1265+ Hilarious Shoe Game Questions To Ask In Wedding 2023

Show game is a very popular wedding game to play and keep your guests entertained. It’s a fun game which all your guests would enjoy and the newlywed couple would be able to enjoy themselves too.
You have no idea what’s a shoe game is then don’t you worry, in this article we are gonna tell you all about the shoe game that you need to know.
How it is played?
The rules are pretty simple for a show game where all you will have to need is, two chairs, shoes of the couple and of course the newlywed couple.
The game can be played at the wedding reception where everyone is laughing and enjoying themselves. First of all you need to put the two chairs in the center (facing opposite of each other), then the couple would sit on them such that they don’t get to see each others face! Now they will have exchange their one shoe to each other so that they have one of their own shoe and other one of their partners.
Now one person from their guests, can be the one who asks questions. Keep in mind the question can only start with “who”, for example someone can ask the couple who made the first move, and then the couple will raise the shoe of the person who made the first move. For example, if the husband made the first move, he will raise his shoe and his wife will too raise her husband’s shoe!
The fun part is they won’t be able to see each other’s answers but they can guest the answer by the reaction of their guests.
It’s a fun game to play at a wedding where people get to know more about the couple and couples will enjoy too!

Wedding Shoe Game Questions

Who made the first move?
Who paid on the first date?
Who was the first to declare their love?
Who proposed?
Who’s more romantic?
Who plans more elaborate date nights?
Who wears the pants in the relationship?
Who’s the best driver?
Who’s more likely to talk their way out of a speeding ticket?
Who’s better when it comes to directions?
Who’s the best chef?
Who’s a pickier eater?
Who handles the groceries?
Who’s a better tipper?
Who’s more likely to steal all the covers on a cold night?
Who snores louder?
Who’s more likely to say something embarrassing in their sleep?
Who wakes up first?

Shoe Game Questions Indian

Who stays up later?
Who’s the better shower singer?
Who spends more time staring at their phone?
Who’s more likely to start an argument?
Who’s more likely to finish an argument?
Who’s more likely to max out their credit card?
Who’s more likely to save all their money?
Who’s clumsier?
Who’s chattier?
Who’s funnier?
Who’s messier?
Who’s more dramatic?
Who’s more stubborn?
Who’s more organized?
Who’s more athletic?
Who’s more of a thrill-seeker?
Who’s more adventurous?

Shoe Game Questions For Best Friends

Who’s better at keeping secrets?
Who would last longer on a deserted island?
Who’s more outgoing?
Who’s handier?
Who’s more likely to cry during a sad movie?
Who’s more likely to scream at the sight of a spider?
Who’s more likely to arrive late to an appointment?
Who’s needier when they’re sick?
Who’s the best gift-giver?
Who has a bigger wardrobe?
Who has the best style?
Who takes the longest to get ready?
Who’s more likely to lose their keys/wallet?
Who does the dishes more?
Who does the laundry more?
Who’s a better dancer?

Wedding shoe Game Questions Indian

Who’s the bigger party animal?
Who is better at planning surprises?
Who shops more?
Who farts more?
Who is most likely to want kids first?
Who is a better bathroom singer?
Who keeps the room messier?
Who made the first move?
Who cooks better Maggi?
Who is always to ready to splurge money on food?
Who was the first to fall in love?
Who never forget anniversary dates?
Who always leaves the dishes on the table after eating?
Who is better at managing finances?
Who takes more time to get ready for outings?
Who wakes up earlier?
Who loves kids more?
Who is a bigger party animal?

Hilarious Shoe Game Questions

Who drives better?
Who never forgets to take along their mobile to the washroom?
Who says sorry first?
Who cries more at movies?
Who lies the most?
Who doesn’t believe in organising the wardrobe?
Who is the crazier one?
Who has a cuter smile?
Who needs more pampering?
Who is poor with directions?
Who is always confused about what food to order?
Who falls sick more often?
Who is more self-obsessed? Or Who checks themselves out in the mirror the most?
Who skips bathing the most?
Who is more dominating in the relationship?
Who is the first one to fall asleep?
Who is never wrong?
Who is needier and acts like a baby when they’re sick?

