10 Signs A Girl Doesn’t Like You – Clear Signs That She Isn’t Interested

Knowing a girl is a pretty complicated process or at least the last one can think like this if the person is not paying any attention to the girls and have a lack of understanding. But it’s actually important that you know if a girl likes you or not. We have already done an article on Signs a Girl Likes You and to help you further, we are now telling you the Signs a Girl Doesn’t Like You.
This article would help all the people who are confused about whether or not a girl likes them. See if she likes you then you can approach her further and make your moves and if she doesn’t like you, it would be smart if you leave her alone and moves on.
We know that it can be pretty complicated and you might not get a straight answer whether a girl likes you, but things will be pretty obvious if she doesn’t like you, and the following signs will let you know when a girl doesn’t like you so you can just let her go. Let’s start out our list of signs which would suggest that a girl doesn’t like you.

Signs a girl doesn’t like you

1. She won’t be comfortable around you

This is the first sign that a girl doesn’t like you. If a girl likes you, she may be nervous around you but in a good way but she will be comfortable around you. While when she doesn’t like you she won’t be comfortable around you. She might never initiate the touch and break the touch barrier with you.
The thing is some girls are shy which makes her nervous about how she is around you and she might touch your shoulders or arms. But if you see a complete lack of physical contact then it may be a sign that she doesn’t like you.

2. She will never start the conversation

Take a look at who starts the conversation and if the answer is you only then this might be a sign that she doesn’t like you and not interested in talking to you. It’s okay if you start like 6 or 7 conversations out of 10 but if all the conversation is started by you then it’s time that you should understand that she might never be interested in you. And it’s the time that you should back off and leave her alone by not initiating any more conversations in the future.
Apart from this, she won’t have any role in the conversation. Such as, it will be only you telling stories about your day or telling something interesting. She will just reply to your texts or just nods without giving any meaning full contribution to the conversation.

3. Watch her body language

Our body speaks for us and it’s true in every aspect. One can easily understand if we are nervous, in anger, or in love by watching our body language. And this logic also applies when we want to know whether or not if the girl likes us or not.
It’s a clear concept, if a girl likes you, she would have an inviting body posture such as open arms and face is in your direction. But the opposite also stands true, when she isn’t into you then her body posture will be closed type featuring crossed legs or hands. Pointing the legs in any other direction than yours. Her head might be away from you and might pull away from you when you are getting close to her.

4. She will be on her phone every time you are with her

If the other person is on their phone every time they are with you then it actually indicates that they are not interested in you. And this also applies to the girls as well. If they are into you, they will leave their phone and will be fully focused on you but if she doesn’t like you, she might be on her phone or at least keep checking it again and again.

5. No eye contact

If you want to make sure that the other person knows how focused you are on them and then you maintain eye contact with them. And similarly, if you are not interested in the other person then you might not maintain eye contact while having the conversation or otherwise.
So if a girl doesn’t like you then she won’t look into your eyes. Her eyes will be everywhere except on you and this is the clear sign that she doesn’t like you.

6. Takes a longer time to respond to your texts or calls

It’s pretty much generalized that if the girl likes you, she will respond to your texts as soon as possible. But if she is taking too long to reply that means that she doesn’t really like you much.
It’s okay to replay late in once a while as we all get busy with our lives and work but if she always replays to your texts longer than 24 hours then it seems she isn’t interested in you. Similarly, she might not pick your calls or returns your calls after a long time.

7. Repeated ghosting

This one is also a sign- apparently a clear one! If a girl isn’t interested in you at all, then she is likely to ghost you. Meaning she will abandon you and completely cut you off from her life without giving any explanation. She might not talk to you for days and even if she does it will be work-related stuff or something she can’t avoid.

8. Watch her smile

It’s a popularly known fact that when a girl likes you, she might give you a smile every time you cross paths or have a conversation. But if the case is the opposite, you will find no smiles on her face, and even if she does smile it will feel a fake one to being just polite.

9. She gives more attention to other guys than you

Here is another sign that a girl doesn’t like you back. If you observe closely, you will find that she doesn’t give you as much attention as she gives to other guys or people in general. So you might wanna take a look at how she behaves when she is with others versus how she behaves with you.

10. Notice her tone

She won’t have a friendly tone if she doesn’t like you. You will find her tone more formal than being friendly.

Conclusion –

So these are the signs that will tell you that a girl isn’t into you. And this will make sure that you should back off and let her be alone. You should always respect a girl when she gives you signals that suggest that she isn’t into you and want you to leave her alone.
We hope you found this article helpful and you got the idea when a girl likes and when she doesn’t. So make your moves after analyzing everything about the girl and making sure that she likes you or not which will save both of you to feel embarrassed. We hope you like the article so thank you for being with us.