Top 127 Quiz Questions UK 2023 [General Knowledge]

Are you from the United Kingdom? Do you think you know everything about the UK? If you do think that way then this article is for you.
We all like to think that we know everything about our country and that no one can tell us otherwise. But thinking about knowing everything about your country and actually knowing about your country are two very different things. It is pretty clear that you think you know everything about the UK, well how about taking a quiz then?
I am sure you won’t have a problem participating in a quiz about your country and proving that you were right to say that you know your country very well.
In this article, we are going to present you with a list of UK Quiz Questions. Do look at the following UK quiz questions and try to answer them. Now some questions may surprise you or might disappoint you if you don’t know the answer to those questions. But don’t get upset because it’s not an easy quiz to crack.
Do go ahead and read the following UK Quiz Questions and try to answer them as well.
Quiz Questions UK

Quiz Questions UK

1.‘With the lights out, it’s less dangerous. Here we are now, entertain us.’
2.‘Love forever, love is free, let’s turn forever you and me. Windmill, windmill for the land. Is everybody in?’
3.‘Rent a flat above a shop, cut your hair and get a job. Smoke some f*gs and play some pool, pretend you never went to school.’
4.‘You must understand though, the touch of your hand makes my pulse react.’
5.‘When I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me.’
6.‘Mutual misunderstanding after the fact. Sensitivity builds a prison in the final act.’
7.‘No clouds in my storms, let it rain, I hydroplane into fame.’
8.‘I’m in California dreaming about who we used to be. When we were younger and free, I’ve forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet’
9.‘Living easy, living free, season ticket on a one-way ride.’
10.‘I got this feeling inside my bones, It goes electric, wavy when I turn it on.’
11.‘Scare myself to death, That’s why I keep on running; Before I’ve arrived, I can see myself coming’
12.‘This love has taken its toll on me; She said goodbye too many times before’
13.‘But I don’t care what they say, I’m in love with you; They try to pull me away, but they don’t know the truth’
14.‘I’m never gonna dance again, Guilty feet have got no rhythm’
15.‘No New Year’s Day to celebrate, No chocolate covered candy hearts to give away’
1.Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
2.Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc.
3.Pulp – Common People
4.Tina Turner – What’s Love Got do to With
5.The Beatles – Let it Be
6.Elton John – Sacrifice
7.Rihanna ft. Jay-Z – Umbrella
8.Adele – Hello
9.AC/DC – Highway to Hell
10.Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop the Feeling
11.Robin Williams – Feel
12.Maroon 5 – This Love
13.Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love
14.George Michael – Careless Whisper
15.Stevie Wonder – I Just Called To Say I Love You

Pub Quiz Questions And Answers UK

1.The traditional Claret Jug is the trophy awarded to the winner of which annual sporting event?
2.Who, in 1991, became the first driver to win the first four races of a Formula One grand prix season?
3.Which former England football international goalkeeper of the 1940s became a journalist and was killed in the Manchester United Munich air disaster?
4.Tennis. The two girls who won the women’s doubles for the USA at the 1992 Olympic Games had the same surname. What name?
5.In which country did the first Football World Cup finals take place in 1930?
6.Cricket. In 1995, Jack Russell took how many catches in a Test to create a new world record?
7.What was the nationality of Eugenio Monti, a bobsleigh driver who won 11 world titles?
8.In 2012 Lewis Hamilton announced he was leaving McLaren to drive for which other Formula 1 team?
9.Who was declared the Sportsman of the Century in 1999 by both the prestigious US magazine ‘Sports Illustrated’ and the BBC?
10.Which country is regarded as the primary practitioner of the game of polo?
11.Who has scored a record 277 points in Rugby World Cup football?
12.Who scored both goals in the final as Manchester United lifted Alex Ferguson’s first European trophy in 1991?
13.Golf: Which country will host the 2018 Ryder Cup, the first time the competition has been held there?
14.What is the name of the two Ukrainian brothers who have held boxing World Heavyweight titles in the twenty-first century?
15.Who was the first black player to play in baseball’s major leagues in 1947 and for which side?
16.Which country staged the last FIFA World Cup Final of the 20th century outside Europe?
1. (British) Open (Golf) Championship
2. Ayrton Senna
3. Frank Swift
4. Fernandez
5. Uruguay
6. 11
7.  Italian
8. Mercedes
9. Muhammad Ali
10. Argentina
11. Jonny Wilkinson
12. Mark Hughes
13. France (Le Golf National, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, near Paris)
14. Vitaly and Wladimir Klitschko
15. Jackie Robinson – played for Brooklyn Dodgers

Funny Quiz Questions UK

1.What is the world’s largest land mammal?
2.Rio de Janeiro is a city in which South American country?
3.Which Middle Eastern city is also the name of a type of artichoke?
4.With which sport is Silverstone most associated?
5.Nostradamus was famous for making what?
6.In mythology, Romulus and Remus were brought up by which animal?
7.What is the main source of vitamin C?
8.Insulin is commonly used to treat which condition?
9.The first atom bomb was dropped on which Japanese city?
10.What is dermatophobia the fear of?
11.The Velocipede was a nineteenth-century prototype of what?
12.Which is Britain’s oldest Sunday newspaper, published for the first time in 1791?
13.What was the middle name of Wolfgang Mozart?
14.What is the art of stuffing animals for preservation?
15.The term bhp is used when describing the power of a motor vehicle; for what does it stand?
16.What is Prince William’s second name?
17.Who invented the Flying Shuttle in 1733?
18.What does a Geiger Counter measure?
19.If you were an LLD, what profession would you be involved in?
20.How many of Henry VIII’s wives were called Anne?
4.Motor Racing
10.The fear of skin disease
11.A bicycle
15.Brake horse power
17.John Kay
19.The legal profession (Doctor of Law)
20.Two – Anne Boleyn and Anne of Cleves

Conclusion –

So these are some of the most popular and best UK Quiz Questions that you have now seen in our article. Did you answer them all? If yes, then congratulations you do know about the UK very well. But if you failed to answer some questions on our list don’t worry, because they are not very easy questions to answer anyway.
Our motive to come up with this article was to test your knowledge about the UK and share the best UK quiz Questions ever possible. Now that you have taken up the quiz yourself, it’s time that you share these questions with your friends and family and see their knowledge about the UK. You can also arrange a quiz and host it and them ask these questions as well. Thank you for staying with us and we hope you loved our article and enjoyed answering the UK Quiz Questions.

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