Top 15 Best Dares Over Text (For Girls & Guys) 2023

We all are too busy texting people these days and texting plays an important role in our life. As you know we meet new people online and make new friends via texting and impress our crushes online so it’s important that we know the art of texting. And thankfully people are expert in it. We play games over texts and even flirts over texts.
Speaking of games, we all play the popular truth and dare game over texting. This game can be super fun or super boring and it all depends upon your choices for the truths and dares. We all have known a good number of truth questions to ask but things aren’t the same with the dares. And that’s why you need help when it comes to the dares over texts.
And in this article, we have brought to you some of the best dares which can make them do over texts. These are fun, exciting and might be a little extra for some people. So let’s get started with our list of best dares over texts, so you never run out of the dares and have the best dares as well.

Best Dares Over Text

1. Send me a pic of your favorite body part

This one might be the best dare you can give to the opposite gender people or to your crush. Everybody has a favorite body part which they like to flaunt so you there is a great chance they will too like the dare and love to flaunt their favorite body part.

2. Text your crush and tell them about your feelings

This one is a great dare to give to your friend. See we all have a crush on someone and you can be the good guy here by giving this dare. They may hate you if things go to the south and their crush don’t like them back (still they will get a closure) or they might love you for pushing them and confess their feeling if their crush likes them back as well.

3. Perform a towel dance and send it to me

Now its time to make things a little funny. This dare can be for anyone your family members or your friends. It will be funny to see someone doing a towel dance. Although you can give this dare to your crush as well as they can make it sexy as well.

4. Have an embarrassing (temporary) tattoo

Tattoos are a big deal and no one would want to have a tattoo that can cause trouble. And that’s why it becomes an exciting dare. So if you get a chance, dare them to get a temporary tattoo and share a pic on social media. It will be fun for you and there might be a little embarrassment for them.

5. Send a screenshot of your search history from the past two days

Your search history says a lot about you and its always fun to watch someone’s search history as well. And now that you have a chance to give them the dare to share the search history with you or post it online. Here you will love to see what they like to search.

6. Tell me something that you dont want me to know

It might sound like a truth question but it makes a pretty great dare too. See everyone has an opinion about others and there is something in their mind which they dont want to share with you (even though it’s about you!). So grab the opportunity and ask them to tell you anything they would not like you to know.

8. Dare them to make a sound and send a voice note of it.

The sound can be anything an animal, a person or you can ask them to make sexy noises as well. The choice is yours but one thing is for sure it’s going to be pretty fun.

9. Send a romantic message to someone of the same gender and share the result.

It would be the best dare for your straight friend and obviously, you can dare to your gay friend but in their case to the opposite gender. Give their dare and be ready for some drama and fun.

10. Facetime me and do a pole dance!

It’s also something that you would enjoy. Here you would love to see your friend pole dancing (even without the pole). So make sure this dare makes a place at your list of dates while playing the game over texts.

11. Hit on me!

That’s also a great dare to give to your crush and let them flirt with you. This one will make them hit on you while you can sit and enjoy and let them hit on you.

12. Slap yourself

If you are playing this game with your not so favorite person then you might enjoy this dare or you can it to your best friend as well. It will cool to see the other person slap themselves, so yeah try this one as well.

13. Draw something on your face

Again a fun task to give and you can ask them to take a picture and put it on their social media account. As you know the text dares are not complete without you asking them to give the proof and post it on social media (maybe that’s why the giving dare is popular texting game).

14. Send a risky text to anyone and share the chat with me

This one is also something that can lead to a fun story where you dare the other person to send a risky text to their crush, boss, or even a teacher. It will be like super fun and you get to see all the replies of them as well.

15. Perform a lap dance over video calling

This one is also something that would be hilarious or sexy!! Although it might be a little risky as you know its a dare and they gotta do it no matter what! So be ready to see fun or sexy lap dance (depending on whom you are giving the dare!).

Conclusion –

So these are the best dares that you can ask them to do over texts. As we have said earlier these are fun and exciting. We have tried to pick some of the creative dares that you might not have thought of before. So next time you are playing the truth and dare, make sure you pick some of the dares from our list.
Thank you for visiting us and we hope you found the article helpful. Keep coming for more such articles as well.