15 Common Reasons Why You Can’t Find A Job 2023

 Are you trying to find a job for a long time now? Well, these phases come in all of our lives where we can’t seem to get a job. It’s not that we are not qualified enough or we are not putting in enough effort, but sometimes things don’t seem to work out. During this time, all we ask is what is going wrong and why can’t we find a good job?
Well wondering this won’t bring you a job as you can see, you gotta work hard but first, you need to know why can’t you get a job.
Nobody is going to tell you this but only you can find a reason why you are not getting a job. Although we can be a little help for you as well. Here we are going to list out a few reasons why you are not getting a job!
We hope that you would find those reasons or at least some of them relatable and try to work on them as well. So go ahead and take a look at the following reasons and see you one them is your answer for the question, Why I can’t get a job?

Reasons Why I Can’t Find A Job?

1. The Resume

Often one of the most common reasons behind not getting a job is the resume of the job seekers. This is definitely a legitimate reason which would justify you not getting enough interviews or job offers.
There can be a lot of things that can go wrong with your resume. These problems can be anything from wrong fonts to an awfully written resume summary.
You must take a good look at your resume and find out what’s wrong with it or if there is something wrong. You can seek the help of some professionals or you can look up google and find how to write a resume.
See the thing is your resume is your first impression and whether or not you will get a job or interview, it all depends on your resume. So if you wanna make a good impression of yourself then just come up with a good resume.

2. Not Following Up After the Interview

This is another good reason why you can’t get a job. See the thing is, following up or sending a thank you email has become a necessity or a new formal. You would be surprised to hear that after an interview, the recruiters, don’t get a thank you or follow up email, they just don’t consider them as a deserving candidate anymore.
So if you are not sending the Thank You Emails or the Follow Up Emails then it might be one of the reasons why you are not getting a job.
You can check out how to write a Follow-Up or Thank You Email after an interview on our page. Do send these within the 24 hours of the interview and increase your chances of getting a job.

3. Not Asking Questions During an Interview

This one too is a popular reason why recruited won’t hire you for the job. See the interview isn’t a one-way street and it required both the parties to engage equally.
You must know that asking questions during an interview shows that how much interested you are in the job and that you are very curious to know what you will be doing after you have been hired.
So if your recruiters ask you if you have any questions for them then you should have some good questions to ask them. You can check out the list of good questions to ask during an interview as well. The asking question would make you look confident and interested so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

4. Wrong Cover Letter

A cover letter, just like the resume of a candidate is pretty important and the recruiters take it very seriously. So you need to check if there is anything wrong with your cover letter as well. The mistakes can be pretty small as a spelling mistake or grammar or it can be as big as sounding too confident or not well deserving.
Whatever this is, you might need to take a deep look at your cover letter and fix it up. You can find many articles on how to write a cover letter and it would be helpful as well.

5. Don’t Just Go After Online Jobs

One of the common mistake people commit is that they only apply for jobs which they find online. Although it’s not that wrong you need to make sure that you go after the jobs that are not on the internet or those popular job search engines.
See the job you are finding online would be also available for thousands of job seekers just like you so the competition is very tough there.
So look out for jobs on the different sites which are not that popular and you can also check out the jobs from the official website of companies or different organizations in your country. Although it would be hard to get jobs too, but you never know where you can find a job that would be perfect for you.

6. Don’t Wait for Job Openings

If you are just sitting in your home waiting for an opportunity or a particular job opening then you are committing a huge mistake. This is a waste of time and opportunity. You should really seize the opportunity and make sure you go for jobs that are available in the present rather than waiting for some job position that may or may not become available in near future.
Even if you are determined for that one job, you should go for a temporary job and wait till that particular job is in your hands.

7. Go for Informal Interviews As Well

Informal interviews are also a big step to bring you closer to a job. The informal interviews go in hand with your networking.
See if you know someone who can get you a job then you should go for it. Sometimes the informal interviews and your networking can land you a job.
We know it can be a little awkward to ask for help but this isn’t that bad and it’s definitely better than sitting in your home jobless. So next time if you find someone who can get you a job then don’t resist their help.

8. Poor Interview Skills

Well, one of the things that we all have to go through is the interviews if we want to get a job. So it is very important that the interviews go well and to make that happen you need to work on your interview skills.
If you think there is something wrong with the way your interview goes then you might need a little help with your interview skills.
There are a lot of tips that can help you to crack the interview, all you have to do is to look for them on the internet or you can ask someone who knows these things as well.

9. Watch Your Attitude During the Interview

Again it’s related to the interview, but you need to get this straight that if there is anything wrong with your attitude then it may not go well with the recruiters.
Make sure that you are doing everything right, from passing a polite smile to a firm handshake. If you have a know-it attitude or you are one of those people who thinks they are above anyone then you need to make some changes in your attitude as well. Even the tiniest thing about your personality can make your recruiters not wanna hire you.
We are not saying that you need to fake it but if you can come up with something to improve yourself or at least make them show your positive side then it would be great for you.

10. Find More and More Job Possibilities

You can’t find a job if you don’t think outside the box. So be open to the job possibilities and apply for all kinds of jobs.
It might sound crazy at once but it’s pretty important that you don’t limit yourself to only one kind of job or only look for a few jobs. You might not know what you are capable of doing until you try out. So if you think you can only do one kind of job then you might be wrong and this can be a reason why you can’t get a job because maybe you have just made up a picture in your head about that “job”. So get out of that picture and explore new opportunities.

11. Not Applying for Jobs for Which You Consider Yourself Overqualified

Sometimes we have to compromise and get a job that might be beneath our qualifications.
There is also another thing which would be recruiters finding you overqualified. But if you can find a way to turn that and make people believe that this is what you wanna do then you can certainly find a job. After all, sometimes all you need is a job rather than the ideal job that suits your qualifications.

12. Going After the Wring Jobs

This can too be a reason why you are not getting a job. See the thing is you might things that there is only one kind of job you want and you only go after that. But you might not be ideal for that job. So what you need to do is to avoid applying for jobs that aren’t meant for you.
You can analyze one or two things about yourself and see if you are suitable for the job you are applying for. If not, then drop it, it will be a waste of time for you.

13. Go for Jobs that Doesn’t Care About the Experience

There are not that many jobs that would take inexperienced people snd that’s what makes it so hard for people to get a decent job.
You can easily find a few jobs that won’t require years of experience and that what would be a good step to finally find a job. It might be a little hard to find such jobs but you can’t let that go so just keep trying

14. Having Some Serious Emotional or Mental Issues

Finding a job can be emotionally draining and this is what can cause a problem as well. Sometimes your mental health can be a problem why you are getting a job. People can detect when you are depressed even when you don’t know that yourself.
Detect the signs if you can and see if you can use some help.
Being depressed and anxious can make a negative impact on the recruiters and that might be a reason not to hire anyone. If this is the case with you then take some time off from this job hunt and work on your mental health.

15. You Don’t Ask What’s Wrong

Not asking what went wrong after you have been rejected might be a reason why you can’t get a job.
The thing is sometimes instead of speculating or being depressed after being rejecting you should just ask the recruiter what went wrong and if there is any specific reason why they are not hiring you. Constructive criticism can benefit you like no other thing. So next time if you are not getting a job after an interview you can just ask the reason directly!


So these are some of the most reasonable reasons why you can’t get a job. If you find something relatable on this list and think that it might be a reason that you don’t find a job then do make sure to eliminate that reason by working on that and finding a solution as well.
That’s all we have to tell and we hope that this list was someone helpful for you. So thank you for coming here and hopefully, you now have all the answers you have been looking for.