14 Best Questions To Ask A Romantic Partner 2023

We often tend to go out of ideas when we are presented in front of someone we admire and it increases even more when it is a person of opposite gender. We think of all the possibilities which are mistake free and pick one which seems easy and the least problems we could create. And we often go to our friend for help and ideas, isn’t it?
Well we are offering you the help proving ourselves the best of your friends and the best part you can rely on us. It does not matter at what stage of the relationship you are, asking questions always help. It will help you both understand where you both are at and many other things. Keep on reading and you will find out some of the best questions to ask to a romantic partner.
Did the heading catch your attention? Is it something you can help yourself with? What are you waiting for then? Keep reading and solve the current problem you are having.

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Questions To Ask A Romantic Partner

1. How do you like to express your feelings for each other?

Everyone has a different love language and they like to express it in those different ways. Some like to give a surprise to their partners, some would like to gift a book, some would like to prepare a good meal for them, some like to spend a day with their partners doing nothing, some would like to treat them in the best ways, some would like to protect them. It could be anything.
Sometimes when we do not know we tend to upset our partner and it kind of ruins things. So it is better to ask them about all the things and also the way they would want the other to express their love in.

2. What do they like to do on a romantic weather with you?

Now a romantic weather can depend upon a person’s liking but mostly it is related to cloudy skies, raining all over, the winds sweeping by. Now with all these beautiful things happening with the beautiful person you are with how would you like to make it memorable?
Both your opinions can differ but when you will discuss this, there is a chance that both you will find a common point and do that and maybe have the best moments of your life.

3. Do they smile when they think of you?

What could be more romantic when someone would smile thinking about you or thinking about some of your gestures or actions or about something that you said to them? Many things are there that many people would say they are much more romantic but this is something aesthetic.
Try asking this and feel good about yourself and keep doing the things that your partner would list in this category of you making them smile and feel good.

4. How would they like to plan a romantic date?

It feels so romantic when we see a couple in the movies going on a perfect date night. Sometimes its candle light dinners, sometimes it a long drive, sometimes a movie and it varies. Have you ever thought how does a perfect date night look to your loved one? If not go ask them and have a surprise planned. It seems like the best idea because it kills two birds from a single arrow.

5. Any romantic movie that they want to watch with you?

Now-a-days who is not interested in watching movies? Almost everyone has a Netflix or an Amazon Prime subscription followed with their bucket list full of movies to be watched on the days off their work and socialization with their friends or colleagues.
Ask your partner is there any romantic movie that they have already watched or is yet to watch and they want to watch it with you? It can also turn out to be a date night and you can prepare a perfect meal with some good arrangements.

6. Which qualities of yours are the most loved by them?

Who does not feel good when someone appreciates the qualities in one? And it intensifies even more when it is your partner. The feeling jumps to the seven clouds, isn’t it?
And I am sure everyone feels that way. If you also want to feel the same way then what is stopping you? Go and try asking them this.

7. What is the first thing that they thought about you when they saw you?

Love at first sight is so much romanticized by the films and movies. Try asking your partner how they felt when they say you for the first time? Now, this might turn out to not be romantic for some.
But it may take you back to the days when you first met, how the things back were then and how are they now and it will make you laugh and feel grateful that when you thought things would turn out to be wrong here you are sitting with that same person and laughing on those things.

8. How do you look to them when you dress up?

According to almost everyone they look the best when dressed in their choice of clothes. Now, it may or may not be different for the person you are currently with.
You may get a happy answer for this question or you might get some advises on your clothing sense. Both ways it will be good for you don’t you think?

9. What made them think that you could be more than friends?

Many love stories get their start from a friendship only. I am not talking about all but yeah, most of them. So, if you have that current scenario try asking them the reasons that made them think of you as more than a friend.
There must have been some things that you would have done knowingly or unknowingly to make them feel that way. It is a good chance to know if those were the things that worked.

10. Are the things going the way they had imagined?

We all have our own definition of love and love life even our own fantasies too. Some may think about their prince charming will take care of them throughout the whole life. Some may think about the ways they would meet the princess of their dreams the way she would look at him the first time they would meet.
But snapping back to reality we do set some criteria for our partners to follow. The time and space is given or not? It needs to be made sure that both of them are loyal and putting efforts and that it is not just from one side and things like this. So try asking them this. It may turn out to be romantic and if not you will have certain things to pay attention to, to make your partner and yourself happy.

11. Do they think that you feel jealous about things? How do they feel about that?

Being jealous for our partner is a common trait found in almost every human being but it is often not adored when it increases too much.
Try talking to your partner about how they feel when you feel jealous for them. And try fixing it and understanding the situation when you think it is becoming toxic.

12. What do they day dream about most often?

Some things make our life very special. We often spend our time day dreaming about them. Sometimes they are the future events that we see happening or coming by and we end up smiling at the thought.
Ask and see if you are the reason or not. Is it some of your habits that your partner is day dreaming about or is it some future happening stuff that they are currently dreaming about? Does it include you or not figure out.

13. What do they think is the one thing that you guys have unique?

Every person is unique and every relationship carries the essence too. We all are unique in our ways and do different kind of things that are different from the world.
Find out the same about your relationship. Is it the words you both use? The dresses you share with each other? Or is it the way to talk? It could be anything. So what are you waiting for, jump into this straight away.

14. What do they prefer to when they talk to you call or text?

It differs from person to person their likes and preference. Not everybody is comfortable with everything. You can find out how your partner likes to converse with you. Do they prefer texting or calling? And yes do not forget to ask the reason for the choice that they would make.


Communication is the key to any successful relationship. The questions here listed above can give you and your partner a lot of romantic topic to discuss about and spice things up if they are not on the right track. You can also create some game and add these questions in there to make it interesting and have a good time together.