14 Funny Questions To Ask On Dating Apps

Whether you’ve ever imagined yourself selecting possible mates via a dating app or not, it’s kind of a given in the society we live in today. Furthermore, depending on who you ask, dating apps can either be a great tool or a significant source of stress. A lot of consideration goes into creating a good dating profile, from choosing the best questions to ask on a dating app to navigating the unwritten guidelines about the frequency of messages. You’re not alone if you find the idea of creating opening questions for dating apps to help break the ice intimidating.
How many times have you liked someone’s profile after meeting them online, struck up a discussion with them, and then had the shock of your life due to their awkward opening statement? We’ve all heard those pickup lines that make us want to roll our eyes and search for the “unmatch” button.
Yes, the type of questions you pose to your dating app match will determine how well your online dating experience goes. Your only opportunity to make a lasting impression since you won’t be meeting in person is through these online dating questions. A simple yet entertaining icebreaker question will have you exchanging messages in no time.
When considering some hilarious deep questions to text someone online, the idea is to start the conversation with a humorous question. You want to stand out and be unconventional, but you also want to engage in discussion.
I can tell you from my experience using several dating apps that I usually clicked with folks who had a wonderful sense of humor and were fantastic conversationalists.
Therefore, here are some funny important questions you might ask your internet date:

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Funny Questions To Ask On A Dating App

What superpower would you choose if you had to choose one?

Who didn’t want superpowers as a child? On a dating app, asking this question is undoubtedly entertaining. This may be the beginning of a really intriguing conversation, particularly if the person you’re speaking to is a fan of Marvel or DC.
Who knows, you might even come to realize that you both share a secret passion for a certain comic book character. Just like that, a clever online dating question has started the conversation between you two about the things you enjoy.

Put some “would you rather” scenarios forth.

Although asking “would you rather” questions may not seem like the most exciting thing ever, they may turn out to be a treasure trove of amusing questions that will make your date chuckle. Although I’m not really focusing on anything in particular, these funny and absurd questions will undoubtedly lighten the conversation.
Send them any of these amusing questions to ask on dating apps the next time you put off responding because you want your text to be very interesting:

  • Which would you choose: a million bucks or real love?
  • Would you rather read someone’s mind or change someone’s mind?
  • Would you rather never have food again or never have sex again?

There are countless options available; you can make them as flirtatious or amusing as you like. These are possibly the funniest online dating questions you can ask, but watch out for going too far. After a while, you’ll need to get more in-depth with your questions instead of just asking them if they prefer sex to food.

Which three celebrities, if any, would you include on your list if you were dating someone?

Do you recall the Friends episode when Ross and Rachel compile a list of famous people they are permitted to seduce? Whether they acknowledge it or not, everyone has a list. Who cares if there is a very little possibility that you may run across Kylie Jenner and hook up with her? This flirtatious query will undoubtedly spark conversation.

Which three fictional characters most closely like you?

When imagining anything, ask someone which fictional characters they most relate to. It’s a simple technique to gauge someone’s media preferences while generating a ton of possible side discussions about the person you’re both currently stalking.

How do you feel about pineapple on pizza?

This argumentative query is a superb way to start a discussion and will reveal a lot about the other person’s choices in life. Okay, so maybe not everything, but a lot about how compatible you two are likely to be in terms of life decisions.
If they claim to enjoy pineapple on pizza, trust us, it might be time to unmatch (just kidding). You’ve likely discovered something you both enjoy. Funny dating app topics will help you two discover what you have in common, and your shared dislike (or love) of pineapple on pizza can offer you two a topic to discuss.

If you won a vacation to anywhere on Earth, where would you take me

It’s one of the more unusual questions that you can ask. Being a bit cheeky with dating app questions never hurts. It’s quite flirtatious to assume that they’d include you in the trip, but it’s still far-fetched enough that it’s obvious you’re not being entirely serious.They will laugh and think about this since it might be flirty and hilarious. You’ll immediately demonstrate to this person that you are both self-assured and humorous.
You never know when you’ll meet the person you want to see the globe with in the future.

What is anything about you that your parents don’t know?

Although it carries some risk, the reward will undoubtedly be worthwhile. They could talk more frivolously and flirtatiously about the incident from high school when they filled their pool with carbonated beverages as a result. Perhaps you’ll be taken aback by their openness and learn something significant to them.

What is the silliest way you have ever hurt yourself?

On a dating app, you may pose this fun query. You may even begin by sharing the silliest way you’ve ever wounded yourself with your date, followed by a “What about you?”
They will feel more at ease as a result and be more ready to tell you their funny story. Before you know it, they’re telling you about the time they embarrassed themselves in front of everyone by falling on stage at a school assembly. This is undoubtedly a humorous icebreaker conversation.

What would your autobiography’s title be?

