124+ Freaky Things To Say Your Girlfriend

Whether you are married or just dating, your relationship will go through numerous ups and downs, some of which may even knock you off course for some time. These ups and downs are inevitable.
Nevertheless, regardless of the difficulties in your partnership, you should always look for uncomplicated methods to keep the spark alive. You should be able to keep your girlfriend stimulated and in the right mood if you are the male in the relationship.

One of the reasons why a sensual, naughty discussion with your partner is crucial is that it demonstrates how comfortable you are with one other. Relationship experts say dirty language is a sign of a healthy relationship.
According to studies, 90 percent of individuals get aroused when participating in appropriate filthy language with their partners. Experts also suggest that sensuous foul conversation activates the erogenous areas of your brain, the hypothalamus, and the amygdala. Remember that your brain is your body’s most powerful sex organ.

You will not enjoy s*x if your brain is not adequately stimulated since your sex organs will not be fully aroused, and you will be unable to focus entirely on the deed. As a result, a sexy filthy chat with your spouse is an essential element of your sexual life.
So, this article will give you some freaky things to say to your girlfriend to drive her crazy. Read on if you are at a loss for what to say to your girlfriend to keep her interested.

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Freaky Things To Say Your Girlfriend

1. Romantic Filthy Talk

Even smearing may be a kind of affection. If you and your girlfriend plan to be together for the foreseeable future, you may use these romantic dirty talk quotes for your girlfriend to express how valuable she is to you and how much you depend on her presence in your life.

“Your body is my drug,” I say.

“I want to freeze time and remember this moment forever!”

“For days after we make love, the only thing I can think about is you.”

“I’m going to need your body in my hands.”

“You have such an addicting sensation.”

“When I lay my lips on you, I feel so refreshed…you’re like an ice-cold drink on a hot summer day.”

“I adore touching and kissing you during sex..”

“Your body is perfect; it’s as if you walked out of my most prominent dream.”

“You’re on my mind all the time, and I can’t wait to pull you out of it and into my arms.”

“Every single sexy part of you is mine.”

“What are your dreams? I want to make each and every one of them a reality.”

2. Kinky Nasty Talk

If you and your girlfriend are freakier than others, then the normal nasty conversation isn’t cut. These quotes for talking nasty with your girlfriend may not be appropriate for everyone because of the crude and excessively complex language used, but if you are more daring, you may find that they are just what you’re looking for.

“I’d want to be within you.”

“I’m going to whack you. You’re such a bad girl, it’s the only way you’ll learn.”

“I want to shove you against the wall and do terrible things to you.”

“I’m turning you around and giving it to you for good.”

“I wished I could kidnap you, tie you up, and make you groan for hours in perfect delight.”

“I can’t quit seeing myself raising your skirt and bending you over the kitchen table.”

“I hope you remember me when you’re caressing yourself.”

“We can do it leisurely and romantic or fast and kinky – whichever you like.”

“Do you think anybody knows what a bad girl you are? Let’s make certain they don’t find out.”

“When you make noise in bed, I adore it. I don’t care if we wake the neighbours, the louder the better.”

3. Flirty Naughty Talk

You don’t have to wait until you’re undressed to engage in some sleazy banter; you can use it to ratchet up the excitement and suspense before entering the bedroom. You may use these pick-up freaky things to say your girlfriend in a text message or while you’re out on a date to get her thinking about you and excited about the things you’ll be doing later.

“I can’t even stand to think about you nude.”

“I wish to utilize my tongue to study every inch of your body.”

“I’m going to strip you naked and do horrible things to you when I see you.”

“Could you just come over? I need assistance with a major situation.”

“If you’re not nude in bed waiting for me right now, you’re in the wrong place.”

“I guess you’d look much finer on my bed.”

“I’ll have my way with you, and I won’t stop until you tremble.”

“I’d want your a$$ in my bed.”

4. Ask Your Girlfriend Dirty Questions

You can understand more about your girlfriend’s waves and wants by asking her some naughty questions, which can also be a fantastic way to get the two of you ready for some bedroom fun. Plus, who doesn’t appreciate a good chat that gets a little bit dirty?

You don’t need to go any farther if you’re seeking wicked questions to ask your girlfriend. This page has a list of the ones that are the greatest. So, start the freaky things to say to your girlfriend; your companion will most likely like it.

“What is your most heinous fantasy?”

“Would you ever contemplate playing a part in bed with me?”

“What are your thoughts on making love while involving in nasty talk?”

“What is your favorite position to play, and why?”

“Do you appreciate it when I put you down, or do you prefer something else?”

“What was the dirtiest thing you ever did in bed (or anywhere else)?”

“Have you ever thought having a threesome?”

“What would you do if I asked you to have sexual relations with me right now?”

“Have you ever entertained yourself while thinking about me?”

5. Passionate Talk

Your girlfriend will understand your desire and enthusiasm for her better if you engage in vulgar language amid the deed. You may use these freaky things to say your girlfriend feels amazing and motivate her to become even wilder for you by showing her how much you care.

“I want you to ride me right now.”

“I want to put my face between your legs.”

“You taste fantastic.”

“I enjoy the way you whine when we kiss.”

“You’re hot, but you’re going to have to fight for it.”

“The rackets you create in bed drive me to feel so weak.”

“I just can’t control myself from considering making love to you.”

6. Questions To Begin With

Now things are starting to heat up. You’ve been more personal with one another, done certain things before, dated for a while or a long time, and looked for a new method to bring up questionable subjects. These are the freaky things to say to your girlfriend you need to ask to get it done!

“How do you like it when I kiss your neck?”

“Do you want me to eat some of your creams?”

“How do you like me to dine you tonight?”

“How do you think you’d react if I blinded you?”

“Do you want to conserve water by bathing together?”

“Do you want to go away for the weekend?”

“Which toy is your favorite?”

“Where is your favorite place for me to touch?”

“What is the most blatant something you would do for me?”

“Do you want me to drive you home tonight?”

“Where would be the most unsuitable location for you to conduct things?”

“Name the top five places you’d want me to kiss you, and I’ll do it right now.”

“Do you like to touch in front of each other?”

“What is music that always gets you going?”

“What’s something crazy you’ve always liked to do but were too nervous to tell me about?”

7. Just Say What Comes To Mind

It won’t be seductive if you project an air of uncertainty. If you attempt to say something that isn’t natural or doesn’t seem right to you, it will come out as uncertain. Imagine that she is giving you a throat punch. She has previously communicated to you that she enjoys being referred to as a “cum slut,” even though you find such phrases to be odd.
You repeat them because you know she enjoys them, but instead of sounding seductive, it sounds like someone is reading lines from a book in a different language. It takes work to do. You need help with speaking clearly and often stutter.
You don’t sound manly and hot; you sound confused, curious, and uncomfortable. If you can’t look someone in the eye when you’re talking about something, it’s generally better to forgo the topic for the time being.
It is very recommended that you speak in a way that is natural to you. Don’t refer to her as a “cum slut” if the term makes you uncomfortable. Get to that point first. Maybe if you give it a few more deep-throating sessions, you’ll start to feel differently.


Above mentioned freaky things to say to your girlfriend is an excellent method to increase sexual tension between you and your lover and engage in sleazy conversation. Have a good time with it! You and your girlfriend will need to try out these statements and see how they are received by one another.
It is essential to remember that the most inappropriate things to say to your girlfriends are just naughty stuff, filthy chat, or things similar to sexting. You may have noticed that I’ve been going on about sexting. Sexting, which is short for “texting,” is a wicked kind of talking that may get your girlfriend sexually stimulated or perhaps start a fight between the two of you.