11 Important Questions To Ask When Buying A Puppy 2023

Having a dog as a pet is still a dream of some of us. Dogs can be great companions and a friend to humans which is why they are a popular pet choice. Some people can get along with any kind of dog at any stage while others want to buy a puppy so that they can grow with the dog. Buying a puppy has a lot of advantages as they would become more familiar with you and your family and friends, they would be more comfortable with your house at an early age, and the puppies are just so cute that you can’t resist yourself from buying one.
Now that you are here, you must have thought of buying a puppy for yourself. Italy sounds easy to just go to a pet shop or breeder and pick a puppy that you like the most and come home with a pet. But it is not that easy and there are so many layers to this decision as well. You will have to figure out many things before finally deciding which puppy you want to take home. As we are familiar with choices when it comes to puppies, you would most certainly get confused or overwhelmed while buying a puppy for yourself.
Well, there are plenty of things you can do to make things right and choose the best puppy as well. One thing that you will need to do before choosing the best puppy for yourself is to ask some important questions to the breeder.
There must be plenty of things running in your mind while you buy a puppy, but those things might be ideal for making a decision. That is why you will need to ask some important questions to make things right and pick the best puppy for yourself.
So here we have enlisted the best questions to ask when buying a puppy, go ahead and take a look at the following questions;

Questions To Ask When Buying A Puppy

1. How Many Dogs Do You Own?

This one might sound like a simple question but it does make a difference. How many pups the breeder owns or the pet shop have does determine the care quality they must have given to each pup. There is no particular number because how easy they can take care of each puppy or the mother of the pups directly depends on the space, budget, and breed.
Overall, the point is that you would want to have a puppy that has been cared for and has been given attention to even before they were born. After all, you would want to have a healthy and happy puppy for yourself.

2. What Health Testing Do You Do?

One of the things that you must not neglect while buying a puppy would be their health checkups and testing. You mustn’t ignore the health of the puppy and buy the one that has been tested thoroughly and is ideal to take home.
The dogs need several testing and screenings that can detect genetic diseases or disorders in the puppies. These tests will certainly give you an insight into their overall health. There are some boards or organizations that give a green signal to the testing and the results of those tests. So a certified dog would mean that they are safe to take home.

3. Can I See Your Dogs’ Health Certificates?

Even though you have asked the breeder about the testing and the overall health status of the dog, just to be sure that what the breeder is saying is true, you might want to look at the certifications provided to the pups for their health.
So while you are buying the puppy, you must ask to see the dog’s health certificates to be sure. Most of the breeders would be happy to provide these certificates, only those who have something to hide might be reluctant to share such information.

4. Do You Engage in Other Dog-Related Activities?

Some breeders raise their pups with their full involvement. They are not just going to be the one that just overlooks the pups and feeds them. Physical activity for the puppies is quite important and especially when they are young.
So what you would like to know is whether the breeder was involved in the physical activities and raised the pups right. It also means that they must have looked after the physical growth of the puppies and made sure that they are raising an active and fit puppy which we all want and like.

5. What Is This Breed’s Temperament and Energy Level Like?

This again is a question about the puppy on its behavioral part and how they are in general. Some of the puppies are pretty active and energetic, while others are not so. That is where you would like to know the energy level of the puppy that you are about to buy. This would help you know the nature of the puppy and whether it aligns with your interest.
So ask the breeder what is the energy level of the puppy, whether it keeps jumping around all day or just lies in one place.
You would also like to know the temper of the puppy as you don’t want to buy a puppy that can lose its temper quickly and cause some hardship in and around the house.

6. What Should I Feed My Puppy?

If you have finally decided to buy the puppy you want, then you must ask questions to take care of the pup as you take it home.
One of the first things that you need to ask when buying a pup would be the diet plans for the puppy. There are plenty of things that determine the best diet for the puppy, such as the breed of the puppy. So you can’t take risks with the diet. This means you will need to know what diet you need to give the puppy you take home to.

7. What Grooming Does This Breed Need?

Apart from the diet, a puppy or dog also needs regular grooming. You can’t neglect the grooming for the dog as it might lead to a lot of discomfort for the dog and owner.
While you don’t have to adapt to a luxury grooming routine, you will certainly need to address some special grooming that the dog breed needs.
So ask about the grooming needs for the puppy you are buying and make sure you can take care of it.

8. What Support Can You Offer After I Take My Dog Home?

This is another great question that you will need to ask while buying a puppy. Most of the time the breeder or the pet shops are happy to assist you in the care of the puppy after you take it home but this isn’t always the case. You might find some shops that may not provide any support after you take the puppy home, this should be a red flag for you.
A good breeder should always be happy to assist you and provide you with much-needed information about the breed and the dog, this would be helpful and certainly a good deal for the future.

9. How Often Do I Need to Take the Dog to a Vet?

This question will address the medical needs of the puppy. The pets need medical attention every once in a while depending on their breed and type, and this is also true for the puppies. You have to keep in mind that you will need to see a vet every once in a while to make sure that your puppy is healthy and fit.
You can ask the breeder if there is a routine checkup going on for the puppy and how often you will need to see a vet regarding the puppy.
You can also ask them to recommend a vet for the dog if they have someone in mind.

10. Will You Take Back the Dog If I’m No Longer Able to Keep Them?

This is one of the most important questions to ask before buying a puppy. You can’t be certain that the puppy you have chosen would be comfortable in your home and if you can provide all the care and attention the dog needs. Sometimes they just don’t fit in the habitat or other times you might not be able to look after them.
In such cases, you should be able to return the puppy where it came from. Having this option would be better for both you and the puppy. Most of the time the breeders would take back the puppy or they will assist you to remove the dog as well.

11. Do You Use a Sales Contract

Having a contract can never go wrong and it is advised that you get a contract before you take the dog home. The contract will spell out the terms of the sale and allows each party to define their expectations of the transaction. This will be beneficial to both the parties, that is, the buyer and the seller. You can ask for a copy of the sales contract from the seller which would be useful in the future.


So these are some of the most important questions to ask while buying a puppy. We have enlisted the questions that can give you all the information that will help you decide while buying the best puppy and also get to know the puppy you are buying better.
That would be all for now and we hope that you got everything you have been looking for and this article was helpful for you. Now go and get your new and favorite puppy.