Top 15 Questions To Ask When Dating Someone 2023

Are we all not terrified to do the right things when we are dating someone? The anxiety of doing the things the right way kicks in so much. The curiosity to know what are those thing and the non ending questions: How to present yourself, how to make good conversations, how to treat them so that you do not make them dislike you and so much more.

Keeping all these things in mind and to ease them up a little bit, we have come up with a series of questions that you could ask when you are dating someone. A good conversation will help you present yourself in the best of manners.

Confidence is also very important when you are trying to present yourself. So, wear your confidence to its best and start a conversation by picking any one questions and continuing with the rest of them.
It might be possible that you already have talked about so many other things and now you have run out of topics. This list will give you unique ideas in form of questions. So let’s get started.

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Questions To Ask When Dating Someone

1. What’s their idea for a perfect weekend?

We all plan everyday of our life don’t we? But a planning for a weekend still remains a brain scratcher. And it must be we get so much free time in our weekends compared to the week days. And every weekend becomes a special one with all the planning that we do.
By asking this question it might turn out to be a very good way of planning a date for the coming weekend with them. Or you may plan a perfect weekend date and it might turn out to be a very beautiful surprise.

2. What is the best gift that they have ever received?

Gifts, we all know how tough it is to gift someone and becomes even tougher when the person we are gifting is the one we have not known since long and we are dating.
So asking this question will lessen a very big burden and it will help you pick the right gift for your loved one helping you making lesser mistakes.

3. What’s on top of their bucket list right now?

There are so many things out there one wants to do and live their life to the fullest. Everyone has a bucket list whether it is watching movies or some doing activities or be it some places that they want to visit the most.
Ask them about their bucket list and then share yours with them and then try to complete it together. It is also a very good way to bond with each other.

4. Who has been the biggest influence on their life and decisions?

This is a question from which you can get an idea about the other person’s ideal. After starting this conversation you also might know the deeper details of the other person’s life.
Also by keeping the details in mind you may also offer a help in decision making in the future and turn out to be a helpful person.

5. Where did they grow up?

Many emotions are connected to a person regarding his childhood, the place they grew up, their childhood friends, etc. Asking a question like this may unravel many emotions in a person.
You will be able to know more about the person and you can use it to treat him/her using the details that would be mentioned.

6. What makes them laugh like anything?

We already have mentioned so many serious conversations that one can have but what about the fun? Laughing is also considered in therapy so ask this and have a good amount of laugh with the person. This may bring out a different personality of the person you are with.

7. Who’s their celebrity crush and what do they like the most about them?

Who does not watch movies and who does not have a crush on the amazing celebrities out there? Try to get to know about their celebrity crush.
Also ask about the things that they like about them the most. Whether it be their dressing styles, their way of speaking and you could add this as an element when planning a date or a surprise.

8. What’s the funniest pick up line ever used on them?

We all have been a witness to some of the rarest pick up lines used some time or the other. Share your experience with them if you have any and ask them to reciprocate.
It may turn out to be a very funny conversation you would have never imagined. It is a very interesting topic to have a conversation on.

9. Have they found someone attractive whom they should not?

Knowing about the things they have experienced and felt can be a very good thing to increase the bond that two people have. If you want to make them feel vulnerable around you, want to have a friendship bond with them, get a conversation started on this topic about the person that should not have found attractive.

10. What’s the biggest turn off for them in a relationship?

You do not want them to get pissed at you by doing the thing that they hate the most. And how can you avoid it? The answer is by asking them. How else do you think you would get to know the right answer?
Based on their previous dating experiences ask them what was a major turn off for them so you can avoid those things if you attempt on doing anything like that in the future.

11. What’s their favourite day in a week?

Favourite, we all like to label things with this word. We usually make a song our favourite, we have heard about favourite food. But these are the common things.
What about the favourite day of the week. The things they like to do on the day. Why is that day special to them? Any specific memory connected to the day? Ask these details and remember them. And you could have a conversation and get to know about them. Two targets with just one question.

12. What’s their favourite song to dance?

Music is a gift for all of us. Whether it is a happy moment in your life or a sad one we always search for the playlist that we created for a situation like that. Asking about this may help you to connect on a deeper level.

And if it turns out that your taste in music is same then it will be a much better conversation you can ever imagine. You would also get to know more about their mood and the genres of songs they listen to. Ask about the thing that they love in the song which makes it their favourite of all time. Moving on to the next questions:

13. Have they ever been to a blind date? Was it successful or not?

Blind dates are real fun thing about dating. It does not always turn out to be a perfect one. Sometimes we end up making friends, sometimes enemy and sometimes a good partner. They also have many funny things attached and emotions too.
Get to know about a few experiences if they had any. What were the things that had them laughing? Who was the person? Did they know them or not? How was the overall experience?

14. What makes them smile when they think about your relationship with them/about you?

It is a whole different feeling when you make someone smile. It maybe your actions, it maybe your name, it could be the way you talk.
Ask this to know how you affect their day and how you make them smile, feeling good about the relationship and knowing each other even more and noting them when they mention the details.
Keep on making their days special and keep on being their reason to smile.

15. What are the things you do for them that they appreciate?

It feels good to know about the things that you do which affects a person’s day in a good way and receive appreciation once in a while. If lately they have not appreciated or not reciprocated to your deed that you had put efforts in: ask them about it. Again, a very good topic to have a conversation with you partner.


The main reason of any good relationship has to be a good conversation asking each other questions, getting to know each other better, the likes and dislikes. Without having a conversation you can never know how the other person behaves. You won’t be able to know how the other person thinks, the things they have experienced, their mentality and if they are compatible with you or not.
What are you waiting for ask these questions and get your journey started. Also use the small tips with some of the questions that have been provided.