10 Signs A Guy Knows He Messed Up

When your love hurts you, it might feel so terrible that you start to question whether or not he is genuinely apologetic for what he did. It is possible that he will not express regret verbally but rather via actions. How can you successfully read him to determine if he is aware that he has made a mistake, and what signals he is aware of this?

It is inevitable for people in romantic partnerships to inflict pain on one another at some point. It doesn’t matter how close the two of you are or how hard you try not to harm each other; sometimes, things happen, regardless of whether or not you intend for them to.

Even if he hasn’t apologized to you yet, a guy who knows he messed up and hurt you will show signs, such as becoming quiet, becoming nicer than usual, making efforts to change, apologizing sincerely, and a lot of other things. He may also try to make things up to you by saying he’s sorry.
Are you seeking more methods to ensure that your lover understands the mistake he made? Below, you will find a list of 20 Signs A Guy Knows He Messed Up that you should keep an eye out for.
Signs A Guy Knows He Messed Up

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10 Signs A Guy Knows He Messed Up

1. “He Texts You Randomly”

Your ex will check in with you through text messages every once in a while to see how you’re doing. His words are low-key and devoid of any drama. He doesn’t indicate that he’s sorry or wants to get back together, but the fact that he’s messaging you is one of the signs a guy knows he messed up.

The weight of guilt may be crushing when you are aware that you are in the wrong, and as an outlet, he messages you to relieve some of that pressure. If you text back, it makes him feel better because it suggests that you’ve probably gotten over him and that you’re not sitting in bed feeling sad because of how he treated you. If you don’t respond, it makes him feel worse.

2. “He Is Still Single”

Your previous partner can enter into a new romantic partnership at any time. However, he has been on his own since you broke up, and it seems he cannot move on.
Even though he took you for granted when you were together, he recognizes that you are the most fantastic girlfriend he has ever had and wishes he could have you back. The reason he has decided to go through life without a partner is so that he may demonstrate his worth to you.

3. “He Buys You Gifts”

Even though you were with him on your birthday, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas, he did not bring you a present for any of those occasions. It wasn’t because he needed more cash; instead, he said he didn’t believe in giving gifts.

You came to terms with the fact that this was just who he was, but now that you no longer have a romantic relationship, he is showering you with gifts such as jewellery, clothing, and purses. What exactly has changed? He is well aware of his significant blunder and is attempting to redeem himself in your eyes. These are the critical signs a guy knows he messed up.

4. “He Focuses On Self-improvement”

When a guy knows he messed up and has lost the one love of his life, he decides to work on himself and become a better person. He is not doing it for himself; instead, he wants you to acknowledge that he is worthy of your focus and consideration.

He knows his life has to alter before he can ever have you back. As a result, he puts maximum effort into furthering his development. Additionally, this may be one of his strategies to divert his attention away from you. He keeps himself busy and concentrates on improving himself to have less time and energy available to ponder about people like you.

Several guys start going to the gym and altering their eating habits. Some people advance their careers. Some people decide to further their education by teaching themselves new skills and acquiring new knowledge. The message remains the same: he is trying to become someone you might date.

5. “He Comments And Likes All Your Instagram Posts”

You’re a big fan of showing your devotion in public settings. That doesn’t simply mean walking down the street hand in hand with your significant other, though. You’re also like public shows of love on social media, which is quite remarkable.
During your time together, you liked and commented on all of his postings, and the tone of everything you said was extremely loving and romantic. Nevertheless, he did not show any sign of returning the favour.

When he shared images of you two together, he did so seldom and disregarded anything you posted about the two of you. But even though you are no longer a couple, he appears in all your social media postings. Even if what you write is ridiculous and you weren’t expecting anybody to notice it, you can’t post anything without him liking and commenting on it.

6. “He Offers A Heartfelt Apology”

Everyone is always apologizing for something. Sadly, in most instances, they do not mean it; instead, they apologize simply because it is the appropriate action. On the other hand, things are different with your former partner. You can tell he means what he says when he apologizes.
After all, you are the only one who knows him as well as you do. You would undoubtedly pick up on it if he were lying to you. You are aware, though, that he regrets what he has done. He feels terrible about all he’s done to you and has no problem admitting it to your face.

You were not given a straightforward “I’m sorry” expression from him. Instead, he has written you a letter or sent you a touching SMS in which he begs forgiveness for his actions. One thing is essential to remember: he did not stop apologizing even after you chose not to forgive him the first time. This guy does not give up the battle for you and is willing to do everything it takes to be given a second opportunity. These all are the signs a guy knows he messed up.

7. “He Finds Reasons To Reach Out”

You and he are not together in a romantic capacity anymore. In addition to that, he caused you to go through painful heartache. Therefore he is not your favorite person in the world. However, he is well aware that this is the case. Because of this, he can’t reasonably anticipate your response to a standard “good night” or “good morning” text.

Instead, he will need to demonstrate a little more originality than that. Despite how things ended between the two of you, it is evident that he wants an excuse to speak to you or to be near you.
Do you remember when his ratty sweater used to take up permanent residence in your apartment? Now is the ideal moment for your ex to visit you and get it. Suddenly, you are the only one who can assist him; maybe he is in dire need of your guidance, or even his health is in jeopardy.
Sometimes, you won’t even be sure whether he’s making up all of these things or if he truly needs you this desperately. Sometimes, you will only be sure if he’s making up all this stuff. This is also one of the signs a guy knows he messed up.

8. “He Inquires About You From Mutual Friends”

You’re the kind of person who airs all of your dirty laundries on social media, and even though you have your ex-boyfriend blocked, he’s still talking to your other pals and inquiring about you. You are aware that he pursues you online since he often checks out your stories on Facebook and Instagram; nonetheless, you are curious about the true motivation for his questions.

He wants you to know that he has not stopped thinking about you. He may have exhausted all his options to contact you, but you have yet to react to his attempts. You didn’t intend to be best friends when you broke up with him. Because you and he still share friends, he has concluded that this is the most efficient approach to get in touch with you because he is confident that your friends would tell you about it.

9. “He Surprises You Romantically”

This gentleman was never one for theatrical romantic gestures. But it was no longer the case once you and your partner went your separate ways. He spends a lot of time pondering the most effective approaches that he may use to surprise you. He shows his affection for you regularly by giving you flowers, writing you love poems, and making the most of any opportunity he has to express his feelings for you.

These extravagant gestures indicate that the signs a guy knows he messed up and wants you back in their life. All of a sudden, he transformed into the Prince Charming that you’ve always dreamed he would be. You are still determining whether you live in a dream or real life.
You know the most excellent aspect: he does not ask for anything in return. He will still find new ways to surprise you even if you disregard his attempts.

10. “He Pretends Nothing Happened”

There are instances when a guy may hurt your feelings and then contact you the following day with a question like “hello baby, how are you doing?” and leave you wondering if he is expecting you to brush the incident under the rug or whether he is sorry for what he did. However, there’s a chance that’s not the case.

He may feel incredibly guilty about what he’s done, but he isn’t ready to speak about it, so he thinks the two of you can go on as if nothing has occurred.
But if you need something else, here’s another option. You have to convince him to speak, and if he does not want to, you have to walk away from him and let him know that you will be there for him whenever he is ready; nonetheless, you are required to talk.


We mentioned 10 signs a guy knows he messed up. Now the issue is, what actions are you planning to take in response to this situation? Do you want him back too? Should we give him another opportunity to prove himself?
Suppose he’s sincerely apologetic for how he treated you in the past. In that case, you owe yourself to give the relationship another go if you didn’t end it because your previous partner was violent to you emotionally or physically.