Shoe Game Questions For Friends

Who is more health conscious?
Who has better taste in music?
Who is a cry baby?
Who dances better?
Who is more romantic?
Who snores louder?
Who is most likely to start a fight?
Who is more adjusting?
Who can’t keep a secret?
Who is always late?
Who cracks the lamest jokes?
Who is good with saving money?
Who has a better style sense?
Who is moodier?
Who throws maximum tantrums?
Who was more studious in school/college?
Who will be controlling the TV remote?

Shoe Game Questions For Couples

Who flirts the most?
Who is always hungry?
Who says ‘I Love You’ more often?
Who passes out first while drinking?
Who is a better lover?
Who is more emotional?
Who will do more household chores?
Who uses the phone the most?
Which spouse was more involved in wedding planning?

General Shoe Game Questions

Who hogs most of the bed?
Who is the better driver?
Who has the better driving record?
Who farts more?
Who is the better cook?
Who uses more toilet paper?
Who has bigger feet?
Who has a bigger butt?
Who has better vision?
Who has better hearing?
Who is worse with direction?
Who sneezes more?
Who has the nuttier family?
Who has the most shoes? (It is the shoe game, after all!)

Relationship Shoe Game Questions

Who was the first to admit their love?
Who was the one who made the relationship “official?”
Who was the first one to have a crush on the other?
Who wears the pants in the relationship?
Who has to always have the final words in an argument?
Who is the better kisser?
Who flirts the most?
Who is always the first to say “I love you?”
Who is the smarter one?
Who is your favorite person?

Financial Shoe Game Questions

Who makes more money?
Who spends more money?
Who shops more?
Who works more?
Who generally picks up the tab at restaurants?
Who is the cheapest?
Who tips the most?
Who pays the most bills?

Personality Shoe Game Questions

Who is more clumsy?
Who talks the most?
Who looks in the mirror more?
Who stinks up the bathroom more?
Who talks the loudest?
Who has the better laugh?
Who tells the best jokes?
Who is more serious?
Who is more flexible?
Who is most the dramatic?
Who is the biggest baby when they’re sick?
Who gives better presents?
Who gives the most unexpected surprises?
Who is the first to apologize after arguing?
Who has better hair?
Who is more forgetful?
Who cries the most during movies?
Who has more dressy clothes?
Who is more stubborn?

Shoe Game Habit Questions

Who exercises more?
Who eats healthier?
Who is in better overall shape?
Who eats the most fast food?
Who does more household chores?
Who’s car is the cleanest?
Who would rather be outdoors?
Who spends the most time on the phone?
Who sings better?
Who dances better?
Who brushes their teeth the most?
Who holds their liquor better?
Who takes longer showers?
Who takes the longest to get ready?
Who is the cleanest?
Who dresses better?

Common Shoe Game Questions

Who makes the better breakfast?
Who has the better shower singing voice?
Who’s more likely to make the bedroom floor their personal laundry basket?
Who will want kids first?
Who is the pickier eater?
Who’s more likely to fill the house with gear from their favorite college sports team?
Who chose the honeymoon location?
Who fell in love first?
Who’s more likely to leave dishes in the sink?
Who’s afraid of heights?
Who controls the credit cards?
Who’s a night owl?
Who’s more likely to burn the house down when they’re cooking dinner?
Who’s more of a dog person?

Sample Shoe Game Questions

Who spends a longer amount of time getting ready for a night out?
Who’s more likely to spend all their money at a Bed Bath & Beyond (or insert couple’s favorite store) sale?
Who would rather be outdoors?
Who’s an early riser?
Who’s more of a party animal?
Who’s more likely to fall asleep in front of the TV?
Who do you trust more behind the wheel?
Who’s more of a daredevil?
Who’s more stubborn?
Who takes up more than their half of the bed?
Who takes the longest showers?
Who’s “the responsible one”?
Who made the first move?
Who would be the first to lose their keys?
Who’s the most likely to cry at a movie?
Who eats the most junk food?


These are the best Shoe game questions. i hope you guys enjoy our questions of shoe game. if you have any question or suggestion then just comment below or contact us.