Top 100 Survey Demographic Questions & Answers 2023

If you work in marketing, then you might be aware of the importance of demographic questions. The demographic question can help you pretty much with your marketing and social influencing as well. Demographic questions are considered as one of the main pillars of customer service. After all, you will have to know the people you are dealing with or engaging with you want your business or social presence to grow and reach new milestones.

Although the challenge isn’t asking the demographic questions it’s asking the right demographic question to your customers or audience. The right demographic questions are very important as they can make a huge impact on your social engagement or your customer service. Whatever you want, one thing is pretty clear that demographic questions are the need of the hour for every business venture to grow.

In this article, we are going to help you with the demographic question that we have selected for you. With these demographic questions, you would know what you need to ask and how you should ask.

Go ahead and take a look at our collection of the best demographic question which might help you a bit.
demographic questions
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Demographic Questions

Household income

In addition to household composition (marital status, whether they have any kids, and so on), household income might be an important thing to ask your survey takers. It may tell you whether they’re able to afford your product or service or not. Plus, asking about household income may be considered a bit less invasive than asking about an individual’s income.

Marital status

Why should marital status matter in terms of market research? For example, we all know that most mothers put the needs of their children first, as opposed to single women, whose priorities are most likely to circulate around their own selves. This shows that marital status can significantly affect the way respondents answer your survey questions.

Location (Geographical data)

Perhaps you would like to know where your customers live or what their nationality is?

In international business, you may just want to ask about the country, while if you’re doing business locally, you may want to ask for a city or a ZIP code, as well. As there are numerous possible answers to choose from, location demographic questions are most often given in a drop-down menu answer format.


Employment questions can address a wide range of topics, such as industry, organization type and size, job title, years of experience, and income.

Asking about someone’s yearly income is another sensitive issue and many people consider such questions as too invasive. That’s why you should avoid directly asking such questions unless it’s absolutely essential to your survey. If you really need to know how much they earn but want to avoid asking directly, you can find out their location and job title, and then find out what’s the average salary.


Are most of your customers PhD holders or high school dropouts? Depending on the type of product or service you offer, this can make a significant difference. It can also be your leverage, as segmenting your customers according to their level of education can uncover unique trends that would enable you to target the right audience.

Ethnicity (Race)

An even more sensitive (and politically-charged) subject than gender, ethnicity may be a topic to avoid if possible. Nevertheless, depending on the occasion, asking about race may be necessary. In such a case, it’s probably best to create a checkbox type of questions, which will allow respondents to check multiple answers. This is especially important if we take into account the fact that many countries are melting pots of different races and cultures.

As with all sensitive demographic questions, it’s important to give respondents the possibility not to answer (perhaps by adding a “prefer not to answer” to the answer options).

Gender (Sex)

The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association differentiates between gender and sex as follows: “Gender is cultural and is the term to use when referring to women and men as social groups. Sex is biological; use it when the biological distinction is predominant.”

Why is this important for demographic surveys? As such surveys are mainly for market research, in most cases you’ll be looking for a person’s gender. Such questions can be extremely tricky to ask, as people have recently become hyper-sensitive and easily-offended when you ask about their gender.


Questions about age are a part of almost every demographic survey ever. That’s because age is a powerful data to segment your audience by. Many brands and companies target their products and services based on their average customer’s age. Even the former President Barack Obama won the 2008 election largely because he took advantage of his dominance among young voters.

Demographic Questions For Students

Internet and social media safety

Are students acting appropriately and being safe when they use email, Facebook, MySpace, and the Internet in general? We’ve developed several specific questionnaires for students to determine how, where, and when they use social media. You’ll get answers to questions such as, “How much do your parents know about what you do on the Internet?” and, “When you’re on social networking websites (like Facebook or Twitter), about how much of your time do you spend posting things about other people?” For best results, make sure to let the students know these surveys are completely anonymous and secure.

Faculty satisfaction

Determine the overall mood of your university’s professors and instructors with a university faculty satisfaction survey. Ask questions like, “How effective is the leadership of your department chair?” and, “How fair is your pay at this university?” to get your faculty’s opinions on leadership, work/life balance, and available resources.

Parental involvement

What do parents think about the schools, teachers, community, and even their own ability to contribute effectively to their children’s education? Provide one of our targeted school survey templates  focused on the parents, and ask such questions as, “How confident are you in your ability to support your child’s learning at home?” and, “How much does a busy schedule prevent you from becoming involved with your child’s current school?”

Overall climate and mood

Sometimes you just need to know how students, teachers, and parents are generally feeling about the school and community. Give them the opportunity to sound off about subjects like, “Our school shows respect for people from all backgrounds and cultures,” “Students think the school rules are fair,” and, “Teasing and picking on other students is pretty common here.”

Inclusive Demographic Questions

Ask affected communities for their input

And reward them for their contributions! Women — and black women in particular — are frequently asked to volunteer their time and energy into helping others understand issues that affect them.

Identify whether you need the information you ask for

A friend recently told me about an uncomfortable experience with her doctor, in which her doctor asked about her partner’s gender. The doctor wanted to advise her on risks. Another friend’s doctor used a different approach: she explained the risks of certain sexual activities, and she offered a couple different options for treatments and tests they might consider.

Explain your purpose and your privacy policy

Users will be more comfortable providing answers if you explain how you will use the data, how it benefits them, and how you will protect the data they provide.


So here we have listed all the important demographic questions that needed to be asked by you. We are pretty certain that these are some of the best demographic questions to ask and these will show you the best result as well. We have listed these questions as our research team has researched such kinds of demographic questions and the impact of their answers as well.

We hope you would ask these demographic questions soon and benefits from the answers by your audience and customers. Thank you for staying with us and for giving us your valuable time. We hope you found our article helpful and it was a pleasure to help you.

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