off the ground. The impact of a beautiful kiss might very literally seem like being under the influence of a narcotic.
This is because a dopamine neurotransmitter is produced when you kiss someone, making you want more. This is why it feels so good when you kiss someone. It’s connected to feelings of love and safety and makes people feel less anxious.
What makes a kiss enjoyable for one person could not be the same thing that makes it enjoyable for another. On the other hand, there are a few little tweaks that you can do to take your kissing to the next level and make your make-out sessions more passionate. The following are 21 suggestions verified by experts on How To Be A Good Kisser For Your First.

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How To Be A Good Kisser For Your First Time

1. First Check Yourself

Before you go out the door to meet your date, giving yourself a quick once-over in the mirror is a good idea. Check to see that nothing is remaining in the space between your teeth.
In addition, be sure that you don’t spoil a first kiss that may have been fantastic by having unpleasant breath or chapped lips. Have a tube of Chap Stick on hand, carry a tin of mints or gum with you at all times, or prepare yourself in advance by drinking a glass of lemonade.

2. Prepare In Advance

The most extraordinary moment to kiss a mate is after you’ve spent significant time together. This may be on a date or when watching a movie at home together. That will give you sufficient time to get to know one other better.
It would help if you found a means to spend some time alone without anybody else. This is of the utmost importance to be a good kisser for your first. Make preparations in advance so that you and your date may spend quality time apart after the date.

3. Raise Romantic Interest

Before you initiate a kiss with your date, you should ensure that they are interested in kissing you back, or at the very least, you should be sure that they will kiss you back. Attempt to sit near your date. It is a fantastic opportunity to transmit your sexual energy to the other person and to be a good kisser for your first.
In addition, and most significantly, you should talk in a low and soft voice. Speaking softly is a natural turn-on. You might speak about how lovely it is to spend time with this individual, or you could talk about how much fun the day was overall.

4. Speak Up!

Communication is of the utmost importance when figuring out how to kiss. In particular, when it comes to ensuring that everyone participating is comfortable with what is taking on. It is also a good idea to discuss with your mate what you enjoyed and didn’t like about the experience and if you would want them to do more or less of a particular item.
This might be incredibly difficult, but it’s crucial, particularly if you intend on doing more than just kissing with the person you’re interested in. If you and your partner ensure you are both on the same page, your relationship will be stronger from the beginning.

5. Stay Focused, And Don’t Get Distracted

First kisses are especially vulnerable to being ruined by interruptions. You wouldn’t believe the number of first kisses lost due to distractions such as a ringing mobile phone at the wrong moment.
Isolate yourself in the experience, and make sure that your date isn’t thinking about anything except this wonderful time they share with you. If it happens, you can be the best first kisser for her.

6. Proceed Slowly At First

It is usually ideal for taking your time while kissing someone for the first time, especially if it is for the first time. Your bodies do not yet know one other, and it is possible that discovering new things is a lot of enjoyment.
When you do things slowly, you allow the other person time to respond, both when they don’t like something and when they do like something.

7. Close Your Eyes

We are still determining exactly when the eyes-open trend first emerged, but we are confident that it has long since outlived its usefulness and should be abandoned.
If you want to increase the chemistry between you and the person you’re kissing, close your eyes when your lips touch. This will enable you to concentrate on the feelings you’re experiencing and will bring out the best in the other person.

8. Be Hygiene

A person with bad breath has little chance of getting a first kiss. If you are about to kiss your date after eating a meal with garlic or after a lengthy journey, you should ensure that you have a breath mint in your mouth beforehand.
If you want to be the best kisser and feel your date more sensual, take a swig of water for a few seconds before attempting to kiss your date for the first time. It leaves your lips moist and makes them much more attractive to kiss.

9. Consent Should Be Respected

This is the most critical step that you need to do before kissing a female, so make sure you pay attention to it. Before beginning a kiss with someone, you should always inquire, “May I kiss you?”
It demonstrates how much you appreciate your spouse as well as the choices they make. Aside from that, it would help if you didn’t violate any limits or attempt something they must prepare for.

10. Use The Correct Touch

How you touch your new partner as you attempt to become acquainted with them makes all the difference regarding achieving the perfect first kiss. Touch your date often on the arm or toy with their fingers throughout the evening. Make sure your date is comfortable with your touch and that they love it.
And after you’ve worked up the courage to move in for the kiss, be sure you tease their hair and sometimes murmur in their ear before you do it. Nothing sends the signal for kissing out more effectively than that.

11. Use Your Tongue Carefully

When you start kissing your date for the first time, you shouldn’t instantly use your tongue, but you shouldn’t keep your tongue concealed.
Move your tongue closer to your mouth until you can contact your date’s lips with it. If they show interest in returning the favour, you must do something correctly. After the first thirty seconds, getting more daring and exploring the area just a bit further is OK, but be sure to do it quietly!

12. Don’t Force It

Refrain from using undue effort to connect with an excessive number of locations too quickly. If the initial kiss is successful, there will likely be a significant number of subsequent dates, each of which will likely end with a kiss.
Therefore, unless you are sure that your date like where your hands are going, you shouldn’t attempt to reach out to an excessive number of locations. Developing a memorable experience and perfecting the first kiss should come first.

13. Kiss In Different Ways

You should begin with a gentle kiss and follow it up with another one. Alter the speed with which you kiss your partner and the amount of pressure you apply to their lips once the kisses become more frequent.
Your date will get bewildered amid the intense frenzy of kisses, and they will also become wilder and more aggressive! The next step is to let your hands stray inside your date’s trousers, assuming that this is something they want to do themselves.

14. Protect Your Privacy, Both Now And In The Future

Make sure that you and the other person are in a place that is both comfortable and private, away from any prying eyes. If you want to be a good kisser for your first, give it somewhere unique and private, away from any onlookers. After that, you can concentrate on one another, shut your eyes if you want, and enjoy the present moment.
However, this also necessitates keeping it a secret after the fact. It would be respectful to your kissing partner if you kept this information to yourself for the time being rather than alerting your other pals immediately.

15. Always Observe The Signs

Figure out when to pull back. Move your head back a few inches if your date stiffens up, pulls away hastily, or looks preoccupied when you are kissing them.
Please don’t ruin the atmosphere by asking your date why they’re not paying attention to you. Maintain your proximity to their face and direct your attention to their neck or ears.
Your date will share their thoughts with you if they have anything to say. Get returned to the lips and pucker your lips for another lengthy sequence of seductive initial kisses if they say nothing. If they are silent, it’s time to bring back again.


Above mentioned 15 Tips To Be A Good Kisser For Your First that has been presented yet, are the most critical guidance on how to be a good kisser for your first. Make sure to kiss them on the neck, under the jawline, on the tip of the nose, on the tender point behind the earlobe, on the forehead/shoulder, and in a variety of other places as well. Make it a more enjoyable and exciting activity to participate in.