13 Signs He Is Talking To Another Girl 2023

Are you in a relationship? Do you have a boyfriend? If yes, then you are really lucky. But wait, do you have some insecurities?
Lately, have you felt that your man is talking to someone else? There are chances that you may be acting bit paranoid. It might all be in your head, and nothing is really going on. There is a high chance that your relationship is actually blooming, and everything is going on smoothly. It is right that the topic of being exclusive or being committed does not arise quite soon.
The biggest fear in any relationship is related to losing the one you love. The chat, time, talk, and respect ones start reducing, the fear of losing the better half starts creeping in. There might be times when you will find signals that he is talking to someone else, he is not paying heed to what you say, he is always busy, and a lot more. These are signs that actually display, that there is something wrong in the relationship that needs to be addressed quickly, and in adverse conditions, you may need to end things immediately.
But how would you know that he is talking to someone else? It is a bit tough still, some signs will help to know about it. In a relationship, many will not prefer to bring up this topic directly for conversation, and so understanding the signs become crucial. But what are those signs actually? How do you find them? So here are some of the most common signs, that you may come across in such a situation.

Signs he’s talking to another girl

Once you have questions and you are ready to find the answers to the same, it is time to find the signs that will help you to get the answers quickly and easily.

He is always busy

As compared to earlier times, he is not available. He is busy with one or the other thing always. Earlier, he used to make every effort to make time for you, to meet you, and to be with you. But now you find it difficult even to spend some time and meet him. If he is losing interest in meeting you, then it is a bit evident that he is talking to someone else. Alone this sign is not for the red alert but combined with many other signs, and when this sign continues for long, then yes, this is a red alert for you.

He talks about something you both have not done together

As a couple, you may have done a lot together. But what if he says something that you are unable to recall or something you have not done actually. It means that the same has been done with someone else. He may be talking about a movie or a game, but you have not watched it together. It can be he has watched it with friends. But still, this is a red signal. You need to dig in deep to know the truth and know whether something fishy is going on.

He is not trying hard to make things work

Every relationship needs time to get to the stage of commitment. In the beginning, he was paying due importance to make things work. But now he is least bothered. He is not trying that hard to make things work. He might be trying to get out of the relationship or is really tensed about something. In either scenario, you need to work hard to find the answers. If he is trying to get out of the relationship, then it is a sign that he is actually meeting someone else.

He gets calls and texts more often

Getting the call or text for office work or from friends and family is fine. The concern is when the calls and texts start rising, even when you are together. And he tries to hide to whom he is talking or chatting too. On the contrary, he prefers to talk and chat in solitary. If something of that sort is happening around, you then it is the time to be cautious. If the guy you are in a relationship is not paying due respect to you, then is the time to think twice about the relationship you are in.

He is hiding something

Is his mobile and laptop password locked? Is he not comfortable sharing this with you? This may be because of the official or vital data that is stored. But if this is the recent change, then you might be a little worried. He gets angry when you ask him questions or ask for his mobile or laptop password. He gets fuzzy and agitated, then this is a sign that he is into someone else.

He is ignorant to bring down his dating profile

He is dating you, but he is still active on many dating sites. He is also not ready to bring down his profile even after your multiple requests. Maybe he will give some excuses, but the truth is he is keeping his options 100% open. Also, if he is busy on sites, then he is checking out other women. Even if he is checking just for fun, still you need to pay attention and make sure that everything is fine.

He runs away from labels

When you are dating, and people recognize you as exclusive couples, it is just an amazing feeling. But if he hates to get some labels attached to the relationship, then there are chances that he is not ready for a serious relationship. Also, if he even hates talking about it, then it is possible that he is not that into you and is actually looking someone else.

He plans according to his schedule

Going out for a trip or movie is fun. But what if all such plans are linked to his schedule rather than yours. He is the one to plan, and he prefers to give importance as per his time. Even if you request to reschedule, he feels better to cancel it, than rescheduling. It is a sign where he is looking for someone else.

He does not want you to be seen in public

If he takes you out and is happy to be seen with you, that the relationship is heading towards a label. But, if he feels it uncomfortable to be seen with you, or is not happy to introduce you to his friends, then he is actually not into the relationship. He prefers to keep his options open and available. He might be looking to someone else or even trying out other options as well, so just be cautious.

He called you with another name

Oops! Did that just happen? He called you by some other girl’s name, and when you asked who she is, he just turned down the topic. Either it is the name of his Ex, or he did it by mistake. Well, in either case, you need to find out soon.

He avoids talking about future

It has been long you are dating, and you feel this is the time to talk about the future. But what if he is not happy to talk about the same? If any time of such type happens, then there are chances that he is trying to move out of the relationship or is not ready yet. It is also possible that he is seeing someone else and is just waiting for the right time to tell you this.

He has a girl-friend around always

It is not about you but a friend who is a girl. She is the one who is around him most of the time. She is there for him always. No matter what you say or what you feel, the priority of the girl is going to stay above you. Maybe they are just friends, but still, you need to pay attention to keep your relationship alive.

He is purely physical

If a relationship is mainly physical or about sex, then this is for pleasure. This is an incredibly intoxicating experience. You are not talking or sharing feelings. But the man with you just wishes to get physical and nothing more. Then he is not into the relationship to get serious but just for fun.

Conclusion –

Relationships are complicated. If you spot any of the above signs than this means that the relationship you are in is not right. The person is either in the relationship for fun or is actually looking for someone else. He is just trying to get the best time to dump you or move out of the relationship. It is better to let him know if you find any of the signs. Just do not keep it to yourself. You may be overthinking, and he might actually clear your doubts. But if he is not ready to talk about it and ignores such conversations, then it is time to think hard and deep. If this is the situation, better move ahead for some better relationship. Make the right choice for yourself to stay happy.