14 Signs A Girl Likes You But Is Trying Not To Show It 2023

We often hear that girls are complicated and it’s actually impossible to know what she wants or thinking in a moment. But that might not be true. Although guys do struggle to understand a girl fully and they might get confused when it comes to finding what a girl wants and what she is looking for. There are a number of times when guys need to take help to understand what the girl is thinking. And one such time is when a guy is finding out if a girl likes him or not!
Take your example, how many times it had happened that you were confused if a girl likes you or not and asked yourself whether or not you should make a move or not, ask her out or not! Am sure plenty of times and that’s why you are here to finally get the answer to this question.
And this article we have tried to help you a bit by providing you with a number of signs that might suggest that a girl likes you. So go ahead and see what are the signs that will say that a girl likes you back or not.

Signs a girl likes you

1. Watch her body language

Studies have shown that your body speakers for you and it’s are kinda true as well. You can actually find out if a girl likes you or not by noticing her body language when she is around you. There are a number of things that can suggest if a girl likes you or not.
Firstly, see if she has an open body posture and her body language suggests that she is open to having a conversation with you. If she likes you, her head will be in your direction and she will be relaxed and her body will be in an open position. Similarly, if she doesn’t like you, she will have a closed body position with crossed arms or legs, and face in the opposite or other direction when she is talking to you.
If she likes you she might stand closer to you and she will be more relaxed as well. Although this might not apply to every girl as everyone is different from one other and this sign is more of a general assumption.

2. She will get nervous around you (in a positive way)

If she actually likes you then there are high chances that she will act nervous around you. Playing cool around you will become a bigger task for her and she might not act normal. She will also blush every time you make eye contact or give her a compliment.
She might not be able to give her 100% when she is around you as your attention might make her nervous and you find it weird when she is around you. Although is she is nervous in a wrong way then you might do something wrong and she isn’t like your company and that’s the time when you should back off and leave her alone.

3. Eye contacts

When a guy likes a girl he will look get in the eye and maintain eye contact when having the conversation with the girl he likes and its exact opposite for the girls. She might like you if she is looking at you when you are not looking at her and the second you make eye contact she might look away. This is definitely a popular sign that a girl likes you. The bottom line is, she likes you if she is staring at you or trying to make eye contact (even failing to do so).

4. She will smile often

If she gives you a smile when she is around you then this might mean that she likes you. This might is a way of telling you that is interested in you. So yes if a girl seems to smile more often while looking at you then this actually means that she is into you.
Although if the girl is already your friend and she is has a nature of smiling at everyone she knows this might not suggest that she likes you more than a friend, so be considerate about it before you make an assumption.

5. She will mirror you

Studies have shown that a girl tends to mirror the man if she is interested in him. Immigration is firm flattery and it occasionally means that she is more focused on you which makes her subconsciously imitate you. You might find her imitating your manners and phrases that you use more often (even if to tease you). This might suggest that she is into you and you have more her attention.

6. Playing with her hair

Many girls tend to play with their hair when they are around the guy she likes. She will constantly be aware of their hair and either try to manage them or just playfully adjust them.

7. She responds to your flirty texts with zeal

Now, this could be the ultimate sign that a girl likes you. See when you send her a flirty text and she responds to your texts and flirts back then this could be a sign she likes you. So you can actually send some flirty text and analyze her response.

8. She will try to touch you

This is again a sign that a girl likes you. She will deliberately try to touch you and will be more closer to you when you two are having a conversation. She will accidentally touch you or brush your shoulders. Although some girls might like you and not use the “touch” sigh to grab your attention as they might feel too shy to do so. Or you can also find some girls who are too friendly and often touch people out of habit rather than out of affection. But even though this one is a universal sign that she is into you when she often tries to touch your shoulder.

9. Laughing at your jokes

Girls usually laugh at the jokes of you if they are into you. Well if you are too funny then don’t mistake yourself with this sign, but if your jokes aren’t that funny and she still laughs then this might suggest that she likes you.

10. Observe her friends when she talks to you

If she likes you then she might have mentioned it to her girlfriends and they will be definitely interested in you two. So whenever she talks to you, there will be a reaction of her friends so make sure that you notice that as well.

11. She will find an excuse to talk to you

If a girl likes you she will definitely find excuses to talk to you. There will be a lot of occasions where she will find many ways to talk to you. She can either ask for your help in something or she can ask for your recommendations or opinions.

12. She will be a good listener for you

Girls are anyway a good listener but when she talks to the guy she likes the most, she will give extra attention and listen more carefully. You will know about it when she will remember every small detail that you will tell her.

13. You will be her priority

It’s also a great sign that a girl likes you as she will make you her top priority. If you need her help in any matter she will be there for you. If you want to talk to her at 3 AM she will be there for you as well. Overall there are a number of occasions when you will find yourself being her top priority.

14. She will act differently with you

See you are the person that makes her nervous, which causes her to smile more, who makes her blush, so it’s natural to expect that she is going go act totally different when she will be around you. So you can see the way she acts around other people and compare it with the way she acts around you. This way you might get an answer whether or not she likes you.
Note:- These are some of the signs that may suggest that a girl likes you. But some of the signs can be a part of her personality so you can’t really be sure. So before taking any big step, we would advise you to directly ask her if she likes you or not!

Conclusion –

So these are the signs that suggest that a girl likes you. And this might mean that you should do something about it. People often say it is pretty complicated to know whether a girl likes you or not but the thing is you just have to be extra careful and give some attention to her to know the answer for sure.
Here we have completed our article, Signs a girl likes you! And we hope you found some answers in here. Thank you for visiting us and keep coming for more such articles.