9 Best Ways To Be Funny Infront Of Your Crush

Having a crush on someone is quite hard. You have to fight your nervousness around them as well as manage to catch their eyes and find ways to talk to them. This is probably the hardest struggle of having a crush on someone especially when you see them every day. However, you would need to talk to them and also grab their attention. While there are many qualities that people like in other people there are some general qualities that impress everyone, and one of them is being funny!
While some people are naturally funny and have a lot of practice, that doesn’t mean that someone who isn’t “funny” can’t make people laugh. Being funny is a trait that you can develop later on in life simply by practicing being funny. But how do you become funny? And that too in front of your crush! Well, that is why you are here, right?
Here, we are going to list down some of the best ways to become funny in front of a crush. Go ahead and have a look at the following tips and ways to become funny in front of your crush.

Best Ways To Be Funny Infront Of Your Crush

1. Get to Know Your Crush

If you want to make your crush laugh and appear funny you might want to know a little bit about them. If you know what chuckles them then your job would be easier as you would know what kind of jokes would land for them and what would never work.
So before you become a stand-up comedian in front of your crush make sure you know something about them. This will also enhance your confidence and you can make better jokes that you know would work for your crush.
You can ask the subtle details like their interests or likes, what kinds of movies and shows they enjoy, what kind of food they like, or what things they hate. These things would be helpful later on when you will try to make some jokes or try to make them laugh. Also if you are not familiar with your crush’s interests then you can search for that as well.

2. Listen to Other People’s Jokes

One way to become funnier is to know how to make a joke and use it in a good way that it lands perfectly. If you are not the person who cracks jokes more often then you would need to know how to make a joke and how to say it perfectly.
The best way to learn that is to listen to other people’s jokes. This will help you learn how to make a joke and how to make someone laugh without trying too hard. Whether you want to use the same joke or not is not the big deal, by listening to other people’s jokes you would learn many things that would certainly help you to be funny.

3. Be Sarcastic

One of the ways you can be funny is to be sarcastic. This is the best way to become funnier after we all loved Chandler from Friends, right?
You can search for how to become more sarcastic and how to make things funnier or even make fun of people (in a harmless way!). Sarcasm always impresses people as it is not just about being funny but also about being smart.
This is something you must learn to be more fun. And if your crush loves sarcasm then they would be impressed by you as well.

4. Do Physical Comedy

This is also a way to make people laugh and it is quite funny and interesting. So if you want to make your crush laugh or appear funny in front of them then you would like to learn physical comedy as well.
This can seem a bit overrated at first as well as uncomfortable or cringe, but if you are comfortable with your crush and they also enjoy physical comedy then you will have a great chance of making them laugh. You can also tickle your crush or mess up their hair, so it will involve touching, make sure you are comfortable with that. The physical comedies include running into a door, falling, and acting hurt. You can also do silly dances or wrestle with them and so on.

5. Do Impressions

Doing impressions is also a great way to make someone laugh. This is an iconic and classic way of making people laugh around you and become funnier.
If you are comfortable acting or imitating people around you then you should certainly try that up. You can also pick one of the celebrities or even their favorite or least favorite actors and do their impressions.
You can get better at impressions by practicing at your pace and in your home before you use that in front of your crush.

6. Tease Your Crush

Teasing your crush is also a great way to make them laugh. It is also one of the next ways to get closer to someone and grab their attention. So while you are earning your hand at being funny you may as well try teasing your crush.
This will require you to pick on small things about them for example their favorite celebrities, activities, likes, or dislikes. And if you can dig up more then you can tease them about something embarrassing that they have done or their worst dates, etc.
Make sure you don’t take teasing too far as it can look like an insult or offend them. So find a sweet spot for teasing and stick to that.

7. Try Observational Comedy

One of the best ways of being funny is to make fun of things around you without being too personal or harsh. For example, if you are with your crush then you can look around and find people to make fun of them.
This will also generate some inside jokes that you can laugh about later on. You can be very creative and sarcastic while being funny too.

8. Tell your jokes to others first

If you are nervous about telling jokes in front of your crush then you can practice and tell your jokes to others. This will most certainly help you to get better at telling jokes and being funny.
You can ask for help from other people or someone who is already funny and can make people laugh. You can also ask for their reviews and see what you can improve to be funnier.
You can also tell jokes that are one-liners, knock-knock jokes, and so on. If you have heard a good joke then go on and tell your crush that as well.

9. Share your embarrassing stories

There is nothing funnier than making a joke about yourself and this also shows how confident you are. This is where you should tell embarrassing or weird stories that you have about yourself or stuff that has happened to you in the past.
This can also help them to open up about themselves and share their funny and weird stories. It will for sure strengthen your bond with your crush. Overall, the best way to appear funny is to make a joke about yourself, so do try this as well.


So these are some of the ways you can practice becoming funny in front of your crush. It’s not something hard or impossible, and if you can understand the subtle ways of humor you can also become funnier.
Well, humor has been a popular trait of personality that people want in their partners. Your crush will more likely notice you if you can tell some jokes and make everyone laugh, including your crush. That is all for now and we hope you found this article helpful and you got everything you have been looking for.