150 Best Hollywood Quiz Questions And Answers 2023

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Here is a list of hollywood movie trivia questions and answers for your consumption. These questions and answers might seem trivial, but they are fun to read enjoy!
hollywood quiz

Hollywood quiz

The movie Shaft won the best song Oscar in 1971 for what music?
The theme from Shaft
Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a famous film, but who wrote the book?
Truman Capote
What Hollywood star had a job as aircraft factory inspector?
Marilyn Monroe
In Goldfinger who was the boss of The Cement Mixers?
Pussy Galore
What was the basis for the movie Die Hard?
Walter Wagers novel 58 minutes
Joe Yule jr., born in 1920, became a Hollywood Star with what name?
Mickey Rooney
After 50 years acting, who was given an honorary Oscar in 1985?
James Stewart
Who danced with Gene Kelly in Anchors Aweigh in 1945?
Jerry Mouse
Frank Sinatra, John Wayne, and Paul Newman all rejected which movie role?
Dirty Harry Callahan
What was the name of the German film of the 1920s that starred Max Schreck as a vampire?
What was Bruce Lees first Hollywood produced film?
Enter the Dragon
What Bond film was entitled in Japan, “The Dead Slave”?
Live and let Die
What movie filmed in 1945 won best picture, actor, and director Oscars?
The Lost Weekend
Which actor died during the filming of Gladiator?
Oliver Reed
Jack Nicholson made his debut in the 1958 film what?
Cry Baby Killer
What was the first Bond film not based on an Ian Fleming book?
What famous actor wrote the book “The Outlaw Trail”?
Robert Redford
Buster Keaton’s silent films contract forbade him doing what on-screen?
Which U.S. film was based on Thomas Dixons book The Clansman?
Birth of a Nation
In the film Bambi what is Bambi’s first word?
James Bonds housekeepers name was what?
In what 1950s movie did Gregory Peck play the part of Lt. Joe Clements?
Pork Chop Hill
In which film was the character Mary Goodnight the Bond girl?
The man with the golden gun
Which future actor dropped out of college to be a dishwasher?
Warren Beatty
What did Jill Oppenheimer change her name to and became famous as?
Jill St John, Tiffany Case in a Bond film
Which ship was blown up at the end of the movie “The African Queen”?
The Louisa
Who won the best su George Burns
Which 1979 movie won the Oscar for best visual effects?
The character Marion Crane died in what movie?
In what Location was Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket filmed?
London’s Dockland
What actors autobiography is titled ” All my Yesterdays”?
Edward G Robinson
What was the name of the Australian movie about the pianist Halstadt?
The extras from what Oscar-winning movie died within a year of making it?
Babe, they were all pigs
What’s the only movie Alfred Hitchcock to be made twice?
The man who knew too much
In the Wizard of Oz, what was the name of the Good Witch of the North?
Richard Burton won how many of his seven Oscar nominations?
Kevin Kline won the best supporting actor Oscar for what 1988 movie?
A Fish Called Wanda
What was the subtitle of Police Academy Six?
City Under Siege
Who’s life story was the basis for the film “Dance with a Stranger” ?
Ruth Ellis
The What was the name of Chewbacca’s son as seen on the Star wars holiday special in 1978?

