19+ Signs A Guy Thinks You’re Out Of His League

You have feelings for a guy, but he has yet to ask you out. Here are some signs that he thinks you’re out of his league and some things you can do to increase the likelihood that he will ask you out on a date. When you’re a woman, it can be challenging to determine whether a guy is interested in you or just pretending to be so.

You may have caught his attention and thought he was interested in you, but a guy’s behaviour can sometimes indicate that he thinks you are out of his league, even if he has shown interest in you. This article will discuss 20 signs a guy thinks you’re out of his league.
Signs A Guy Thinks You're Out Of His League

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Signs A Guy Thinks You’re Out Of His League

1. “He’s Nervous Around You”

It is possible that a guy feels threatened by your self-assurance, intelligence, or beauty when he is around you if he is nervous. When people perceive that they are over their heads, they may exhibit restless behaviour such as fidgeting, acting tense, or being at a loss for words.

2. “He Doesn’t Make A Move”

If a guy believes he cannot compete with you romantically, he might not make the first move to pursue a relationship with you. It’s possible that he’s too nervous to walk up to you, ask you out, or make a romantic gesture.

3. “He’s Always Trying To Make A Good Impression”

If a guy is always trying to make a good impression, it could mean that he’s trying to show you that he’s a good guy and deserves your attention. He may be trying to prove himself to you, but this could also mean that he thinks you’re out of his league.

4. “He’s Shy In Conversation”

A man who considers you above his social standing may refrain from conversing with you. It’s possible he doesn’t have much to say or seems distant. This may indicate that he needs more confidence in his ability to keep up with your conversation.

5. “He’s Always Complimenting You”

If a guy is always trying to flatter you, it might signify that he thinks you’re too good for him to have a chance with. He may be trying to woo your affection by flattering you or making you feel good about who you are.

6. “He’s Always Asking Your Opinion”

If a guy is always asking for your opinion, it could mean that he values your input and sees you as knowledgeable and confident in whatever you do. If, on the other hand, he is asking for your opinion in a manner that betrays desperation or neediness, this indicates that he views you as being beyond his reach.

7. “He Seems To Need More Confidence”

If a guy doesn’t project an air of self-assurance, it might be because he considers you above his social station. He may lack confidence in himself and his abilities, which keeps him from taking action. This could be the signs a guy thinks you’re out of his league.

8. “He Avoids Direct Eye Contact”

If a guy avoids making direct eye contact with you, it might indicate that he is intimidated by you or does not want to show you how he feels. He may be nervous or shy, so he doesn’t want to tell you how he feels.

9. “He’s Always Talking About Himself”

If a guy is always talking about himself, it may be a sign that he is trying to impress you, so pay attention to what he has to say. He may believe you’ll be more curious about him if he can convince you of his fantastic ability. On the other hand, if he constantly talks about himself, it may signs a guy thinks you’re out of his league to keep up with your conversation.

10. “He’s Always Laughing At Your Jokes”

If a guy is always laughing at your jokes, he may be trying to make you feel good about yourself by doing so. He may want to demonstrate that he’s a nice person who can make you laugh. On the other hand, if he always laughs at your jokes, it may be signs a guy thinks you’re out of his league.

11. “He Makes Less Than You”

You may have achieved a lot of success in your chosen field. You have a prestigious position, have been globally, and are presently in charge of many people. In the meanwhile, his profession has become less glamorous.
In terms of his professional life, he may be characterized as a “typical Joe.” It’s possible that will make him fearful of you as a result. He most likely believes you are looking for a guy who earns far more money than he does.

12. “Several Men Chase You”

He has seen that most males are compelled to bow down before you. You must constantly “fight off” males who attempt to direct message (DM) you on social media or approach you in bars. This happens all the time. He has even persuaded the guys in your group that they also want you. These are the signs a guy thinks you’re out of his league because he believes that he has a lot of competition; he will likely assume you are above his pay grade.

13. “He Is Younger Than You”

Everyone is familiar with “cougar,” which refers to attractive older ladies who date younger guys. Therefore, if you are older than him, there is a good chance that he has a massive crush on you. On the other hand, given that you have more life experience than he has, it may cause him to feel like an incompetent child.

14. “Your Ex-boyfriends Are Handsome”

Maybe he has crept on your social media and has observed that at least one – if not all – of your ex-boyfriends are extraordinarily attractive. That may be nerve-wracking to think about. And if they all have a lot of money, too, he may not believe he can match your expectations.

15. “You’re Too Independent”

You could be an independent professional lady who has a whole life of her own. He may examine your life and wonder, “Where could I fit it? She doesn’t need my help! Guys want to be required. If he has the impression that you are an independent woman capable of looking after herself, this is just another signs a guy thinks you’re out of his league.

16. “You’re Richer Than Him”

If you make more money than he does, it might be scary for a man in the same way that being from a wealthy family can be daunting. One of the primary reasons for conflict and tension in a relationship is unequal financial support provided by one partner to the other. It also gives men the impression that they can only approach women if they have the financial means to impress them with expensive gifts and meals.

17. “His Parents Disapprove”

This is another challenging bridge to cross, and finding a way around it may need more time or a different strategy. It will be much more challenging and complex for the two of you to get along if your parents disapprove of him. This will add another layer of complexity to the situation. It’s only natural for him to wonder whether your parents dislike him as a potential partner for you because of this information.

18. “He And Your Friends Have Nothing In Common”

If you are going to be seeing a guy, it is crucial that you and your other pals can get along. It will be challenging to participate in social activities and get-togethers with your friends if he shares none of their interests or hobbies. They may explain why they can’t connect to him, but it’s also possible they don’t. If the explanation is because they believe they are more capable than he is, then it is only reasonable for him to think that you have the same mindset since you get along so well with them.

19. “He’s Had A Difficult Past”

If a guy has a history of getting into problems with the police or doing shady things and he looks at you and sees an angel, it will be difficult for him to connect to you. Because of his history, he may feel that you’re out of his league because he believes that you would look down on him, which may lead him to think that he cannot talk to you.

20. “People Have Inquired As To What You See In Him”

Love tends to make all of us naive and cause us to get carried away at times, but when others on the outside start telling us things, it may serve as a wake-up call. If he hears it from enough other people, he will start taking what they say seriously and wondering whether or not he should believe it himself.
We shouldn’t give a damn about what other people think, but sadly, it’s something that’s always going to be difficult to ignore. If he begins to back off or questions it himself, it indicates that he is listening to the opinions of others rather than following his own heart and thoughts.


To summarize, a man believing you’re out of his league might be annoying, but remember that everyone has doubts and concerns. The above signs a guy thinks you’re out of his league may not be applicable in every case, but they may be helpful to markers in judging if a man is interested in you. If you believe you are intimidating a man, try to be patient and sympathetic.
Encourage him to believe in himself and express his appreciation for who he is. It’s crucial to remember that real love and attraction are founded on a genuine connection and chemistry between two people, not on someone’s perceived value or position.