23+ Questions To Ask Your Crush To See If They Like You

Having a crush may be a thrilling experience. We’ve all had butterflies after watching their Instagram posts. You’ve probably already planned a slew of captions for when you make things official on social media. But before you get there, there are a few things you need to do, such as get to know them! When you initially start talking to your crush, you want to learn more about them in a way that distinguishes you from the other possible baes who continually text them and slip heart-eye emojis in their DMS all day. The greatest questions to ask your crush spark interesting, meaningful discussions that provide insight into who they genuinely are and whether or not they actually interested in you too!
Not only is asking questions a fantastic way to start open-ended talks, which are essential for establishing compatibility with a prospective new partner, but it’s also a simple little trick for keeping a conversation going. People enjoy talking about themselves, so asking your crush questions is a fun and relatively low-lift way to keep them interested. Remember that this stage of a possible relationship is all about determining whether you connect with a new person, and it should be enjoyable!
The goal here is to choose questions that are deep enough to allow you to get to know the newest object of your affections and develop a relationship without coming off as an interrogation.
This list of questions to ask your crush is geared toward building a relationship with that special someone who gives you butterflies. With these questions, you’ll be able to discover their actual sentiments toward you while also letting them know how you feel about them. The greatest thing is that these inquiries are meant to be informal and subtle, so even the most timid of us may ask them without being forced or evident. Lets begin!

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Questions To Ask Your Crush To See If They Like You

What do you think about before going to bed?

This is an excellent casual inquiry that may also be sensitive and profound. You’re not explicitly asking if they’re crushing on someone, but the outcome will be similar—you’re giving your crush the opportunity to tell you if they have a particular someone on their mind at all times. If they say they think about you, it means they have feelings for you.

Would you answer if I called you late at night?

If they say yes, they obviously care about you. Of course, don’t see this as an indication that they have romantic love for you because friends would likewise pick up their phones late at night (you never know whether your buddy is in an emergency).

What is the biggest turnoff on a date?

Avoid doing whatever they suggest. Alternatively, if they claim the greatest deal breaker is listening to country music in the vehicle or wearing too much makeup and those are your grooves, then you two are not compatible.

What song would you dedicate to someone you care about if you could?

Song lyrics may reveal a lot about how someone feels on the inside. Analyze the music they offer you, and if the plot or message matches your situation with your crush, you may be sure they’re teasing you too!

What is the best way to invite someone out?

If your crush offers you a general response, such as “I’d simply ask her after work,” he definitely doesn’t have a crush right now and hasn’t given any consideration to asking anyone out. However, if your admirer responds more thoughtfully, you can deduce that he has lately considered it and now has someone in mind whom he intends to ask out!

How do you know whether you’ve fallen in love?

You’re giving your crush the opportunity to tell you they like you by asking this question. If they are ready to open up, they will either hint at it or tell you outright.

What is the most crucial aspect of your life right now?

Asking about what is essential to them right now is a great strategy to learn about their short-term life ambitions. If they genuinely like you, they might say, “Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?” Or, as they may put it, gaining the bravery to do “things.” You can dig more to learn what that “thing” is.

In five words, how would you describe your ideal type?

Check to see whether you’re the one. Your crush will describe you in five words if you are It’s also worth noting whether they merely discuss superficial elements, such as physical looks. If you truly want to be with this person and not simply hook up with them, find someone who can describe their ideal person using adjectives like “intellectual,” “kind,” “has a sense of humor,” “cares about animals,” and so on.

What are your favorite weekend activities?

This inquiry allows you to learn about their genuine personality and interests. If your sweetheart says “nothing” or “I simply sleep and watch TV,” they’re either not interested in chatting with you or aren’t an engaging person.

What are three things you would do if you had unlimited time and money?

Again, asking such a question might reveal a lot about who this person is and what they care about the most. It helps you determine whether your worldview and personality are compatible.

Do you prefer long-term relationships or casual dating?

A crucial question to determine whether you and your crush are on the same page. You may enjoy one other, but if one of you is searching for serious dating while the other is looking for something casual, the relationship will fail and you will be regretful.

Would you rather date someone intelligent or attractive?

This allows you to determine whether you’ll be compatible. If you’re not shallow, hearing someone express they’d rather date someone hot is a no-no. If you’re only interested in sexual appeal, you’ll get along well. This question also allows you to delve further.

What is a gift you’ve always wanted to receive?

This is a charming question since it may reveal a lot about what your crush values, and if you want to go all out and get them a present, you’ll know precisely what to purchase them.

Have you ever had unrequited love?

This is a disguised inquiry concerning if they have ever felt, or are presently experiencing, that their affections are not being returned. It allows for the possibility of a confession about having affections for you.

Do you idealise your parents’ relationship?

Whatever they say will tell you exactly what they want in terms of dating, marriage, and their future life partner. If they say they don’t believe in marriage because of xyz, you can bet they have commitment difficulties. If they recognize some flaws in their parents’ marriage and indicate they want to try to avoid them, you’ll know they want to have a healthy connection and will work hard to keep it.

What would you do if someone you liked didn’t like you back?

This allows your crush to demonstrate how intense their sentiments are when they have a crush. Is it their nature to move on to the next great thing, or do they hold feelings?

What are you most afraid of doing?

Someone’s special sensitivity offers a clear image of what they care about. Whatever they are afraid of demonstrates how much they care about that item. For example, if they are concerned about not being admitted to the correct institution, they will put a lot of effort into their education and future. If they claim they’re afraid of being alone, they’re a real romantic who cares deeply about finding true love.

What makes you the most nervous?

They may mention anything like taking an exam or meeting new people, but if they truly like you, they might just say, “Asking you out.” Wow!

What is the most thoughtful thing someone could do for you?

If they say, “Listen to me and understand me,” you’ve got a winner. If they say, “Buy me a vehicle or a house,” they don’t have a lot of depth. You decide whether or not to spend time with them after that.

“What name would you select if you had to rename yourself?”

To get people talking about themselves, use this question. Allow your crush to explain why they chose the name they did. They may claim it’s from a beloved book, the name of a loved one, or the name of a favorite area. Whatever they select, you’ll discover something about them, and they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness!

“Do you have faith in astrology?”

Discover whether your zodiac signs are compatible. If you read your horoscope every day, you’re definitely eager to find out if your signs are compatible. They can respond that they don’t know what their sign is. If that’s the case, simply inquire about their birthdate.

“What do you spend your money on?”

Your crush’s purchasing habits reveal information about what they like. If they spend a lot of money on shoes and you’re a fashionista, you’ve just discovered a fantastic opportunity to connect. You two might go on a date night at the mall, and you’ll have a gift idea for the following birthday or holiday.

“What is the strangest thing you find appealing in someone?”

The reaction of your crush may indicate a distinct facet of their nature. If they’re into anything strange, it’s usually something they don’t talk about too often. Are you left-handed? Do you have freckles? Are you being awkward? With their reaction, you’ll get a peek at your crush’s eccentric personality. And keep an eye out because she might mention one of your qualities to let you know if she likes you!