8 Interesting Things To Talk About On First Date 2024

As you grow up, you gain a lot of experience in your life, but there is always a beginning. When you attempt something for the first time, you have a number of questions on what, how, when, and why? You get stressed and anxious about what would happen and how you will handle it. Your first day at school, the first day at college, first job, first date everything drives a chill up your spine. This is because you have never experienced the same thing before and don’t know what would happen, how would things go and what would you do?

Similarly, going on your first date is one of the most memorable moments in your life. You have many concerns when you go on your first date like how would you greet your date, what you would talk and how can you impress your date? You are also worried about many things and have questions in mind like what if the things became awkward, what if I did not know how to answer, what if he/she does not like me, how should I react, and whatnot. You have many questions bombarding your mind and the feelings of excitement combined with anxiousness.

One of the main concerns on your first date is what should you talk about. How can you start a conversation? What you can say to your date? You think a lot. You don’t know what to do, how to talk and the biggest dilemma is what to say. You fear sounding like an idiot or a desperate person, you don’t want another person to be annoyed of you but you don’t know how to proceed.

Well, here are a few tips that would help you initiate a conversation on your first date. It is a little overview of what you should speak and what you should not on your first date.

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Things To Talk About On First Date

1. Introduce yourself

Although when you go on a date for the first time, you have a brief knowledge of each other. But it would be better if you would start by introducing yourself to each other, your name, your hobbies or anything relating to you.

2. Pickup some topics from the surroundings

When you go on a date, you fall short of words and topics to discuss. So it is best if you start some conversation by randomly picking something from the surroundings. Like you can talk about the weather that day, it is pleasant or not, do you like it and anything like that. You can also talk about the environment and ambiance of the place where you have gone for a date.

Talk about the service of a hotel or the people around. You can ask each other what do they like around themselves right now. Try to point out some beautiful incidents and views happening near you. You can speak about the cute kids around the place, or some couples, food, and whatnot.

3. Compliment each other

Whenever you meet each other for the first time, you must appreciate each other. Compliment your date and praise her as much you can. Make your date comfortable and feel special. You can compliment in different ways like ” you have a nice taste, you are looking beautiful day, your dimples are so cute” and many other things.

Complimenting each other makes you feel comfortable and happy. You can easily start a conversation by complimenting each other. When you mutually appreciate each other, you are likely to be happy with each other, and it will be easy to relax and progress any conversation.

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4. Ask about hobbies and interests

One thing you must talk about on your date is to ask each other about their hobbies and interests. Try to know more about them on your first date. Ask them what do they like about having the hobby and what things they do to pursue that hobby.

For example, if your date says she loves to listen to music, ask her what type of songs she listens, talk about your favorite music and the singers and rockstars. You can also talk to her about the genre of songs she likes and express your opinion about that song or a person. If she says she read books often, talk her into the genre of books she likes and what kind of stories she prefers.

5. Game of favorites

If you are dating someone or have started dating recently, you should know the likes and dislikes of each other. You should know what are the favorite things your date likes. You should ask her what is her favorite food, a favorite song, favorite book, or favorite place to visit.This will make your conversation more interesting and engaging. This is because you are being talked about the topics or things you love or like.

This means both of you will have many things to talk about that topic and can lead to long elaborate conversations. Exchange the information about each other regarding your favorite things, be it favorite brand, favorite hotel, favorite dish, favorite pair of clothing, favorite sweet drink, favorite sport, and many other things. You should try to engage each other in conversation by talking about the things that interest you because otherwise, your date will be boring and end up in a disaster.

6. Start with the things you know

Always start talking about the things you know about each other. You must be having some information about the person you are going on a date with. Try to talk about these already known things. Give her/him an overview about the thing you know of them and let them continue. You can tell them what you have learned about them and let them do the explaining. This will ensure a two-way communication process, and you both will participate in your first debate. Talk to each other, know more about each other and your date will be successful.

For example, if you know about the address of your date ask them by saying these words, “I have heard you have been living in the xyz area” Since your piece of information is true he or she will tell you more about that area, and you can ask them about the people around and the nearest place to visit in their area. Talk about his or her locality and their people. You should try to make them talk more and start by talking about a general topic on which both of you can share your views.

7. Ask about their goals and plans in life

You can ask them about their goals and ambitions in life. Talk to them about your dreams and what you want to achieve. You can talk about your version of the perfect life and similarly let him or her speak what they have in their minds. You can discuss your plans for the future, and how are you going to pursue it.

Try to find similarities between each other in terms of thinking and about each other’s perspective in life. Try to know your date and how ambitious they are, get to know about their perception of life, world, and future.

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8. Find out the common things

Whenever you go on a first date, it is a chance to test your compatibility and possibility with that person. You should try to find similarities between each other. Talk to each other and try to know each other well. Try to speak on a common topic on which both of you would like to present your views. This will be very good for a start since you will have loads of content to speak about.

Moreover, it allows a two-way conversation since both of you would randomly speak on that topic. This will also make your first date more interesting and can eliminate the awkwardness between you two. You will get a chance to familiarize yourself with each other and know if you both are compatible with each other or not. The more things you have in common, there will be more interesting and long conversations heading your way. This will make both of you interested in each other and your date will surely be successful.

Conclusion –

Your first date will always remain a vital part of your life and experience. On your first date, try to spend more time noticing each other and getting to know each other. You should try to figure out your compatibility with each other. We hope you have a wonderful experience with your date and have an amazing day.