12 Signs A Guy Is Pretending To Be Straight

Is it possible to tell if a man is faking it and trying to be straight? Nothing is worse than believing you’ve finally met The One only to discover he’s just pretending to be straight. You can wind up spending your time with a man who isn’t interested in you if you’re not cautious!

Then, how can you determine whether a man is only pretending to be straight or gay? You shouldn’t be worried if your friend or relative is gay. But whether the man is your boyfriend or someone you’re considering dating, you need to know the truth. Check out this list of signs a guy is pretending to be straight!

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1. He Has Homophobia

As a means of hiding or concealing their sexual orientation, a significant number of gay males exhibit evidence of homophobia against other people. There are occasions when these guys exhibit evidence of homophobia because the same trait that they loathe about themselves is the one that they identify with in openly homosexual men.

These guys may also be profoundly jealous of those who can live a happy and openly gay life, contributing to their hostility and homophobic inclinations against this group of individuals.
According to research, it seems that many people who oppress others have also been victims of oppression in the past. People who are homophobic need to ask themselves why they have such a strong aversion to a specific population, as this will help them understand why they feel the way they do.

If someone you know exhibits signs of homophobia in addition to any of the other signs mentioned below, he may be hiding the fact that he is gay. However, not all homophobic people are gay men who hide their true sexual identity; some are people filled with hatred and anger.

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2. He’s Drawn To Handsome Males

It may be an indication that your boyfriend is attracted to men of the same sex if he tends to sit up a little straighter or gaze a little bit longer when a good-looking man goes by.

Pay close attention to his remarks about other men’s physiques, looks, and fashion sense and how he behaves when other attractive men are around. If he is sexually attracted to males but is claiming to be straight, he may behave uncomfortably or in a way that is out of the norm when he is around attractive guys.

His actions may be a dead giveaway of his sexual orientation. You may have seen that he pays attention to other guys and appreciates the attention he gets from them more than any attention he may receive from women. These are the signs that a guy is pretending to be straight but is not.

3. His Behavior Differs

You’ll notice something peculiar if you pay attention to how he moves his body. My observations have shown that gay guys use their hands more often and speak in a manner that is noticeably different from that of heterosexual males. Their voices also have a distinctively feminine quality.
You may have a hard time seeing the distinctions at first, but as you get more familiar with him and spend more time with him, you will be able to see them more clearly. On the other hand, you will need to pay more attention since some guys are skilled at concealing it.

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4. He Watches Only Gay P*rn

These are the telltale signs a guy is pretending to be straight if you notice questionable surfing history on his phone or computer or anything else that leans towards the likelihood that he has been viewing gay porn by himself.

Not only does this indicate that he may have gay inclinations, but it also indicates that he is concealing aspects of his s*xual life and sexual preferences. He may even have gay tendencies.
Suppose you confront him about the fact that he’s been viewing gay p*rn. In that case, you can expect him to make various lame excuses, such as “I inadvertently clicked the incorrect link” or “my buddy was using my computer/phone, and he must’ve seen it.” Be alert, but keep an open mind on this covert activity.

5. He’s On A Gay Dating Site

If he didn’t like guys, then there’s no need for a straight man to have a profile on a gay dating website in the first place. There is no explanation for this behavior other than the fact that he is looking for homosexual s*x.

The internet has made it much simpler for homosexual guys to find one another and start relationships. They can locate a man without leaving the convenience of their own homes, so there is no need for them to go to gay bars or clubs to hunt for someone to date.
The fact that he has a profile on a homos*xual website is not the issue; the problem is that he is passing himself off straight to deceive the lady he is now seeing.

6. He Never Flirts

If a guy finds you attractive, you can be sure he will engage in provocative conversation with you. Some males are naturally reserved, making it challenging for them to flirt, but even so, they will attempt to communicate to you that they find you attractive in some way.

On the other hand, males who aren’t straight won’t attempt to win your heart since they don’t care about you. You can count on the fact that guy men will not flirt with you in any way, shape, or form. Even if they flirt with you, they won’t show any real emotion in their conversation with you. This is one of the signs a guy is pretending to be straight.