Ask your date this query and a follow-up query regarding their reasoning behind selecting their response. You’ll not only receive a brief anecdotal account of their life, but you’ll also be able to make a snap judgment on who they could be.
You may be as silly as you wish with your response, and your partner will be inspired to follow suit. The best humorous online dating question might very well be this one. This will definitely work on every dating app platform, but since Tinder is known for not disclosing a lot about a person up front, it could work particularly well there. In light of this, this is the only hilarious Tinder question you need to think of.

What would be your final meal?

Once more, asking them this question should get them to think outside the box. It may also give you some ideas for your first date. What would they like to eat if they were going to pass away? There are countless options, and food is a terrific way to bring people together. Pizza, mac & cheese, tacos, ice cream, and so on.

What outfit would you choose if you had to wear it for ten days straight?

This amusing query will undoubtedly cause your date to pause. We all have our favorite outfits, but could we truly stay in them for 10 days straight? You may learn a lot about someone’s personality from the response they provide. Do they prefer comfort over fashion, or are they simply afraid of being seen in public wearing their pajamas?
This humorous online dating question to ask her will reveal all you need to know regarding whether you are dealing with a fashionista or a PJ-rocking chick. P.S. We’d advise wearing your nicest clothes on the first date if she claims she’ll be wearing Gucci for 10 days.

Would you ever record a s*x tape?

Juicy! Although this question isn’t appropriate for everyone, it will certainly liven things up if you’re searching for something flirtatious. The fact that it includes a brief, wild, mean, drunken narrative about you will make you stand out without a doubt. Be prepared to hear a crazy story about a wild night they had while on vacation in Europe. If you’re searching for some enjoyment, this question gets a 10 out of 10.
But just because someone is a teetotaler doesn’t imply they won’t have an insightful response to this query. The goal is to establish a rapport as quickly as possible and let people feel at ease telling funny stories to one another. One of the enjoyable questions to pose on dating apps is undoubtedly this one.

What music would you play in the background if you were going to fight someone?

Heavy music? Intensive hip-hop? Maybe some Imagine Dragons? What a lot music reveals about a person. Additionally, you get to picture a dramatic situation in which your date is strolling in front of you as bombs are blowing up in the distance.
You could easily pass for something out of an action film by adding an even more dramatic soundtrack. While speaking to your date, be sure to conjure up a humorous situation similar to this. Fun questions to ask on dating apps focus on how ridiculous they can be since a silly inquiry will inevitably attract a silly response. In place of the overused question, “What type of music do you listen to?” Give it a tiny twist and phrase the query differently.

What would you do if a zombie apocalypse occurred tomorrow?

This might be used as a role-playing exercise. With your date, you may talk about what would happen if the world ended tomorrow and conjure up a scenario in which the two of you were fighting off zombies.
You may ask a zillion odd questions, unusual questions, and humorous random inquiries online. The beauty of internet dating is that there are countless options.
With the help of this collection of amusing online dating conversation starters, we hope your datin! skills will flourish. However, there are a few things you should bear in mind as you get into the discussion and work to establish relationships.

Points to Bear in Mind When Posing Jokes for Online Dating

The questions we provided are enjoyable to ask, but there are a few considerations you should make while utilizing them to get to know someone better:

Always be appropriate while asking online dating questions

Even if you’re making jokes or asking one of the above-mentioned amusing online dating questions, you must always act appropriately. You must always pay attention to keepe the conversation is going.
You should avoid crossing the thin line between flirting and being improper unless you want to be single.

Allow the conversation to develop naturally

I loathe forced, robotic discussions. Since you are aware that there is no true link, they may appear to drag on exhaustingly. So refrain from attempting to force these amusing questions into the conversation. Allow them to join the conversation as it progresses, and add to it when you think the timing is right.

Ask them questions or make jokes about their bio

In addition to these inquiries, it’s vital that you pose questions that are related to them especially if you want to leave a lasting impact. A nice place to start is their bio. Sometimes all you have to do is glance at their bio and ask them about where they got their pictures, saving you the trouble of coming up with interesting topics to ask on dating apps.

Make use of what you already know

Your past discussion with your online date, as well as information from their bio or social media profiles, have taught you a little something about them. It’s possible that they informed you they enjoy travelling, dogs, and other things. Make use of the knowledge you currently have by building on it.

Avoid sharing excessively

Please read the room before you speak, and try not to talk too much. Nobody enjoys learning too much too quickly. It’s okay to share gradually and gradually after you’ve talked for a time. However, hold off on informing them right away about the traumatic events in your life.

Reduce your expectations

Let’s face it; this individual is likely conversing with at least 3 – 4 other users of the same dating app. You cannot expect them to devote their entire attention to you at first. Yes, the dynamic changes if you decide to be exclusive. But until then, don’t anticipate a prompt response to every message you send.
So there you have it, guys and gals, the top humorous online dating questions along with some advice on how to have a successful online dating experience. Online dating might be simple but sometimes daunting. Avoiding excessive effort is the best course of action for you. Instead, you should be your lovely true self.