185+ Game Of Thrones Questions And Answers 2023

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game of thrones questions

Game of thrones quiz questions

What is the name of Jon’s direwolf?
Answer: Ghost
Which name is given to the bastards of The Reach?
Answer: Flowers
Which House is a direct vassal of House Baratheon of King’s Landing?
Answer: Stokeworth
In the first episode, King Robert Baratheon says “In my dreams, I kill him every night.” To whom is the King referring and why?
Answer: Rhaegar Targaryen because he kidnapped Lyanna Stark
At Hoster Tully’s funeral, who shot the burning arrow that hit its mark?
Answer: Brynden Tully
I always hated crossbows. Take too long to load!”
Answer: Yoren
In season 2, who does Tyrion tell Varys he is planning on marrying to Princess Myrcella?
Answer: Theon Greyjoy
How many fingertips did Stannis Baratheon chop off of Davos’ hand(s)?
Answer: Four
Who is king of Westeros when the the series begins?
Answer: Robert Baratheon
What is the name of the continent on which most of the action of “Game of Thrones” takes place?
Answer: Westeros
What is Olenna’s relationship to Mace Tyrell?
Answer: mother
Which name is given to the bastards of The Westerlands?
Answer: Hill

Game of thrones questions and answers

Which tongue is commonly used by the Priests or Priestesses of R’hllor?
Answer: High Valyrian
At the end of his training, what must an Unsullied kill to prove he has no mercy or weakness?
Answer: A newborn slave child
Who was the liege lord of the Freys before the War of the Five Kings?
Answer: Hoster Tully
“Say it. Say her name. Say it!”
Answer: Oberyn Martell
Which of the following characters DOES appear in season 1?
Answer: Beric Dondarrion
What was the name of the person who chopped off Jaime’s right hand?
Answer: Locke
What noble house is Catelyn Stark from?
Answer: House Tully
At the end of season 2, Joffrey Baratheon sits on the Iron Throne, but which Baratheon is actually the rightful king?
Answer: Stannis Baratheon
Brienne pledged her alliance to which of these pairs?
Answer: Catelyn Stark and Renly Baratheon
Why could Jon leave the Night’s Watch, since his vows were for life?
Answer: He died
Which name is given to the inhabitants of The Neck?
Answer: Crannogmen
Which sword was wielded by Visenya Targaryen?
Answer: Dark Sister

Game of thrones trivia questions

Who was the Lightning Lord?
Answer: Beric Dondarrion
“Dany please!”
Answer: Viserys Targaryen
Who attempts to kill Tyrion on the battlefield in the Battle of Blackwater Bay?
Answer: Ser Mandon Moore
How many kings were there in The Seven Kingdoms at the end of season 2?
Answer: Four
Who is the true heir to the iron throne after Robert’s death?
Answer: Stannis Baratheon
In 2011, which actor who plays Tyrion Lannister, won the Golden Globe award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series?
Answer: Peter Dinklage
Who did Jon execute after his first general meeting as Lord Commander with the men of the Night’s Watch?
Answer: Janos Slynt
The destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor caused many casualties. Which two characters died during the explosion?
Answer: Margaery Tyrell and Lancel Lannister
What distinct feature does Brienne of Tarth recall about the entity that killed Renly Baratheon?
Answer: It had Stannis Baratheon’s face
What was the name of the boy Arya was playing with (and who later died) when Nymeria attacked Joffrey?
Answer: Mycah
“Together we can end this war in a fortnight!”
Answer: Renly Baratheon
Which of the following types of wine does the wine merchant attempt to poison Daenerys with?
Answer: Arbor Red
How many times did Thoros of Myr resurrect Beric Dondarrion from death, up until the end of season 3?
Answer: 6

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