7. He Does Not Have Male Friends

There are several reasons why gay men and women make excellent buddies for one another. They often establish intimate relationships because women have a greater sense of ease in the company of gay men. Because he has hidden agendas, they do not need to be concerned about the possibility of his striking up a relationship with them.

They have a deeper understanding of one another because they are not afraid to be honest, and vulnerable. When a woman is with a gay guy, she is free to laugh, weep, and express whatever level of emotion she likes without fear of her actions being misconstrued as sexual interest.

Women are more likely to choose gay guys as friends than straight men because there is less rivalry among gay men when it comes to males. Women prefer straight people, but homosexual men have a preference for other gay men. Also, gay men find it easier to express their feminine sides when women surround them since no one will judge them for doing so.

8. He Dislikes The Opposite S*x

If he is not as*xual and does not show interest in people of the opposite s*x, these may be additional signs a guy is pretending to be straight.
In general, straight males are more likely to take notice of attractive women, sometimes compliment them on their appearance, and try to start conversations with them. In addition, they may entertain fantasies about s*xual connections with these women.
If he is gay, he probably won’t talk to or date any women, and if you ask him why, he’ll tell you a laundry list of reasons.

9. He Always Talks About His S*xual Conquests

When in the company of other guys, these are the common signs a guy is pretending to be straight to boast about the s*xual exploits they have accomplished. It’s a type of bravado, and the more women a guy sleeps with, his friends and acquaintances consider him to be some stud.

On the other hand, it is not typical for a guy to boast about his s*xual interactions with the women in his social circle. If your male buddy needs to disclose every woman he has slept with to you, you may be sure he has something to conceal. He will deceive you about the ladies he has slept with to make you think he is heterosexual.

10. He May Be Abusive

Unfortunately, some hidden gay men are so oppressed that expressing emotions becomes abuse if you find yourself being abused by anyone, whether verbally, emotionally, or physically, seek professional help immediately.

If a gay man is in a relationship with a woman and she starts suspecting gay tendencies and questioning him, his responses may turn to verbal, physical, or emotional abuse. He may even blame her for being the ‘reason’ he behaves the way he does.
A study found that the greater the degree of internalized shame and suppression, the greater the likelihood of becoming abusive. Men overlooked in society and whose voices had no sense of power were likelier to express power and control in intimate relationships in negative ways.

11. He’s Very Secretive

If he’s very secretive about his private life and never shares any information with you about past or present relationships, it may cause you to wonder. Perhaps he constantly keeps his phone away from you, deletes his browsing history, keeps to himself, and never confides in anybody about his private life. These could all be signs that he’s secretly exploring his s*xuality in various ways.

For example, he might have gay dating apps on his phone, talk to guys, or watch gay porn and doesn’t want anyone to see any of it. He might be secretive about his whereabouts because he’s going on dates with other men or frequenting gay bars and clubs. Whatever the reason for his secretive behavior, it’s worth investigating further if it affects your life and your relationship.

12. He Remains Single

Some men choose to hide their valid s*xual preferences by remaining single. They might feel that remaining single is more accessible than being in a straight relationship and trying to hide their identity. Remaining single also indicates he doesn’t must to come out of the closet and face facts. Staying single is a ‘safe space.’
While he might seem like the perfect husband material on the outside, if he’s single for long periods and shows no interest in entering into a relationship with a woman, these are the signs a guy is pretending to be straight.


It is not unusual for gay males to put on the appearance of being straight, particularly in professional settings. This is generally the case because they are attempting to avoid being discriminated against or because it is simpler to blend in with the group.

Believe what I say, and don’t bring unwanted attention to him. It is not appropriate for you to comment on his s*xual orientation since it is his own business. Respect the healthy limits that he has established in relationships, in the job, and on family occasions. He has taken responsibility for these areas.

In conclusion, this article on the most prevalent signs a guy is pretending to be straight was helpful to you in determining whether or not he is straight. Keep in mind that it is entirely up to him whether or not he decides to come out of hiding.