Hollywood questions and answers

Anna Maria Louisa Italiano changed her name to what?
Ann Bancroft
Which movie star was born in Sakhalin Siberia?
Yul Bryner
Who was the first filmed recipient of the ” Custard Pie” in 1913?
Fatty Arbuckle
What actor turned down the leading role in Laurence of Arabia?
Marlon Brando
Richard Burton narrated Jeff Wayne’s what?
War of the Worlds
Casablanca in 1943 won the Oscar for what?
Best film
Charlie Chaplin was the first actor to appear on the cover of what?
Time magazine
Harrison Ford played CIA agent Jack Ryan. What other actor also played Jack Ryan?
Alec Baldwin
Which actress was considered the Laurence Olivier of Orgasms?
Hedy Lamarr
Which sexy Hollywood actress declared “I’ll get naked at the drop of a hat” ?
Sharon Stone
The annual Hackademy awards are given for what?
Smoking in films
What movie won the best sound effects Oscar in 1987?
Quentin Tarantino had his directorial debut with what film?
Reservoir Dogs
What talented director directed Spartacus and Lolita?
Stanley Kubrick
Fred Astaire began his career as what?
The World’s Worst Juggler
In the Terminator movie, who was the boy who would become the leader of the humans?
John Conner
Who won the best actress Oscar in 1959 for the movie Room at the Top?
Simone Signoret
In the Pink Panther, what did Peter Sellers use as an ink blotter?
A Cat
Who wrote and starred in the 1922 version of Robin Hood?
Douglas Fairbanks
In The Caine Mutiny Humphrey Bogart played Captain Queeg, but who was the first choice?
Richard Widmark
Which film festival awards the “golden lion”?
Sylvester Stallone used to sweep out what for a living?
Lions cages
What unusual role did Bogart play in “The Return of Doctor X” in 1939?
A Vampire
What was Spencer Tracy’s last movie role?
Guess who’s coming to dinner
What was the name of the lion in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe?
What was Clint Eastwood’s first film as a director?
Play Misty for Me
What movie was the first of the spaghetti westerns?
A Fistful of Dollars
The role of Indiana Jones was offered to and rejected by what actor?
Tom Selleck, he was too busy
Made in 1976, what was Hitchcock’s last movie?
The Family Plot
Which one of Clint Eastwood’s movies has the most killings?
Where Eagles Dare at 65 killings
In what country was Keanu Reeves born?
What is Indiana Jones first name?
What job did Michael Cane, Uma Thurman, and Sidney Poitier all do at one time in their lives?

Hollywood Movie Trivia Quiz Questions

Tommy Lee Jones made his movie debut in what movie?
Love Story – As Hank
In Grease, who rejected the Olivia Newton-John role?
Marie Osmond
Who directed Serpico?
Sidney Lumet
What was the name of the first actress to endorse a product commercially?
Lilly Langtree
What is Sean Connery’s real first name?
Malden Serkiovitch used what name for his acting career?
Karl Malden
Who won the Oscar for best supporting actress in 1967 for the film Bonnie and Clyde?
Estelle Parsons
What famous actor failed an audition for “Fame” because was not pretty enough?
Tom Cruise
Tracey and Hepburn’s first film in 1942 was titled what?
Woman of the Year
What actor was known as Singing Sandy early in his career?
John Wayne
In “The Left Handed Gun” Paul Newman played who?
Billy the Kid
In the movie Storm Warning, which Actress was killed?
Doris Day
In the movie industry, what is a flipper often used by child actors?
False teeth
James Bonds fathers name was what?
In 1906, which country made the first feature film?
Australia – Story of Kelly gang
In the movie Rebel Without a Cause what was the name of the High School?
What was the first film made in cinemascope?
The robe
What did Clark Gable used to do four or more times a day?
Alfred Hitchcock’s daughter appeared in what film thriller?
Psycho – name her Patricia Hitchcock
In the film Tommy, who played The Acid Queen?
Tina Turner
Who played Inspector Clouseau in 1968?
Alan Arkin
Marilyn Monroe’s real last name was what?
Who first starred in the film “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble”?
John Travolta
Alphonso D’Abruzzo changed his name to what?
Alan Alda
What movie won the best screenplay Oscar in 1970?
Which movie is the only silent film to win the best picture Oscar?

In George C Scott, what does the C stand for?Campbell

On film, who first played Flash Gordon?
Buster Crabbe
What macho actor appeared in drag in two Marlene Dietrich movies?
John Wayne
What actor was the star of the movie” The Sixth Sense”?
Bruce Willis
What famous Hollywood star used to be a circus acrobat?
Burt Lancaster
In Arthur Hailey’s roots Ben Veeren played what character?
Chicken George
Susan Alexandria changed her name to what?
Sigourney Weaver
In 1961 who was first actress to win an Oscar for a non-English movie?
Sophia Loren
Margaret Herrick named what in 1931?
The Oscar because it looked like her uncle
Vaselina and Brillantino were alternate names for what movie?
What actor started his film career as Anglo Saxton type 2008 in the 30s?
David Niven
Harold Sakata was badly burned playing what character?
Odd Job in Goldfinger
In which movie did Sean Connery sing Pretty Irish Girl?
Darby O Gill and the Little People
Jerome Siberman achieved acting success as who?
Gene Wilder

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