Top 11 Questions To Ask When Buying New Clothes 2023

For some buying clothes is like therapy and for others, it is no less than a challenging task. While all of us like to have new clothes in our wardrobe which are good, versatile, and enhance our personality, there is a lot that is going on while buying new clothes because there is so much anxiety and doubts about what to buy and what not to buy. Some people are smart shoppers as they buy the best clothes that not only look good on them but are economical and versatile with a great value for money as well.
What is the difference between a good shopper and a bad one that struggles to choose the right clothes for them? The obvious difference lies in the way the smart shopper shops. They don’t go after trendy clothes just for the sake of following a trend! But these people would collect their thoughts and get to the conclusion that they only buy the clothes that are right for them.
If you find yourself on the other side where you struggle while shopping for the right clothes and end up with the wrong clothes then you are not alone. You can certainly change the way you shop and improve your shopping habits as well.
But how? The answer is quite simple, all you need to do while shopping is ask some simple questions yourself while buying new clothes and you will end up making the right choices and getting the best value for your clothes.
To help you out, we have enlisted some of the best questions to ask while buying new clothes. Go ahead and take a look at the following list of questions and see how you can ace the shopping game.

Questions To Ask When Buying New Clothes

1. Do I Need This?

Sometimes when you are buying new clothes you might find yourself craving everything that you see in the mall or online. But we buy some things that only look good at the time of shopping without thinking much about later and if we really need this or just buying just because it looks cute at the time.
To analyze whether you need that piece of clothing or you have something similar already that you don’t wear. For example, buying another black heel or the black little dress might not be necessary.

2. How many times can I wear this?

This is another valid question that you should ask yourself while buying clothes. The more you can repeat a specific price of cloth the more value for money you are going to get out of that piece.
There are plenty of things that you just buy and later regret because you can’t wear them more than once or twice, this is a waste of money and it’s also taking up extra space in your closet. Think of it this way, if you live in a hot climate and you rarely go somewhere you need a sweater, yet you are buying a sweater just because that looks cute then it won’t be a smart purchase.

3. Can you utilize the piece of clothes with your existing clothes?

This is another smart question to ask when buying new clothes, because not only should you be able to repeat the cloth but also be able to use them with different things.
You should buy something that can go with several clothes or accessories you have already so it would get you the maximum value for money. For example, you can invest in chic white shirts that can be used with all kinds of formal and casual clothes, such as jeans, pants, skirts, shorts, etc. This goes with other stuff like the shoes that you can pair with maximum outfits that you wear or the bag or piece of jewelry that can go anything.
So avoid buying something too unique that requires only a specific kind of pairing and that may not be utilized with lots of outfits either.

4. How is the quality?

The thing about clothes is that some people only look at the trend, color, or design, and forget to consider the quality of the cloth. This will certainly impact you later as you won’t be able to wear it comfortably and the cloth might get ruined after only one wash. This is why you should look at the quality of the material used in the clothes that you are buying. Look at the washing instructions and the composition of the material and see if that suits your needs. It would be better if the clothes you are buying last for a long time and don’t fade or tear easily or in a short time.

5. Is this comfortable?

This is another must-have question to ask while buying clothes and you shouldn’t ignore this either. Whether a piece of clothes, jewelry, or accessory you are buying, it must be comfortable to wear.
Try it out and see if you would be able to wear this for a long time. It shouldn’t be itchy or feel rough against the skin. You should be able to move freely in the clothes as well. Try movements like sitting, walking, bending, etc so that you would get a better feel for the comfort level of the clothes you are buying.

6. Is it a good fit?

The clothes that you are buying should be the ideal fit that you have been looking for. You don’t want to buy clothes that don’t fit. Even though this is a thing that we all are aware of, sometimes we rush into judging the fit and end up regretting it.
First of all, don’t buy anything without trying on the clothes and analyzing them. Furthermore, you should take a little time and judge the clothes and see if that is the fit that you wanted and if it is okay according to you. You don’t want to buy the crop tops that are too crop for you or the long sleeves top that isn’t long enough for you.

7. If it wasn’t on sale/discounted would I still buy it?

This again is a question that you should ask yourself often while buying the clothes. As we have discussed earlier, sometimes we buy things that we don’t actually need and regret them later.
If you are shopping for clothes, and see an item that is on sale and if you are more excited about the price that the clothes are available then you might not need to buy that. The thing is if you are buying anything for the price rather than its need and versatility then you should think twice.

8. Am I buying it because it is trendy?

Fast fashion has grown so much these days and people follow it blindly too. It is you causing the consumers to waste their money and not getting enough value for what they have been paying.
The term fast fashion means the clothing designs produced in the very least quality which makes it appear more valuable for the consumers without actually having that kind of value. Since the customers know that they will never get this piece of clothing ever again so they decide to buy it without thinking it through.
So buying something that is just trendy is not a great idea. You won’t be able to pair it up with your existing wardrobe clothes and these are not made from quality materials either. These also come with higher price tags too.
This is why instead of investing in something that can only be trendy for a year you should invest in the basics and evergreen clothing pieces.

9. Are there any sustainability aspects?

If you can, then you should buy more sustainable clothing that doesn’t harm the environment and is made in a very organic way. Of course, these may be a little pricier than others, but if you can afford them then you should only buy sustainable clothes.

10. Is it affordable?

The brand culture has grown too much over the years, and it is fascinating that a logo is worth so much.
But the thing about brands is that they don’t tell anyone’s worth. You should focus on the factors that we have mentioned before and other brands to buy the clothes that are worth your money.
If you find something that is quite expensive and you can’t afford it, it would be better to not buy it because that may not be worth the money you are spending. After all, you can always find good alternatives for everything.

11. Were the people who made this paid fairly for their work?

This is another question you should ask while buying clothes because it doesn’t strike us when we are buying clothes. Some brands are offering cheap quality clothes at a very cheap price, but the people who made those clothes may not be getting even the minimum wages. So if you see such a brand, do a little investigation and see why their clothes are cheap and if they are paying enough to their workers.


So these are some of the questions that you should ask yourself while buying new clothes. We have selected these questions because they have been recommended by a lot of expert shoppers and the fashion influences as well. These questions will not only help you buy the right clothes but will also help you not to buy the unnecessary piece of clothing that you probably don’t need or you can’t use in the long run.
That is all for now and we hope these questions would help you out as they have helped us out when it comes to buying new clothes.